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Summary: An alternate ending to my ficlet 'Mysteries.'

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Star Wars > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersPaBurkeFR1341,846053,4156 Jan 086 Jan 08Yes


Liquid Silver
X-Over: (BtVS/SW), sequel to Silver
Word Count: 700
AN:/ My strange Oz mood returned.

Obi-Wan led the way into the filthy cantina. He wasn’t sure why he was bringing Oz to Mos Eisly. The slight man was sure to be picked on and possibly attacked. Oz never complained about the lack of company in Obi-Wan’s little hut, but Obi-wan worried that the stranger might need the socialization. After all, most humans did. Oz wasn’t like most humans, not that Obi-wan had a huge number of Non-Jedi humans to compare with. Oz ranged far and wide in the barren land. Oz had no schedule, no true responsibilities. He would often bring home fresh meat for consumption, but Obi-Wan never requested any.

Oz didn’t seek out conversation. In fact, it had taken Obi-Wan ten days to drag the story of Oz’s arrival to Tattoine out of him. Obi-Wan was sure that he didn’t have a complete story even now. What kind of ‘ex-girlfriend’ would knock out a man, transport him to a Rim Planet and dump him in a hostile desert to ‘save him’? What kind of being could return from the dead? (Had he seen any Jedi on the other side of Life?)

Obi-Wan looked behind him. Oz’s gaze assessed each being in the cantina, looking for potential problems. The man would have made an excellent Jedi, but the Jedi were no more. Obi-Wan could not take him as an apprentice; Oz was much too old and Luke had just turned five years old. Soon, the boy would wander out into the desert for Force Training as Yoda had foretold. Obi-Wan’s duty was to Anakin and Padme’s son, not a closed-mouth stranger.

A Wookie walked up to Oz and growled. To Obi-Wan’s surprise, Oz growled back and the Wookie left him alone. They hadn’t even used true Shirrywook. Oz ignored the rest of the patrons and watched the band. He studied each species and instrument, but seemed absorbed in the string instrument. Obi-Wan order a drink and waited. He’d offer Oz a drink when he eventually came up to the bar, but the shorter man showed no interest in moving from his spot.

The band took a break. Obi-wan had been sure that now Oz would join him at the bar, but he didn’t. Instead, Oz offered his hand to the musician with the stringed instrument. After a few false starts, Oz made it obvious that he wanted to try the instrument out. In the end, the other band members had to agree and Oz had to give them each a little money.

Oz accepted the instrument of his choice and started fussing with it. The musician with the wind instrument was playing a solo while the other band members rested. Oz waited and watched. Then he’d strum a chord here and there, mostly just accents for the other musician. Then he got a little more daring and followed the wind instrument up the scales in a way that made the other musician sound really good.

Every member of the band plus several of the patrons were focused on Oz.

The soloist continued playing and Oz continued adding a note here and there. By the end, the two were playing a beautiful duet.

One of the patrons, obviously a music fan, sighed with regret when the band’s break was over and Oz handed the stringed instrument back to its owner. The scaled alien turned to Obi-wan. “Did you hear that,” it gushed. “It was like… liquid, flowing, bright and shiny. Do you know who he is? What band does he normally play with?”

Obi-wan shrugged his ignorance and the alien watched Oz watch the band. “I can tell you this: there is no way he’s human, not if he can jam like that. Humans just aren’t that good.”

Obi-wan considered the alien’s observations. Interesting, but how much help would it give Obi-wan in determining Oz’s home and species? Oz could pass as human and most were fooled, but many aliens looked down on humans. Why would a species with Oz’s obvious musical skills try to hide as a human?

Then again, many people would be very interested in Oz’s ability to return from the dead. That was excellent reason to not exist.

Obi-wan could sympathize.

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