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Were-Animals Xander didn't get bitten by

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Summary: A collection of short stories of unlikely were-creatures biting Xander. I started, now it's up to YOU to continue.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Xander-CenteredNerdgirl + 10 othersFR13136,68803048,7816 Jan 0810 Jul 14No

Camouflage Epilogue and Ocean Floor by (Current Donor)Shieldage

BtVS by Whedon & Mutant Enemy

1/12/14 Hey, I expanded the scene of Xander getting bit in the Reptile House after breaking up Glory's ritual into its own story. If I decide to keep going in the same direction, I'll move this scene over there as well when the story gets to that point. So this chapter won't be left empty, I've written up two hundred words on Xander being bit by a much fuzzier critter :)

Camouflage: Epilogue
Episode: The Weight of the World

Doc had been reading when Spike and an unknown walked into his room. He blinked at them owlishly.

"Oh, don't mind Xander," Spike said, gesturing at the man behind him. "He only gets uncontrolled during the full moon."

Doc examined Xander, noting how his skin was a pale grayish-pink and how his eyes extended slightly from his head into cone shapes. One of Xander's eyes was pointing towards Doc, while the other was examining the fireplace.

Having a possibly new species of demon in the room that he, with all his knowledge, didn't recognize was so unnerving to Doc that his pretense of a good-natured and helpful fellow wore thin a bit more quickly then it might have otherwise.

When Spike identified the box with the scrolls Doc had been concealing, Doc decided to disable the unknown first and, with an immense feat of speed and agility, he put Xander in a headlock and put a sword to his throat.

Spike rushed forward only to be met by Doc's secret weapon, an immense tongue that shot out of his mouth with enough force to slam the vampire against the wall.

Xander took advantage of the moment to work his way free and run to the opposite side of the room.

Doc spun in place to see the young man staring at him calmly, both conical eyes facing the same direction for once.

Doc opened his mouth, only to have Xander's longer and faster tongue hit the center of his forehead before the demon could get a shot off.

Doc crumpled in a limp pile toward the floor, the front of his skull crushed.

"Come on," Xander said. "Everyone knows chameleons have the fastest tongues..."

Spike groaned and pulled himself to his feet.

"Well," Xander said as he moved towards the box with the scrolls they'd come for. "That almost makes up for turning into a giant unintelligent reptile who has to be kept away from babies, housepets and Dawn, because her green glow is just so tasty."

"What're you going on about," Spike asked, brushing himself off. "You caved in the bloke's brain and I didn't even get a turn."

"Oh well," Xander said, gesturing dismissively at Doc's broken body. "Just take the sword and, I don't know, behead him or something..."

Ocean Floor

Xander held his breath and dove into the ocean. His webbed feet propelled him forward, his whiskers sensing the currents of least resistance. He scrounged the rocky bottom for awhile before returning to the surface with his prize. Bobbing to the surface he gasped for air before making his way to the sandy shore. “Here you go, honey,” he said, presenting to Anya a sizable pearl complete with the oyster that had grown it. She squealed in delight and hugged him.

Xander's furry face gave a half-smile as he patted her back. “I'm glad my being a were-otter helps make you happy but, if it's not too much to ask, could you please 'find' the keys to the boat now?”
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