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Hellmouth - New Beginnings

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Chronicles of the Wanderer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: February 2nd, 1998 Steve St. Wolf decides to take a little vacation from demon hunting. He takes a job in the nice, peaceful town of Sunnydale, California.

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Chapter 10

Part 30 - Showdown

Sunnydale High School Gym

(It Ain't the O.K. Corral, But It'll Do)

Steve doesn't know which is the worst part. The waiting or the fighting. Buffy is nervously flipping around a stake as they wait for Angelus to take the bait. Mack is checking and re-checking his weapons. Steve, he's constantly checking all of the exits, his watch and his weapons.

Xander calls from the south side of the building, "Guys get ready, I see a major bunch of vampires moving in. From the south, about forty of them and from the west, another forty. Angelus is leading the pack from the south. Drusilla the west."

Joe calls from the north and east sides. "Man, Wanderer, what'd you do to get them this pissed off? There must be at least fifty vampires coming in from the north and another thirty from the east. A blond haired guy looks like he's leading both groups."

"That would be Spike." Buffy comments.

"Alright everybody let's get ready. It's show time." Steve quietly tells his friends.

Steve hears the soft clicks and scraps as weapons are readied and unsheathed. He hears Aaron, softly praying, Casey, checks everybody's placement, making sure they're not visible to the vampires outside. Joe Dawson and the rest of Buffy's friends are on the track above the Immortals, hiding, ready to do their part, in this trap. They're being guarded by Brother Aaron, Nick Raven and Frank. The doors leading to the track has been spell warded by Amy and Brother Aaron. No vampire would be able to get through to them.

The doors on the ground floor level have been locked, but not spell warded, yet. After all they can't make it too easy now, can they? They wait for the vampires to come to them. Buffy, Steve and Mack are armed to the teeth and it looks like they're making their last stand. Going done hard all the way.

All three doors are smashed in at the same time. Angelus, Spike and Drusilla lead all of the vampires inside. Steve recognizes Spike and Drusilla from Prague, almost seven years ago.

"So, I see you two made it out of Prague." Steve tells them.

Spike, looks at Steve, surprised that he remembers his face. "Yeah, we made it out of Prague, just barely. It'll be a pleasure to kill you tonight."

"I see you brought some of your friends. What's the matter, can't fight on your own? You have to have an army backing you up, like the last time. Well at least there's no Demon Prince of Hell to kill." Steve comments. Buffy stiffens next to him and gives Steve a what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about look. "I'll explain later." Steve whispers to her.

Angelus is looking at Mack intensely. Then it hits him. < This isn't the same guy who shot my leather jacket to pieces. It could be his brother, but not him. Oh Shit!! This is a trap. > Angelus thinks to himself. He turns to Spike and Drusilla, "Spike, this is a trap, we've got to get out of here, now!!" He tells them.

Then suddenly, the doors seal themselves shut. trapping all of the vampires inside with the three Immortals.

Steve sees one of the vampires in the rear try to open a door and he gets blasted into dust from the magic ward guarding the door. < Ain't magic wonderful? > Steve thinks to himself.

Angelus turns to the three Immortals before him with a hiss. "You three are going to die. I'm going make sure of it."

Steve smiles as he pulls out his Ithaca ‘shorty' shotgun. Buffy and Mack follow suit. "The only things that are going to die, are you and your vampires, Angelus."

"Are you insane? You're outnumbered a hundred and fifty to three. And if you think those shotguns are going to help. Think again. Buffy should have told you that bullets can't kill vampires." Angelus tells Steve.

"Angelus do me a favor and just stand there." Steve tells him, as he points his shotgun directly at him, Buffy and Mack point theirs about 30 degrees away from Steve in different directions.

Angelus, Spike and Drusilla, sense something is foul, and duck. The blast from the three Dragon's Breathe shells takes down three wide rows of vampires. Cutting down the odds from a hundred fifty to less than a hundred odd vampires.

The shotguns are the signal for the rest of the Immortals to attack. The battle is joined by the Immortals against the vampires on the gym floor. Buffy's friends start to spray the entire gym with holy water. Steve moves to the side and stakes one vampire and cuts off another's head. Buffy is in her element, killing vampires with abandon and glee. Finally getting some payback for the last two years. Mack moves to the side and starts to lay into the vampires with his saber. Cutting off heads left and right. Casey and the rest of the Immortals move in and start staking and cutting as well.

Xander, standing on the running track, turns to Cordelia and says, "Man, I can't believe what's happening down there. I'd never thought, I'd say this, but, I'm glad that I didn't volunteer to be down there."

Cordelia just nods her head and keeps on spraying the holy water down onto the vampires.

Joe Dawson turns to Giles, "Giles can you believe what is going on down there?"

"No Mr. Dawson, I find this situation to be something beyond my experience. I don't believe in the entire annuals of the Watchers that this many vampires have been killed by a Slayer and her allies, ever. I must say though, it is most refreshing to be slaughtering them, rather, than them slaughtering innocents." Giles replies.

It is a dance of slaughter on the gym floor. Immortals are stabbing and cutting into the vampire host with reckless abandon. Most of these vampires have never seen a sword before, let alone faced true blade masters. Mulder and Scully work as a team, cutting down vampire after vampire while covering each other's backs. McCallister lives up to his reputation, any vampire the comes within five feet of him, winds up dust in seconds. He is remorseless.

Casey moves with the grace of a leopard, using strokes and slashes that could only be seen in ancient frescos in the Roman Coliseum. Regan Cole is using a wooden knife as a Main Gauche, slashing with her sword and stabbing with the knife.

Bolan is working like a machine, cut, chop, lob. Taking out vampire after vampire. Remo Williams moves through the ranks of the undead like a scythe, cutting them down with sword and ax. Richard Blade, using a medieval English sword, is a proper terror. Hammer lives up to his name. He hammers the vampires down with his sword or fist and cuts off their heads.

Kyra, Cara and Katherine are working together as a team, doing sweeper duty, making sure no vampires can attack the rear of the Immortals. Methos, Duncan and Richie are rolling up the other side of the gym driving the vampires into massed Immortals' blades.

Angelus and Spike are trying to rally their vampires to fight back. Drusilla is cowering between them, in terror. They are slowly backed up to the wall in an ever tightening circle of steel and wood. The number of vampires is rapidly declining and they can't do anything about it. Spike turns to Angelus, "How could this have happened? Who the hell are these people?"

"I don't know. But it looks like we'll have to use the alternate plan." Angelus tells him. Spike nods his head.

"You think so?" Spike sarcastically replies as he gets up on a bench and yells out, "ALRIGHT EVERYBODY, *JUST STOP*. *STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING*."

The remaining few vampires, about twenty of them, hearing Spike's command immediately stop fighting and hug the wall. The Immortals stop killing them and ease back a bit, but keep their guards up and ready.

Angelus sees Buffy standing next to Steve and smiles. "I see you've got yourself a new boyfriend. Too bad you can't give yourself to him like you did me." Angelus snickers.

Steve gets pissed. < No one, not now, not ever talks about Buffy like that in my presence. > He moves suddenly forward and stabs Angelus in the gut. While the wound is not fatal, it's painful as all hell. Angelus falls to his knees in agony.

"Now was that necessary?" Spike comments.

"Yes, it was." Steve tells Spike, pointing his sword at Spike's throat. He can feel the magic in the blade.

"Just asking, is all mate." He replies holding up both hands.

"Now, what do you want vampire? If it's mercy you're looking for. Don't." Steve tells him.

"Well, we have this little option for you. Our lives for the lives of the children of the Sunnydale orphanage." Spike tells the assembled Immortals.

"Would you please clarify your last statement?" McCallister asks.

"Simple, we are holding the children hostage at the orphanage. We will release them, alive and unharmed, if you let us go." Spike explains.

"I find it hard to believe that you would keep your word on anything." Steve tells him.

"I can be quite honorable, when I have to be." Spike replies smiling.

Casey steps forward and says, "Listen here puppy, most of those here are far too old to fall for that kind of scam."

Spike takes exception at being called a puppy. "Listen here mortal, I've been a vampire for over a hundred and fifty years. While you've probably not seen more than forty years." Spike replies.

"Pup, I've walked the earth for two thousand years. Compared to me, you're still a wet behind the ears child." Casey tells him.

"You are delusional man." Spike replies.

Before Casey can reply, Drusilla speaks up. "Spike, darling, that nasty man is not lying. He is speaking the truth. I can sense it. None of these people are mortal. They are something else. Even the Slayer."

"What are you? You're no vampire." Spike asks, worried.

Casey grins. "I'm the Roman Legionnaire who stabbed Christ when he was crucified. He cursed me to stay around until his second coming."

Spike is scared, this is something that he wasn't expecting. < The man who actually killed Christ? What the hell have we gotten ourselves into? > He thinks to himself. He looks to Angelus, who is getting up, his wound is healed, but he is a little unsteady on his feet.

Steve makes a decision, he raises his sword and yells, "Everyone of them, but the three stooges." The Immortals know what to do. They kill every vampire, but Spike, Drusilla and Angelus. Within about 30 seconds, they are standing alone, against the wall, surrounded again by steel and wooden blades.

Spike can't believe what has just happened. The shear brutality of the Immortal's action is not lost on Spike. It's something that he could respect. "Bloody hell, you people are truly ruthless, aren't you. But, I can respect that." Spike replies with a smile, "Well listen to this. One of my vamps has a suicide bomb with him. The bomb is armed with a deadman's switch. If you make like the Light Brigade, he will blow up the orphanage, children and all."

"Alright then, here's what's going to happen." Steve tells him. "Xander, did you hear everything?"

"Yeah, I did." Xander replies grimly.

"Take Casey and his group, as well as Robert, Kyra and Cara and get to that orphanage. Make sure that vampire leaves the children alive and whole." Xander's group leaves immediately, not wasting a minute. Steve notices Cordelia going with him. < I hope he knows what he has in that girl. > Steve muses as he turns back to Spike. "I take it you can communicate with your boy at the orphanage?" Spike nods and pulls out a cell phone. "Alright here is my deal. You three will walk out of here, on my personal word of honor, when that vampire leaves the orphanage. You'll have a one hour grace period, then I start hunting you. Do we have a deal?"

"You've got a deal man. Just let me say this, next time we meet, I will kill you and suck you dry." Spike tells Steve.

"The feeling is mutual, pup."

Everyone waits in silence for close to ten minutes. Xander finally calls back on the radio. "Steve, this is Xander we are at the orphanage. We have the vampires in sight, there are four of them and they have the children and social workers in the main living area. One of them has a plastique vest with a deadman's switch. The bomb guy is standing in the middle of the children." Xander reports.

"Alright Spike, make your call." Steve tells him.

Spike opens his cell phone and dials a pre-programmed number. The vampire at the other end picks up its phone. "Spike is that you?" It asks.

"Yes, it's me, you dolt. Who else would be calling?" Spike replies. "You are to leave the orphanage immediately. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT harm any of the hostages."

"But Spike, we're hungry." The vampire complains.

"You can eat later. Now go." Spike orders. As Spike closes up his cell phone. He starts towards the door. Steve's sword goes to his neck. He doesn't go any further. "Ah, I think that I'll just stay right here, until you tell me to go." Angelus just glares at Buffy. Drusilla is softly humming.

Steve reaches for his radio, "Xander, have the vampires left the orphanage?

"Yes they have. We are moving in to check on the kids right now." Xander replies.

"Have Casey take out the four vampires, as soon as they're clear of the orphanage."

Spike can't believe what he has just heard. "Man you are one ruthless Son of a Bitch. You're almost as ruthless as a vampire. I like that in a man." Spike tells Steve with a smile.

Steve just gives him an evil grin. "Don't worry Spike, the only thing keeping you three undead is those children. Anything happens to them and you all die."

"Oh, I don't doubt it for a minute, mate." Spike replies.

Just then Xander radios in. "Steve, Casey just blew up all four vampires. No one is hurt. The children and the social workers are safe. Repeat, the children and social workers are safe."

"I read you Xander. Tell Casey and rest we'll meet back at my place." Steve tells him. He turns to Spike. "I gave you my word, you can leave. You have one hour, better make it good vampire. Because I'm coming after your head."

"Right mate, I'll be seeing you." Spike cheerfully replies, as he, Angelus and Drusilla head out of the gym.

As they reach the exit, Drusilla pulls back. "Spike darling, the exit is spell warded against vampires. If we touch it or try to cross it, we'll be destroyed."

Spike angrily turns to Steve. "You Bastard, you Son of a Bitch. Let us out of here!!" Spike yells out.

Steve smiles an evil grin. The same grin is shared by everyone in the gym, but the vampires. "I said I'd let you go. I never said that I would remove the wards on the doors. You now have fifty eight minutes and counting." Steve tells them.

Spike grabs Angelus and smacks him across the face. "Get out of it Angelus, we have to get out of here. Is there another way out of this place?"

Angelus shakes his head, clearing his foggy mind. "Yeah, a sewer opening, no one knows about, in the equipment storage room. It's under the basketball cage. Let's go." They make their way to the equipment room and enter the sewer.

Steve turns to his friends, "They have fifty minutes left." Steve tells them. They understand that I had to let them go. Innocent children couldn't be sacrificed. If we had let the children die, then there would have been no difference between them and the vampires. There would always be another day to catch those three.


Part 31 - Aftermath

(Vampire Massacres Don't Come With Maid Service)

Steve, Buffy, Giles and Frank survey the damage done to the gym. It is a little extensive. Parts of the floor have be charred, some of the walls have smoke damage. And there are large piles of vampire dust all over it. Steve turns to Giles, looking at the dust on the floor. "Giles, can this much vampire dust be harmful to humans?"

"Mr. St. Wolf, I don't think that there has been this much vampire dust in one spot ever. I just don't know."

"Okay," Steve reaches for his cell phone and dials an old acquaintance.

The phone is picked up after three rings at the other end. "Garibaldi here." The voice on the other end says.

"Jack, Steve St. Wolf here. I need a favor. Do you still own a lead paint abatement company?"

"Steve how are you? And yes, I still own Garibaldi Abatement. What's up?" Jack asks.

"Listen Jack, you remember those things that killed your daughter, Gina?"

"You mean the vampires that no one believed me about, but you and my wife, Rita? Yeah, I still have nightmares about it. Why do you ask?" Jack replies.

Steve goes into what happened at the gym. And his concern about the large amount of dust being hazardous to anyone. After Steve finishes his conversation, Jack is silent for a moment. Then Steve hears sobs on the phone. Jack quickly gets control of himself.

"Steve, don't worry about the cost. I'll pay for everything in memory of Gina. My cousin Frankie will be coming as well to make any repairs that need doing to that gym. Thank you for calling me. I'll have a crew out there tomorrow morning, around ten o'clock. Tell your friends thank you from me and God bless."

"Thanks Jack, give Rita and Carla my regards and good night."

"Good night, Steve, I'll see you in the morning." Jack tells Steve as he hangs up his phone.

Steve turns to his friends, and explains. "Jack Garibaldi was attacked by vampires about a year ago. He lost his oldest daughter Gina in the attack. He wanted to me to say thank you for doing this." Steve explains. Everyone feels a lump in their throats. People like Jack were worth fighting for, and everyone of them knew it.

Garibaldi Residence - East Oakland

Jack puts down the phone and starts to openly cry. His wife Rita, hears him from the living room.

"Jack, what's wrong, honey?" His wife asks.

"Remember Mr. St. Wolf?" Rita nods, thinking back to the leader of the mercenaries who had rescued their daughter Carla and a group of her friends, from a group of White Slavers in Libya. Jack explains what had just occurred in Sunnydale and the request that Steve had made. Rita sits back and crosses herself and offers a quick prayer of thanks to God. She then reaches for the phone and calls her cousin Frankie and explains the situation. He will be there in the early afternoon with a crew to do the repair work. Gina was his god daughter and he felt the pain of her death as much as his cousin and her husband.

Rita then calls Father O'Brien. She tells him about what happened in Sunnydale and what her husband was planning on doing in the morning. He immediately asks to join in the cleanup. He would let Father Ricci handle the Sunday Masses. He would meet Jack by his office at 7:00 am.

Jack then calls his chief supervisor, a man named Albert Mendoza. He tells Mendoza that the request is from Steve St. Wolf. After Mendoza finishes talking to his boss, he pulls out his phone book and calls the men he needs. Some of the men balk at having to work on Sunday, but when told who had asked for the help, they immediately plan on going.


The Sewers

Angelus, Spike and Drusilla are running for their undead lives in the sewers. They can't believe that Buffy and her allies had managed to destroy most of Sunnydale's vampires in one trap. But the worst part was who had helped Buffy. How the hell did she find the guy who had actually killed Christ? Let alone get him to help her. It must be her new boyfriend, that Wanderer guy. That bastard must have set up this trap and gotten the extra muscle. And who the hell still uses swords these days?

They make their way to the garage that houses Spike's car. He checks his watch. They still had twenty minutes left of their grace period and four hours of darkness. Angelus is sulking in the back seat.

"Cheer up Angelus old man," Spike tells him. "We got away. And now we're getting out of town, while the getting's good. We'll be back. Bigger, stronger and ready next time."

Angelus just growls. He can't stand it being beaten by that little girl. He should have killed her when he had the chance. But no, he had to play games. Now he was running from her and her friends, and he doesn't like it one bit.

Spike checks his get-a-way funds and turns to Angelus, "How does Chicago or New York sound to you?" He asks.

"Just get us out of town Spike, before Buffy and her friends find us." Angelus replies as their car leaves Sunnydale. "I want to start rebuilding our numbers as soon as possible. And then, I want to come back and destroy the Slayer."


Sunnydale H.S. Gym

Steve checks his watch, the grace period is up. He turns to Buffy, "Buffy, can you locate those three?"

"No Steve, I felt them pulling away really fast. I think they grabbed a car and vamoosed out of town."

Steve takes a deep breathe and lets it out in a sigh. "Okay everybody that's it for tonight. Let's get back to my place and then you'll go to the motel to get some rest." Steve looks to Aaron, still standing on the track. "Aaron, can you give this place a heavy blessing before we leave?"

"But of course. Give me a moment to prepare." Aaron tells Steve. Then he begins the blessing. Those Immortals who are Catholics, kneel, holding their swords in front of them, point down on the ground.

As Aaron finishes, Willow steps forward and offers a Talmudic prayer for the safety of the living. Aaron smiles and gives her a nod as he tells her. "It's always a good idea to cover all your bases."

After the prayers, everybody leaves the gym.


St. Wolf Residence

Pop! Goes the champagne bottle. Steve had broken open a couple of bottles of 1984 Don Perigon Champagne when they came back to the house to celebrate their victory. Everyone has a glass for the toast.

"To Victory." Steve lifts his glass. Everyone takes a drink.

Giles is next, "To a battle that will go done in Watcher history." Joe Dawson adds, "and in the watcher chronicles."

Robert McCallister is last, "To friends old and new, new beginnings and to hope for the future."

Everyone drinks to that.

After the toasts are done Steve asks if any one feels up to a barbeque tomorrow to really celebrate. Everyone agrees. So, Steve sends everybody to the motel. Frank, the motel guy, is waiting for them with enough rooms for everybody. Mulder, Scully, Aaron, Robert and Frank stay at the house with him. As everyone goes, Buffy and Steve stand by the door to wish everyone a good night. All of the Immortals congratulate Buffy on a battle well fought and won. Buffy's friends are the last to go.

Steve takes Buffy on the side and tells her, "Buffy, I want you and your friends to help with the barbeque. This way you stay away from the school tomorrow. I don't want you or your friends to be associated with what happened there. I'll see you all here at 9:00 am."

"I understand, Steve. We won't show up, but is it alright to call and check up with you?"

"Yes it is, you have my cell phone number, use it."

As Buffy and her friends leave. Steve has a feeling that the quiet wouldn't last too long in this town. He turns to his house guests. Friends, old and new, and bids them a good night.


Epilogue I - Sunnydale H.S. Gym - 9:00 am The Next Day

(Your Momma Doesn't Slay Here, So Clean Up Your Messes)

Everyone wakes up early the next morning. Steve calls Giles up and he confirms that everyone will meet by the school in about twenty minutes. Originally Steve thought of taking only Frank and Aaron, but Mulder, Scully and Robert decide to go as well. Buffy and her friends come by then and Steve gives her his credit card and she goes with Willow, Oz and Xander to get the barbeque stuff. Jenny, Cordelia and Amy stay behind to get everything started.

Jack Garibaldi and his crew is already waiting by the school. Frank and Steve recognize most of the men present. They were the fathers, brothers and uncles of some of the girls they had rescued in Libya. Security on this work site would be tight, and none of these men would talk. Aaron notices the priest and goes to talk to him.

Steve reaches Jack and shakes his hand and introduces him to Mulder, Scully Robert and Giles. He is glad to see Frank and Steve again. He calls over his supervisor, Albert Mendoza, and Steve explains what the dust was. Albert upon hearing what the dust was, calls over an older man. He introduces Steve's group to Enrico Vasquez, a mystic, from Albert's home village in Mexico.

Steve explains to Albert and Enrico what happened the previous night. And after Enrico gets over the shock of what the dust is, Albert orders his men to done the self contained breathing equipment and Haz-Mat Suits. Enrico's knowledge of folklore is extensive and agrees with Albert's precautions for his men and with Steve's plan to dispose of the dust in smaller amounts, rather than disposing of it as a single load.

The idea is simple. They would use the HEPA filter equipped vacuum cleaners, fill them up completely and dispose of them whole in drums. The Haz-Mat Suits would be disposed of, as well. The drums would be labeled a different hazardous material and so each would go to a different dump.

"Jack that's going to be expensive as hell. At least let me pay you for half the cost of this clean up, and the other expenses." Steve tells him.

"Don't worry about the cost, Steve. I'm doing this for my little girl, Gina. Those things took her away from my family. This is my way of paying them back."

Albert and Enrico come back from where the crew is donning their equipment. Albert tells Steve. "Senor Garibaldi, Enrico and I have informed the men what the dust is. None of the men wish any payment for their work today. Those ‘things' have been preying on our people for generations, and all of us have lost family to them." He then turns to Frank and Steve. "Senors, when I last met you, I thanked you for bringing back my daughters to me. And I, and many of those men over there have prayed for your safety after that. Today, I and these men thank you again for this noble deed."

Needless to say Steve and everyone of his friends have lumps in their respective throats.

The cleanup takes about three hours to complete. Aaron and Father O'Brien have blessed each barrel as it is brought out and sealed it with holy seals. The barrel is then put into hazardous disposal unit which in turn is sealed and welded shut. After the crew leaves the work site, they inspect it and approve of the work done.

As the crew files out the door, each one gives their thanks. Giles is speechless. He had never thought that normal people would appreciate the work that he did. But, as each man shakes his hand and gives thanks, he feels a little prouder. The last man to leave is Albert. Steve reaches into his back pocket and gives him an envelope and tells him. "This is for the men and their families."

He looks into the envelope and sees a large number of hundred dollar bills. He hands the envelope back to Steve. "We can't take this. The work done here today was God's work."

Father O'Brien steps forward, "Albert, take the money and share it with your friends. Take your families out tonight and lift a glass to the men and women who fought here last night and to the memory of those who were lost."

Albert nods his head. "Si, Father, it will be done as you say. Gracias Senor, I and my men thank you again." And walks away. The crew picks up all of the remaining equipment and stores it in the truck taking the six barrels of dust for disposal.

Jack's cousin Frankie arrives just then with his crew. Jack introduces him. After handshakes all the way around, he goes into gym to access the damage. He comes out a little while later and gives his assessment.

"You guys did a number in there, but most of it is superficial. The floor will have to be sanded down and re-varnished in spots. Certain spots, that have bubbled up will have to be replaced, but that's all do-able. The walls will have to be cleaned and repainted. The entire job will take about four hours. " Frankie explains.

"Go ahead," Steve tells him. "Whatever it costs, just get the gym ready for tomorrow."

"Don't worry about cost, it's on me and Jack. Gina was my god daughter, I owe you for putting paid to those things."

Buffy calls Steve at one o'clock to see how the work is progressing. He gives her a quick run down and she's surprised at how quickly things are getting done.

"Buffy how are the preparations going for the party?"

"Oh, everything is going fine. Everybody is here already, and helping. Xander and Casey are cooking on the grill out back. And Kyra, Katherine, Nick and Cara baking in the kitchen. Everything should be ready by the time you get back here."

"Good, we'll see you in about two to three hours." Steve replies and hang up.

Two and half hours later, the work is completed and as Frankie and his crew prepare to leave, Steve hands him another envelope. He looks inside and offers it back. Steve tells him. "Look, split this among your crew, as a bonus, for a job well done. They did excellent work."

Frankie just grins, and hands the envelope to his supervisor and tells him, "Carmine, split this among the men, and take a share for yourself. It's your bonus, for a job well done."

Carmine looks into the envelope and his weathered face splits into a grin. "Thanks boss." He turns to Steve. "And thank you, sir, for the bonus." Carmine then heads back to the crew, who have just finished putting away their tools and equipment and starts to count out equal shares, giving each man their share before taking his. The crew, from what Steve sees, likes the bonus.

Jack turns to Steve, "So Steve, what are your plans now?"

"Simple Jack, I'm having a party at my house, want to come. Frankie and Father O'Brien are invited as well."

"Sorry Steve, I've got an early meeting in the morning. I'll have to take a rain check." Frankie explains.

Jack and Father O'Brien also back off. They want to make sure nothing happens to the drums containing the vampire dust. But they do request that Steve extend their thanks to the rest of the group.


Epilogue 2 - Party Time

As Steve parks his car, he can hear the party going already in the large backyard behind the house. Everyone is there. Casey and Xander were handling the barbeque. Everyone was just sitting around enjoying themselves and the food. The day was sunny and warm, just made for this party. Buffy was moving around, acting as the hostess, making sure there was plenty of food and drink to go around.

As Steve makes his way through the crowd, Buffy comes around and gives him a hug and a kiss. As she's hanging from Steve's neck, she tells him, "Steve, I haven't felt this happy in two years. Thanks for everything." Then she kisses him again.

As Steve gazes into her eyes, he suddenly feels a little self conscience. Everybody is staring at them. Robert and Aaron are just standing there grinning from ear to ear. < If they break into the wedding march, I will do them bodily harm. >

The rest of the party is going great, people are mingling and enjoying themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed and the pressure from the last couple of days is gone. Steve notices Giles, Jenny and Joe Dawson approaching him.

"Buffy, Steve," Giles begins. "Mr. Dawson has just offered Jenny and me the job of being your watchers."

"You mean for Buffy, don't you?" Steve asks.

"No, for the both of you. If you should ever split up, Jenny and I would become Buffy's exclusive watchers." Giles tells Steve.

Steve turns to Joe. "Joe, is this your way of getting even with me for the last three watchers you assigned to me?"

"You bet, your ass, it is." Joe gives Steve an evil grin, knowing that he finally has him.

"Joe if I didn't like your music so much, I'd be tempted to tell you what I thought of that idea."

"Speaking of music," Duncan begins, handing Joe his guitar, "here's your guitar Joe, how's about a little blues to celebrate the occasion?"

Joe begins to sing a slow, bluesy toon just right for slow dancing.

Steve turns to Buffy and they begin to slow dance to the music. Everyone who has a partner begins to dance. Those who don't just stand there listing to the music.

Steve looks down into Buffy's eyes and drinks them in. She tilts her head to the side and we kiss. The party goes on for hours, but they hardly notice the time. Before long, Steve's bidding goodbye to all his guests and quite a few neighbors who came when they heard Joe's singing.

As Buffy leaves with her friends, she pulls Steve to the side. "Steve, I'm glad I met you, but we have to take this slowly. I've just lost Angel, and I don't want to be hurt again, so soon." She tells him.

Steve smiles as he takes her into his arms. "Buffy, we're Immortal, we have all the time in the world. Take all that you need."

As she turns to go, Steve asks one final question, "Buffy, before you leave, have you decided whether or not you want me to teach you?"

She walks back to him and whispers in his ear, "Of course I want you to teach me. How else am I going to get to know you better."

Steve smiles as she leaves. Frank walks up to him. "That's some girl Steve. Think you can handle her?"

"Oh, I think I can. But let's see what the future holds." Steve replies with a smile.

As Frank and Steve start to clean up the mess. Mulder, Scully, Aaron and Robert join in. Steve turns to them. "You don't have to do this. Frank and I are more than capable of cleaning up here."

Aaron turns to Steve and says, "Steve, none here are strangers to work. And as the saying goes, ‘Many hands make work short'."

The back yard is cleaned in a few minutes, and all of the garbage is put out for pick up the next morning.

Steve turns to Mulder and Scully, "You know Mulder, I want to be there when you tell that little pissant principal off tomorrow."

Mulder smiles an evil grin, "Yeah, that's going to be real fun."


Epilogue 3 - The Principal's Office

(Snyder Gets His)

Mulder and Scully, accompanied by Frank and Steve walk calmly into Snyder's office. As they walk up to Snyder's secretary, Mulder asks. "Is Snyder in?"

The woman smiles and asks. "Yes sir, he is. Do you have an appointment?"

Mulder grins as he walks past her. "No."

The woman reaches for the phone to warn Snyder, but is stopped by Scully flashing her badge. "FBI. Snyder is expecting us." The secretary quiets down and says nothing as they pass her.

Steve and Frank just grin and follow Scully inside. Snyder's voice could be heard coming out of his office.

"I don't care who the hell you people are. You can not destroy my gym and get away with it." Snyder angrily tells Mulder as Scully, Frank and Steve walk into the room. Mulder calmly sits down and Snyder can't stand it. No one treats him like a nothing in his own office. "I will call your superiors and have you fired."

Mulder grins, "What damage are you talking about, Snyder."

A pissed off Snyder looks at Mulder and tells him. "You people ruined my gym. I stopped by on Sunday morning to see what happened, and I found a war zone. Now, I don't care how you do it or how much it costs, but I want my gym back."

Mulder calmly gets up and tells Snyder. "Let's go see this damage that you're talking about."

"Very well then." Snyder testily replies.

As the group walks over to the gym, Buffy comes around the corner, late for class. Snyder immediately picks up on this and yells. "Summers, you have detention for the next week for being lat. . .Umph."

Before Snyder can finish, Scully slams him up against the wall and tells him, in a low, threatening voice. "Don't you DARE to take out your bad temper on her. If you have a problem with us, then you take it up with us. Not your students, not your subordinates, US. Or aren't you man enough?"

Snyder looks away from Scully's piercing glare and sputters. Any type of reply is lost as Snyder attempts to regain his composure, but before he can regain it or reply, Scully dumps him on the ground. He gets up from where Scully dumps him and straightens up his suit. He glares at Scully and starts to say something, but Mulder, Steve and Frank immediately back her up. Snyder does the only thing he can do. He shuts up. Snyder, knowing that he is outclassed, leads them to the gym. As he enters, he quietly feels a sense of power over these four people. But as his eyes scan the room, he sputters in disbelief. "How? This place was a disaster. No one could have fixed it up in less than twenty four hours." Snyder cries out in anguish, his power base gone. He turns to the foursome and demands. "How'd you do it? How did you get this place repaired so quickly?"

Mulder just grins as he tells Snyder. "Repaired what damage? This place looks the same as when we were standing here on Saturday."

"This place was practically destroyed on Sunday morning. No one could have fixed all this up in that short a time. No government agency would have bothered to fix the damage that quickly. I demand to know who you people are?!"

Steve easily pushes himself away from the wall and stands in front of Snyder. "Mr. Snyder, when you think about all of the intelligence agencies in the United States, the FBI, CIA, NSA, as a family. Think of us as the uncle no one wants to talk about."

Snyder takes a deep gulp and asks. "What do you want from me?"

"Simply this: You never saw us, heard of us or know what we look like. Am I clear?" Steve asks.

"Crystal clear. What does Summers and her friends to do with you?"

"The helped us. What they did or helped with is none of your business. Anything else?"

"No, that's enough. I'll lay off them." < For now. >

"That's good to know." Steve replies as they leave Snyder standing there, shaking in suppressed anger.

As they leave the High School, Mulder and Scully head to their rental and say good bye to Steve and Frank. As they watch Mulder and Scully leave, Steve turns to Frank, "You know, this was kinda fun. Think we should do it every year?"

"What, hunt down a large number of vampires?"

"No, scare the hell out of Snyder." Steve replies with a laugh.

"We should." Frank agrees with an evil gleam in his eye.

The End

Poster's Note: Well that's it for how the Wandererverse got started. Next up is a bit of backstory on Steve St. Wolf. If anyone wants to read the whole series now, or reread what they've lost track of, visit If it's been written, it's there, if it's unfinished there, we're working on it. If you feel inspired to write your own Wandererverse story, gives us a yell at the Wanderervers Revival Yahoo Group. New authors are always welcome.

The End

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