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Summary: Highlander / NUMB3RS crossover. There's an Immortal on the Team.

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PaBurkeFR1551,34621714,0206 Jan 086 Jan 08Yes


Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.
Spoilers: Season three of Highlander, season one of NUMB3RS
Summary: It’s all in how you define the terms. 4th story of the ‘Intelligence’ story line.
Word Count: 400


Amita stood in the doorway of her adviser’s office and tried to make sense of the many equations on the chalkboards. “Is this for one of Don’s cases?”

“Yes for Don,” Charlie scribbled some as he referenced a previous answer for a new equation. “No for the FBI.”

Amita waited patiently. Charlie finally paused in his thought process long enough to accommodated her. “Don’s got a new hobby: sword fighting.”

“That’s interesting.”

“So are his bruises. His teacher is ruthless.”

“He’s getting bruises?”

“I assume so. You should see how Pierson pounds on him. I thought the sounds of a gun are loud; that’s nothing to the sounds of steel against steel especially when one of those sharp steel blades is aimed for your head. Don doesn’t wince though, he blocks with his body. He’s been wearing even more long-sleeves than normal and not rolling up the cuffs like I’m used to seeing him.”

Amita traced an equation. “What are you trying to do?”

Charlie huffed in frustration. “I’m trying to see how long it’ll take Don to win against his teacher using a limit equation and mathematical modeling of his teacher’s moves as compared to Don’s.”


“I used Don’s past history in baseball as a pattern for effects of training and improvement, factored in plateaus and Don’s determination.”

“You quantified your brother’s stubbornness?”

“Yes and it’s much higher than most, still Don doesn’t stand much of a chance of beating Pierson. The first equation I did said Don would win in one hundred twenty years. Other probability models have the odds stacked way against him.”

“So… not in this lifetime.”


Amita didn’t quite understand Charlie’s frown. He knew that his brother wouldn’t be on top of everything he tried. “Why does that bother you?”

“I don’t like anyone beating on my brother and I don’t like Don letting it happen.”


“I know, I know. Don’s an adult and an FBI agent and can take care of himself.”


“But I am really tempted to tell dad even though Don asked me not to.”

Amita smiled softly. Charlie had outgrown tattling a long time ago. “You won’t, will you?”

“No.” He sighed and erased all the equations on the board. “I won’t tell until Don gets hurt, until then I’ll try to convince him to stop using math. In this case, I have plenty of ammunition.”

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