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Summary: An alternate ending to my ficlet 'Mysteries.'

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Star Wars > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersPaBurkeFR1341,846053,4156 Jan 086 Jan 08Yes


Silver Lining
X-Over: (BtVS/SW), sequel to Silver, Liquid Silver & Silver Fur
Word Count: 300
AN:/ My strange Oz mood returned. Plus word prompt: sleep.

Oz slept during the hot days, while Obi Wan brooded, tinkered and kept watch for intruders around his new home. In many respects, it was the wise thing to do; Tatotine was just inhospitable to most. Once Obi Wan had learned to trust Oz, someone was awake while the Jedi slept, or attempted to sleep. To call Obi Wan’s nights restful would have been a lie.

Too many times, he was haunted with the faces of those who had joined the Force and those who had died at his side for what they believed in. He didn’t know if the dreams were visions from the Force or his very emotional mind sifting through the past. He hoped that in time it would become clear. Or clearer.

Nights on Tatotine were bitter and lonely. Oz would often trek around Obi Wan’s hut, warning off any predators, two-legged or four. He would hunt if he took the notion, or if the larder was low. He waited, for what, Obi Wan didn’t know. He listened to Obi Wan’s stories and in listening, Oz helped Obi Wan accept history. Obi Wan also learned to accept his future and accepted the waiting that must occur.

He started sleeping better at night, to the point where Oz’s comings and goings didn’t awake him. Then one night Oz didn’t return. Obi Wan tracked Oz to a lonely outpost, hidden among the sandy crags. It was well made and nearly impossible to find. It was empty and had no recent tracks leaving it. Scratched into the wall was a note: ‘She found me. Don’t go looking, I’m good now.’

Obi Wan would miss his silent roommate, but the man had served a purpose. Obi Wan Kenobi was now ready to face the future.

Oz called it, “Silver lining.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Silver". This story is complete.

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