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Covenant Encounters of the Ficlet-Series Kind

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This story is No. 7 in the series "One-stop shop for my FFA's.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A series of ficlets both FFA and not involving the Sunnydale gang and the denizens of Ipswich.

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Movies > CovenantamusewithaviewFR13125,9931199,6185 Jan 0830 Jul 08Yes


Characters: Keira, Lorne, mentions of others



They'd never been exclusive, but then they'd never really ever had what could be called 'meaningful relationships'. Just fuck buddies, or even one-night stands. He went through the new girls and freshmen like a nail through tissue paper and she 'conquered' the hard-to-get that existed in the upper echelons of their prep school and the others surrounding.


Now he was off making an idiot of himself over Sarah Wenham. Sarah-fucking-Wenham! The public-school bitch who'd had the everlasting gall to accomplish what she, Keira had never managed to do: catch Caleb Danvers interest.


The blonde twat had had Caleb - Caleb - in her grasp in just one week, and then she'd just dropped him cold four days after the Fall Festival. Now all the guys were flocking to her, drawn by the mystery her little fling had drawn around her. They were all pawns anyways, but then Aaron - her Aaron - had joined the chase.

And he'd actually managed to catch her!

Now that prick was strutting around the school, shepherding her from class to class, playing the solicitous boyfriend - a new role, to be sure - and lapping up every stray glare the Sons shot his way like a cat enjoying a particularly satisfying bowl of cream.

Son of a bitch!

He'd dropped her. Publicly. All because of that stupid little towheaded piece of white-trash public school shit. It was all her fault. It was her fault that Caleb was even less interested in the girls of Spencer Academy than he had been. Her fault that Aaron was no longer available for a quick screw. Her fault that Keira's own stock had plummeted.

And it was definitely her fault that Keira had snuck into this bar using a fake ID.

It was a weird place: the people were weird, the decor was weird, the whole atmosphere... it was just weird. Then a guy - with green skin? or was that just really bad make-up? - walked onto the stage and began to sing karaoke. Badly.

All Sarah-fucking-Wenham's fault.

A few drinks later, she was more than ready to find someone to go home with, better yet: someone to sing with. Keira toddled up onto the stage and looked around for a word prompter or some other piece of karaoke equipment. Unable to find anything she shrugged and staggered up to the mike and proceeded to belt out an exceedingly off-key rendition of Bitch by Meredith Brooks.

When finished, or at least when she had run out of semi-appropriate words to sing, she stumbled off the stage and into the lap of another man with bad makeup. This one even had some sort of horn-looking hat thing on his head!

He smiled down at her, looking somewhat pained. "Don't worry, you'll get everything you want and more. You'll get exactly what you deserve, moptop."

Though she wouldn't remember the bar, or the singing, the next morning Keira woke with the sense that everything was as it should be. Somehow she knew she'd get everything she'd ever wanted, and everything she deserved too.

A comforting thought... for a shallow mind.

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