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Covenant Encounters of the Ficlet-Series Kind

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This story is No. 7 in the series "One-stop shop for my FFA's.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A series of ficlets both FFA and not involving the Sunnydale gang and the denizens of Ipswich.

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Coke For The Cute (Part One)

A/N: I like Kit, even if she only appeared in one episode... she was cool.


There was a muffled, but distinct thud as cheap red plastic basket met wooden table top. The sullen-looking server ignored the shocked looks from three of Ipswich's elite, delivering her message with lips firmly turned down at the corners.

"Cheeseburger. Fries. Mustard instead of ketchup to go with them. Enjoy," her tone implied that she hoped they did anything but. She turned to walk away, combat-boot clad foot poised to make that first step when one of Nicky's long-time patrons recovered from his shock.

"Where's my coke?" Reid asked with a small, viscious smirk.

The girl turned, flashing sullen brown eyes at him before shuffling through her apron-fannypack-thing for a small pad of paper and inspecting it dutifully. "You didn't order a coke."

"Sure I did, sweetheart."

"No you didn't, asshole."

The blonde's eyebrows rose dramatically, "Nicky know you talk to paying customers that way?"

The waitress bared her teeth at him, her eyes glinting oddly, "Look buddy - "

"Whoa, whoa, calm down now everybody." Pogue put his hands out, one to each teen, looking to ward off the possibility that the girl might leap over the table and throttle his friend - as was becoming more likely with each consecutive comment that passed his sneering lips.

Reid sat back, looking off toward the pool table. "I ordered a coke," he muttered quietly.

Apparently not quietly enough. The girl growled angrily, a low purr in the back of her throat that made the three boys start in surprise. Abruptly the noise cut off as she shut her eyes and visibly counted to ten. When she looked at them again her eyes were hazel, almost blue.

"A coke, right? Was that all?"

"Yeah..." Reid answered slowly.

"Ok," she flashed an insincere smile, "It'll be right out." She stomped off through the dancing teens and drinking adults, ignoring the three pairs of eyes that burned into her back until she was out of sight.

"What the hell was that?"

"That was Reid being a major asshole, Tyler."

"Not that," the brunette shook his head impatiently, "I meant her eyes man, did you see what she did?"

"Besides totally fucking up a simple order?" Reid piped in.

"Shut up Reid, you didn't order a coke the first time and you know it. What did you see, baby boy?" Pogue leaned forward, listening intently. Tyler didn't speak up often but he was the most observant of the Sons, often surpassing even Caleb's inherent mother-hen radar.

"When she was pissed her eyes were brown, when she calmed down they were bluish. That's not normal, right? I mean..." He trailed off but all of them knew what he meant, ever since the incident at the beginning of the school year they'd been on their guards. Researching in the Book and finding that strange incidents were more common around their times of ascension hadn't comforted any of them.

"Lots of people's eyes change color with their emotions," the waitress interrupted, not quite slamming the coke onto the table. She rolled her eyes at their identical startled looks, "What? It doesn't take that long to grab a coke from the back. And it's not polite to talk about people behind their backs."

"We'll keep that in mind," Pogue smiled at her, "Thanks for the coke, I think that'll be all for us, can you grab the tab..." He paused as he read her nametag, inconveniently placed high on her collar instead of at eye level on her breast-pocket, "...Kit?"

She squinted at the long-haired boy suspiciously, "You pay at the front." Unspoken was the rather obvious fact that he should know how to pay, he was at the bar more often than she was and he didn't even work there!

"Right. Thanks."

"Whatever," she headed to her next table, firmly putting the four boys out of her head, unaware that she would plague them for many months to come...


A/N: Pogue is hot, Reid's an ass, and Tyler sees all... this is part one of a two-part arc, though the second bit might come after a few more in-between chapters. Start requesting Covenant FFA pairings, y'all!
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