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Summary: An alternate ending to my ficlet 'Mysteries.'

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Star Wars > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersPaBurkeFR1341,846053,4156 Jan 086 Jan 08Yes

Chapter One

By PaBurke
X-Over: (BtVS/SW)
Word Count: 456
AN:/ My strange Oz mood hasn’t left me.

‘Old Ben’ Kenobi followed the animal scavengers to the corpses of the Sand People. For so many to be dead it meant a massacre, probably by Storm Troopers instigating civil unrest.

Obi-Wan rolled one of the bodies onto its back. To his surprise, he could find no blaster marks. The wounds did not look like a knife had caused them either. The parallel slashes indicated a wild animal predator. The throat had been torn out.

That was odd.

The Sand People were superior hunters. A wild animal should not have caused this much damage to this many People.

Obi-Wan hurried passed the trail of corpses. He had never seen anything like this on Tattoine before. He kept his lightsaber close. Any one of the Sand People might not be totally dead.

And Obi-Wan knew the lay of this land. The Sand People had chased their prey into a box canyon. There was only one way in and one way out. A low-tech but effective trap. Obi-Wan listened carefully and stretched out with the Force.



The fight had ended hours ago. That didn’t make Obi-Wan any less wary. He passed several more dead Sand People. Each one had been mauled to death by the predator.

The canyon widened and ended. Here was the trap the Sand People had attempted. Four more corpses littered the sand floor. One was human or probably was. The old Jedi had never seen a human with hair the color of a Twi’lek’s skin before. Obi-Wan knelt at the naked male’s side. He had no predator slashes, he had not been the Sand People’s bait. He was not bleeding and bruised, he had not been a prisoner. He had been killed by the Sand People’s stolen blasters.

What had happened here?

Obi-Wan picked up the deceased human and hurried out of the trap. It would not do to be around when the Sand People tracked down their dead. Obi-Wan carried the corpse to his tiny hut and set it on the floor. This was the disturbance in the Force he had felt last night.

He had been too late following the leading of the Force.

Obi-Wan cleaned the body to prepare it for burial. He would have to burn it with shrubbery since Tatooine had no real trees.

That was odd.

The human’s wounds were healing.

Obi-wan felt a rushing of the Force and took a step back.

The corpse breathed.


Coughed and rolled over.

Obi-Wan yanked the blanket off his bed and threw it over the now-living human.

The human thrashed, struggled.

Obi-Wan spoke soothingly. “You are safe. It’s over.”

Green eyes met his.


Now confused.

Now intelligent.

“Crud,” the stranger said. “They didn’t have any silver.”

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