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Within the Boundaries

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Summary: Things are not as they seem for the NUMB3RS crew.

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Television > Numb3rs > Oz - CenteredPaBurkeFR13104,86434727,7096 Jan 0813 Jun 08No

Allowed Impressions

Allowed Impressions
by PaBurke
Distribution: The Nook, TtH
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.
Spoilers: NUMB3RS season 3, Season 7 of BtVS
Summary: The trials of being a werewolf in the FBI.

Charlie rushed into FBI conference room, his arms overflowing with papers and his laptop computer. “I found the connection.”

“PAKE Industries,” Don answered. “We’re working on the warrant but we’re having problems getting it signed.”

“Yeah,” Charlie slowly put his stuff down. “How did you know?”

The elder Eppes gestured toward one of his team. “Granger was up last night searching.”

“Really?” Charlie smiled. “How did you come to the same conclusion and faster than I did? I’d like to analyze your search pattern. What were your parameters? Did you start by investigating victims, the crime scenes or the incidents themselves?”

Colby started to get uncomfortable. “There’s no pattern, I just had a hunch.”

The mathematician laughed. “There’s always a pattern. That’s what logic is. I want to know how you came to your conclusion. I used a lot of high-level math. This isn’t something that you can type into Google and get some answers.”

“Maybe I’ve learned something from you.”

“Mr. Just-nod-and-wait-for-the-punch-line? Colby, that’s great. Where are you taking classes?”

“I’m not taking classes. I just did a lot of searching last night. And we’ve got leads to follow today.” Colby walked out of the room.

“Was that necessary,” asked Don after the room cleared.

“What?” Charlie defended himself. “It was good work but it couldn’t have come about without a good deal of math. It’s great that Colby is expanding his repertoire.”

Don walked out the door. “Not every answer is found by math,” he threw over his shoulder.

“But this one should have been,” Charlie said to an empty room.

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