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Covenant Encounters of the Ficlet-Series Kind

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This story is No. 7 in the series "One-stop shop for my FFA's.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A series of ficlets both FFA and not involving the Sunnydale gang and the denizens of Ipswich.

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I never...

Disclaimer: I own naught, and I'm not writing that again in this story.


"Alright, I've got one," Tyler grinned mischievously. He was just buzzed enough to be a little silly, but not quite smashed yet. Considering the game they were playing and the present company, this was definitely something of an accomplishment.

Reid twisted in his seat, turning from his unsuccessful flirting with the redheaded slayer to his friend. "Well, what is it?" He smiled lazily, "Spill it baby boy."

Bright blue eyes widened in anticipation as the youngest Son regarded his roomate watchfully from beneath long lashes. "Well Reid," he drawled slowly in an amusingly accurate approximation of his friend's usual tone, "I've never kissed a vampire."

"Motherfucker," the blonde muttered, pouring himself a shot and downing it. All the while throwing Tyler resentful looks as the others giggled or - depending on their current state of sobriety - outright belly laughed.

A slender hand reached past Reid's and took the bottle, pouring a shot that was downed just as quickly as his had been. All eyes were wide and laughter shushed as Dawn rolled her shoulders, making her customary 'yucky' face at the taste of the cheap vodka.

Vi was the first to speak, words chosen carefully, "Dawnie is, um, there something you'd like to tell us?" She glanced over at Rona, their partner-in-crime for this ice breaking event. "I mean, we'd never tell Buffy but... you - you - "

"Did you and Spike swap spit?" Alcohol had loosened Rona's tongue and only exacerbated her tendency to tell it as she saw it, a trait oddly reminiscent of one late Anya Jenkins. The black girl was grinning broadly at the thought of having something over her Watcher: blackmail material was always a commodity when one lived in a household of mostly girls. Though their recent relocation to Ipswich as sort of 'ambassadors' to the warlock families had reduced the number of females-sharing-bathrooms to three, habit died hard.

"Spike? No!" Dawn sneered, then paused, a thoughtful look on her face. "I so had a crush on him up until I was like, fifteen. But when a guy's boffing your sister..." she shuddered delicately and expressively.

The four Sons, plus Kate and Sarah, watched this exchange with varying degrees of amusement and disbelief. They'd met the 'envoys' with healthy amounts of suspicion, already present and reinforced after their encounter with Chase. Slowly, they were warming to the girls, and Reid in particular seemed to view the shy-but-supernaturally-strong Vi as a personal challenge.

"So if it wasn't Spike, and we know it wasn't Angel... Oh my god! You kissed an unsouled vampire?!" Vi squealed and clutched her hands convulsively around her shot glass - made of an extra-durable spell-reinforced plastic specially designed for slayer use. Faith's present to the girls before 'sending them off into the world'.

Dawn tunneled a hand through her hair and sighed explosively, inspecting the eight sets of eyes trained on her avidly, "You guys really want to hear about this?" Eight heads nodded in solemn pantomime. "It was in my freshman year, I snuck out with a friend on Halloween to hook up with these two guys - "

"Oh, Halloween, that makes sense," Rona said, slightly mollified.

"Wait, Halloween? How does that make sense?" Sarah asked, confused.

"None of the creepy-crawly nasty stuff comes out on Halloween, they think it's tacky. Now anyways, we went out to this park and - "

"Did the nasty?" Reid supplied helpfully.

"Ew, no. We went swinging for a while, then we smashed some pumpkins - "

"You little rebel, you!"

"Shut up Reid," Pogue growled. Unwrapping one arm from about Kate he waved a hand loftily, "Continue." He had a few lingering bruises and Kate was still rather pale, but overall the encounter with Chase had done little to damage the two, and had in fact made their relationship all the stronger.

"So yeah, we..." Dawn paused, staring down at her shot glass as she forced the memories through the blur of alcohol coating her system. "The guy who's pumpkins we were smashing invited us in."

"Shit," Rhona stiffened, "Did they?"

The brunette nodded sadly, "Yeah. I didn't connect the dots until a few days later when they - they found the body." She reached for the vodka and downed another shot, ignoring the taste for the hope of the numbness. "Anyways, after we left we headed back out to the park and um," she blushed.

"Did the nasty?" Reid supplied helpfully.

Caleb smacked the blonde on the back of the head, none-too-gently. "Pray continue, good lady." Sarah snuggled into his side, his friends all alive and well, he was in a good mood and nothing the idiot Son said would bust him out of it.

"We made out, in the park, then Buffy found us."

"Oooh," Vi winced, "That had to suck... uh, no pun intended."

"Yeah," Dawn leaned back in her chair and smiled at the ceiling, "First time I ever got a lecture in front of the enemy. Not the last though. Anyways, there were a bunch more vamps using the park and defying the whole 'no hunting on Halloween' thing. They thought they were badass." She rolled her eyes, "Minions."

"So Buffy slayed, the day was saved, and you got a weird-funny-creepy story for your kiddies." Rhona topped off her glass and waved it to the Watcher in a silent toast, "Sounds like an average day in the life of a Scooby."

"Makin' out with a vampire is average for you girls?" Reid eyed Vi even more lasciviously, if that were possible. "You sure do lead some inter'esting lives."

"S'not average," Vi mused. "Let's see: Buffy boffed Spike and Angel, so I guess that counts as two. Dawn kissed Mister Unsoulful, so that's three. Anybody else?"

"I don't think so..." Rhona smirked, "Looks like the Summers sisters are unique. Again."

"Whatever," Dawn muttered, "Who's got the next one?"

"Well," Kate leaned forward, brown eyes twinkling mischievously, "I've never..."

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