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The New Song

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Summary: When Buffy and CO arrive at Hogwarts, the Hat decides to sing a new song. One-shot

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Hogwarts Teacher(Past Donor)AomizuokoFR71803143,7487 Jan 087 Jan 08Yes
Disclaimer: All reconizable characters belong to JKRowling and Joss Whedon. I did however make up almost all of the lyrics to the song, so please ask before stealing. I did keep some of the orignal pieces of the song simply because they seemed to still fit with what I was going for. But yeah. Hope you like!


On the night of September 1st 1995 Hogwarts was filled with chatter and excited students. Professors sat at the golden dinning table located in the back of the huge room and long rectangular tables sat in front of them. Amongst the professors stood recognizable faces and new faces that appeared both young and old. Undoubtedly several of the newcomers were muggles or rather, muggle born while several others were with out a doubt, wizards.

Among the newcomers stood a professor who looked particularly odd in these faces of the older humans. Blond hair was short, and she looked rather like she should be amongst the students, instead of the professors. Green eyes looked out at the students, and while one would be tempted to say that they shun with curiosity, simply because that would be what one would expect at times like these, the statement would be completely false. In fact, this particular wizard/muggle looked as if she were a doll, with her eyes dead like they were.

Next to the blonde twenty something woman, sat a decidedly young girl, who looked younger than the seventh years. Her eyes were a deep blue and filled with so much pain that ones heart would break upon looking in them. Her hair was brown and long, and no one could guess that she was related to the blonde, or they wouldn’t had it not been for the facial features and skin tone that each girl held.

Harry Potter thought she looked around their age, but Ron Weasley argued that she looked younger than Ginny, his little sister who was no older than fourteen. Hermione Granger had chosen not to listen to either of the two boys while they bickered and merely locked eyes with the oddest looking man in the new group of professors. If she hadn’t known better, she would have said that Draco Malfoy had an older brother.

It was at this time that the headmaster choose to stand. Immediately, the room became consumed by the breath taking silence.

“Now, students, it is time for the ceremony to begin. First however,” said Dumbledore whose voice was booming even with out a microphone or a tap to his throat, “I believe that the hat has a few words.” The man whose age couldn’t be guessed sat down in the middle with Rubeus Hagrid at one side and Severus Snape on the other. A few seconds passed and the hat began his song in a fast-paced rhythm.

“In times of old when I was new

And Hogwarts barely started

Creatures came among us,

Seeking to work with us,

But humans, (darling creatures you are)

denied these beings, and wizards came armed

Dominance and Stupidity,

The downfall of your race

The world was shaken

And war was faced

Creatures screamed, Humans too,

Long and loud came the screams,

Denying any peace,

Men sought power to fight back their power, and so came a worrier,

(A child no different than yourself)

A girl (prime in her age)

Became the victim of the mage

Her screams were loud

louder still

And she merged with thine enemy,

Becoming the Enemy,

For years to come, and years now here

The girl fights,

for us,

For man,

Helpless creatures,

For those in need,

And if you ask her why she still fights,

Well, she won’t answer

For years the demons go against her,

seeking to maim her,

But now, the demons know

what the mage knew,

Betrayal by her kind,

She turns to thine enemy,

To find thy friend,

But do not be afraid,

students of Hogwarts,

For she will gain fame,

As too, her faithful companions,

Though not dark, not like you think,

friends shall be enemies,

and enemies friends,

be weary dear students,

of thy friends,

For if you let them,

They will fall, to tricks,


Now enemies are enemies,

but not for long,

For enemies change, just like my song,

And now we must continue,

another year gone by,

Friends lost,

and friends to be gained,

a brighter future,

for those maimed,

and now it is time, dear students,

and you all know the score,

I sort you into houses, so be Forewarned

for this is why I was made,

But this year I’ll go further;

listen closely to my song;

Though condemned am I to split you

I worry that it’s wrong,

Though I must fulfill my duty,

and must quarter every year,

still I wonder whether sorting,

May bring the end I fear,

Oh know the perils, read the signs,

The warning history shows,

for our Hogwarts is danger,

From External and internal deadly foes,

And we must unite inside her,

or we’ll crumble from within,

I have told you, I have warned you,

And shown thy true friends,

Let now the sorting begin!”

The End

You have reached the end of "The New Song". This story is complete.

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