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Within the Boundaries

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Summary: Things are not as they seem for the NUMB3RS crew.

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Television > Numb3rs > Oz - CenteredPaBurkeFR13104,86434727,7026 Jan 0813 Jun 08No

Restrained Power

Restrained Power
by PaBurke
Distribution: The Nook, TtH
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.
Spoilers: NUMB3RS season 3, Season 7 of BtVS
Summary: The trials of being a werewolf in the FBI.

Colby knew that the man in custody was really a monster buying and selling human life. He knew the man’s scent and it was all over the shipments even if the forensics people couldn’t find concrete evidence. He was guilty of horrible crimes.

Colby knew.

All Don had on the guy was some of Charlie’s math, which the monster’s lawyer was trying to get thrown out, and the fact that the man had run when approached by the FBI. Unfortunately, the man had run straight into Sinclair when Colby chased him.

Such a pity. Colby knew that an accident could have befallen the monster. He knew that even with the power to rend the pervert limb from limb, Colby was not the monster in this drama.

Colby knew.

Colby also knew that if the lawyer managed to get the monster off, that Oz would not have a problem making an accident happen. Oz had smelled the fear from the children. He had seen the little boys left to drown because the authorities had gotten too close. If the system failed those kids, Oz would finish the job in a way that Colby couldn’t and wouldn’t.

His power wasn’t that restrained.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking