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Covenant Encounters of the Ficlet-Series Kind

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This story is No. 7 in the series "One-stop shop for my FFA's.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A series of ficlets both FFA and not involving the Sunnydale gang and the denizens of Ipswich.

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Movies > CovenantamusewithaviewFR13125,9931199,6185 Jan 0830 Jul 08Yes

I had a dream...

Disclaimer: I own neither the workings of Joss nor the movie the Covenant, here endeth the disclaimer (not writing this crap for anymore chapters).

A/N: We'll see where this goes, I don't want to write a full-length crossover, just some little scenes. Eventually involving ALL the scoobs (hopefully). I'm also using this as an opportunity to practice different styles, so yeah, this might be a little weird.


"Giles, I had the weirdest dream last night."

"A Slayer dream?"

"No, a nice fun dream about me, some whipped cream, and David Boreanaz - of course it was a Slayer dream! Heh heh, um, you can stop cleaning your glasses now. I was just yanking your librarian chain, Watcher-mine."

"Yes, erm, quite."


"Well what? Buffy do kindly stop sitting on the tables, it's not what they're there for."

"Then what are they here for?"


"... Giles, I've barely gone to this school for a little over three months now and in that time I've seen three, count 'em, three people voluntarily entering your little kingdom-of-the-books. Do you know who these people are?"

"You, me, and Willow?"

"Psh, no, we're a given. I was talking about Jenny Calendar, Xander, and Cordelia. One's only in here to oogle your tweedy manliness, one comes for the donuts and as-kickage and the third... actually, I don't know why Cordelia keeps popping up."

"Ah, yes. I take your point. You may sit on the tables - "

"Yes! Score one for the Slayer!"

" - only after all of your own studying is done."

"... Poop, just when I think some of the tweediness has gone away - BAM! - you unveil a whole new of tea-drinking Britishyness."

"Yes, I'm quite a complex man - "

"Nah, I'd just say you're still overly-dressed for California's warmer climate. It's really no wonder you're so stuffy - not that there's anything wrong with that! I mean lots of women like... stuffed... men... Um, I'll just be shutting up now."

"Erm, quite... back to your Slayer dream?"

"Well, there was a bunch of flickery purplish light all around this uber-hot boy with nice spikey hair and deep brown eyes and then he started fighting with this other uber-hot guy with spikey blond hair and dreamy blue eyes. It was like a buffet of uber-hot martial-magic-arts-fighting stuff. There were balls of flame and some burning-of-barns, it really wasn't pretty - aside from the uber-hot. Then there was this whole weird flash-back effect and I saw this chick walking up some prep-school steps lookin' mighty pissed and..."

"... And?"

"She looked, I dunno, sorta familiar? Not like someone I've actually seen seen, but she kind of felt like... like maybe one of the girls I sometimes see when I dream about the other Slayers. The ones who died before me."

"Indeed? What did she look like?"

"Dark brown hair, a little taller than me, she looked wicked ticked. Then again, I would be too if I had to wear that tacky uniform. Ties and plaid skirts? So Britney Spears, so yesterday!"

"Thank you Buffy, for that riveting critique of academy-authorized clothing."

"Hey, you asked me to tell you about my dream."

"I did indeed, thank you. So this girl, she felt like another Slayer? Was she a past Slayer? Did she seem to come from another era... maybe if we put you in a trance you might remember more det - "

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - who said anything about trancing out? You think this girl could be the next Slayer? Like, my replacement? The chick who comes after me? The next One Girl?"

"Possibly, or she might be, as you said, one of the past Slayers you occasionally dream about. Was there anything else you remember? Any words or writing you may have seen?"

"There was a book, I think it was 'The Book of the Damned.' Not light reading, if you ask me. Plus... there was some crappy-quality voice-over stuff... a 'cove of ants'? I dunno, something like that. You're the Watcher, you figure it out!"

"A cove of ants... a cove of ants... cove-of-ants... the Covenant!"

"Yeah, I think that might be it."

"Let me see here, there's a prophecy somewhere in the Melas Codex..."

"Another prophecy? I hate prophecies."

"Ah, here it is: And lo, the Covenant shall be broken. As the fifth line wanes so shall evil's influence, the Power to be Used for good in a new vessel tested by the dark but not yet overcome. The second Slayer shall be set free and she shall bring a new Golden Age for the Covenant. 'Ware the breaking, for it shall be a sign of the End of All Barriers."

"The 'second Slayer,' huh? Well that's obviously not me. Thanks anyways Giles, I've gotta head to history. We got a test on the history of the Salem Witch-Hunts. Honestly, who cares about that stuff anymore anyways? I mean it's not like it's at all relevent, except for the whole forces-of-dark thing, and maybe the voodoo-creepy thing..."

"Buffy.... Buffy! Foolish, headstrong girl... 'tested by the dark but not yet overcome'? Well that's certainly comforting. The 'second' Slayer? Twoddle. Maybe Buffy's right, maybe this 'stuff' doesn't matter anymore... Hold on a second - Melas is Salem backwards! The Salem witch-hunts.. purple lightning... the Covenant?! Oh bugger..."


A/N: The 'second Slayer' is FAITH... ignore the existence of Kendra, please.
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