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Covenant Encounters of the Ficlet-Series Kind

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This story is No. 7 in the series "One-stop shop for my FFA's.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A series of ficlets both FFA and not involving the Sunnydale gang and the denizens of Ipswich.

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Movies > CovenantamusewithaviewFR13125,9931199,6295 Jan 0830 Jul 08Yes

Shut Up and Drive!

Characters: Buffy, Caleb

For ChloeWinchester who requested Buffy/Caleb.


"You want to drive?"

"I don't know..." Buffy bit her lip, "Me and cars tend to be non-mixy things."

"You've been lusting after my car for a week."

"I have not!" She fisted her hands on her hips and turned to the smirking brunette with a scowl. "That is so not true! I have not been lusting after your car! I - I just appreciate its shiny silvery - "

"Buffy," Caleb interrupted her meandering defense gently, "If you looked at another guy the way you've been looking at my car, I'd have to kill him. Painfully."

"You would not..." The blonde slayer trailed off at the heated look in Caleb's melted chocolate eyes. "Really?" She coughed, "I mean, that's awful! You can't just go hurting people because - "

"You're my girlfriend, Buffy Anne Summers," he growled, sweeping her up so they were eye-to-eye and her feet hung a foot above the ground. "I'm the only one with a pulse you can use that look on."

"Oh really?" Buffy grinned, "So I can lust after all the vamps I - "

He cut her off in a way that was mutually satisfying for both of them and left no room for doubt in regards to her question. Caleb frowned when she pushed her hands against his shoulders, breaking away to fix him with a faint frown and pout. "What?"

"I cannot believe you just middle named me!"

"Yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

Buffy leaned in towards him until her breath ghosted over his lips, brushing her cheek over his jaw line until she reached his ear to nip at the skin beneath. One hand reached around to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, the other sliding down towards his the front of his jeans.

She whispered in his ear, making sure each movement of her lips had her touching his sensitive skin, "What am I gonna do?" Buffy grinned and delicately pulled away to leap to the ground, twirling the keys she'd lifted from his pocket around one finger. She put a hand on her hip and tapped her lip thoughtfully with the finger that held his keys, "Well... I guess I'm gonna drive."

The look Caleb aimed her way had her repressing a shiver. He took a deep breath and spoke through clenched teeth, "You better drive fast, and we better be headed for your place."

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