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Within the Boundaries

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Summary: Things are not as they seem for the NUMB3RS crew.

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Television > Numb3rs > Oz - CenteredPaBurkeFR13104,86434727,7096 Jan 0813 Jun 08No

Controlled Runaway

Controlled Runaway
by PaBurke
Distribution: The Nook, TtH
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.
Spoilers: NUMB3RS season 3, Season 7 of BtVS
Summary: It’s all in how you define the terms.

“How about a run?” Oz finally asked.

Colby looked out the open, third-story window. It was nearing midnight. Between the FBI case that went long and stopping at a grocery for food for his guest, he had gotten home very late. He had a few blankets and a pillow stacked on the couch where Oz would stay. Oz had said nothing, had asked no questions all the while that Colby had showed him around the tiny apartment. He hadn’t talked while Colby had fixed the two of them a couple of sandwiches for dinner. Now that Colby had sat down to watch the day’s sport’s highlights, he wanted to go for a run?

“This late? The only other thing out of the streets ‘round here are miscreants.”

Oz grinned. Colby realized what kind of run Oz was offering.

“That’s a bad idea,” he warned.

“But fun,” Oz tempted. “You need a run, let’s go.”

Colby looked out the window. His wild side begged him to agree. He had so few opportunities for something like this. It lessened a void that his Army unit had filled. It was accepting a part of him that no one knew about. “Yes. Let’s go.”

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking