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Chuck versus The Slayer

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Summary: Who knew that going to get her cell phone fixed at the local Buy More would lead Faith to this? Holiday Fic-a-thon response for Kiwikatipo

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Television > ChuckArieannaFR1311,451092,0387 Jan 087 Jan 08No
Title: Chuck versus The Slayer
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine!! They are just really fun, and I've just borrowed them to play with them in my sandbox for awhile. Anything or anyone you recognize belong to people far more brilliant then I.
Challenge: No. 3104 Holiday Fic A Thon for Kiwikatipo
Rating: PG-13 for now, though considering Faith and Casey, and what I'm assuming are going to be their potty mouths given the freedom from the confines of prime-time TV, that will probably go up.
A/N: So very, very sorry for the lateness of this! I swear I didn't forget about you. In truth, I was having car trouble, which trapped me away from my computer for more than a couple of days, and my thumb drive saved this in OpenOffice, so my work computer couldn't read it. Then my muse took off. It's not finished, but I think it's because my muse went: “One shot? Not going to happen. This is going to be a series, hombre!” It's not finished, but being a week late, I wanted to give you something. So be on the look out for the rest of it really soon. Hope it's at least somewhat what you were looking for, Kiwikatipo.

'This is stupid!' Faith scolded herself, looking up at the big green and yellow store awning above her head, 'stupid, and girly, and so very something Buffy would do.' She nearly turned and left at that though, refusing to believe that she'd sunk so low as to be comparable to her blonde sister-slayer, nearly headed back to the car, but she'd lent Angel her cell phone, just knowing that he'd break it for the sole purpose of giving her a reason to make this trip. And because he'd been so very successful at is, she had to get it fixed. After all, if she was incommunicado for any length of time, now that she was separated from the core Scoobies, the head watcher man in Londontown would flip. That's how she'd come to be here that first time. That fact that she had to have the full use of her cell phone 24/7.

It was how she'd met him, after all. Getting her cell phone fixed that first time.

She steeled herself and entered the doors of the Buy More, heading straight for the Nerd Herd desk. The dark haired slayer was both extremely apprehensive and secretly overjoyed to find that he was there. Chuck.

He was so completely, utterly, totally the opposite of the kind of guys she described to Buffy as hooking up with in her want, take, have days. Hell, he wasn't even like Robin Wood, her one and only ever serious relationship. But there was just something about the guy that drew her to him.

If she took a minute to think about it, which she patently refused to do, she'd realize that it only made sense that she would be attracted to Chuck. Which she wasn't. At all.

Chuck was, in truth, an amalgamation of all the people in her life that had actually bothered to stick around. They said that women were inevitably attracted to men that were similar to their fathers. Well, in truth, Faith couldn't really find a man like that. She'd have to know what to compare him to. Instead, she'd found a guy to get all hung up on who had a bit of all the people she'd grown to count on in her life.

The number, though few, was far higher then it had been when she'd first blown into Sunnydale. But her return with Willow, and her willingness to help save the world, had yielded far better results the second time, and there was a small group that she counted, much like the rest of the Sunnydale survivors, family, even without the connection of blood.

Chuck, it seemed, exhibited some of the qualities of each of those people she thought of as family. He was excellent with computers, like Willow. Bookishly smart, from what she'd heard from Morgan about him attending Standford. That would be the Giles bit. The way he exhibited leadership with his fellow Nerd Herders reminded her of Buffy. She'd seen him out of his work clothes (and not the way she usually would have done it) once or twice when she'd stopped by to have one thing or the other repaired. (Yes, she'd been here that often, and if she was thinking about it, which she resolutely was not, she might be ashamed of just how much) His sense of style, and his disheveled curls brought Xander to mind. The way Morgan spoke of him to her that time, when she was pretty sure that his best friend was trying to land Chuck a date, the attractive nerd was as loyal to his friends and family as Angel was to her. The way he babbled reminded her of Dawn. Heck, even the way he talked video games with Morgan reminded her of Andrew. Yes, there was a little bit of all the people that mattered to Faith in Chuck. It was no wonder that she was drawn to him, if she thought about it. Which she was not going to do. She was just going to get her phone fixed. That was all.

“Faith? Is there something I can help you with?” Chuck called over to her where she was standing, halfway between the doors and the desk where he was standing. The tone in his voice and the puzzled look on his face made it clear that, in spite of her intentions not to, she had, in fact, been standing there pondering both Chuck and the fact that yes, against her type and her better judgment, she was, indeed, attracted to him.

She held up her phone, trying her damnedest not to be embarrassed, and willing herself not to blush. “Phone's busted.”

“Again?” he chuckled at her, waving her over and taking the phone from her, looking for the problem.

“What can I say, Chuck? I play a little rough with my toys.” The grin she flashed him was patented Faith, and insinuated something far less innocent then a cell phone.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Who is that?” John Casey demanded of Morgan, nodding at the dark haired woman who was leaning across the Nerd Herd desk and chatting amicably to Chuck as he he fiddled with what appeared to be a cell phone.

“Who's what?” Morgan asked, somewhat confused at the out of nowhere question. Casey was a strange one. He worked here, lived in Chuck's building, and had, at least in Morgan's opinion, a somewhat bizarre and unusual overly enthusiastic interest in Chuck. Morgan found it fishy. In this case, though, when Casey firmly pointed out who it was he was referring to, he really couldn't fault the man for his interest.

“Oh, that's Faith,” Morgan answered, trying to be casual about it. After all, in addition to Casey's interest in Chuck, he seemed to be fairly friendly with Sarah, and Morgan still wasn't quite sure where she and Chuck's on again, off again relationship was at the moment. He definitely didn't want Casey thinking that there was something going on between Faith and Chuck, even if he, Morgan, had been pushing for there to be since they'd first met.

At first, though Morgan was positive that Faith was interested in Chuck, his best friend had refused to believe him. But Faith kept coming in, at least once a month, if not more often, with something that needed fixing. Morgan had almost convinced Chuck that maybe, just maybe he should go for it and ask her out when Sarah came in with her own broken cell phone. Only Sarah had the guts enough to do something that Faith hadn't done, ask Chuck out.

But now, after Lou, and everything, maybe Chuck would realize that, for whatever reason, he really was attractive to members of the opposite sex. Maybe that realization would even give him enough guts to ask the girl out. After all, Morgan was pretty sure that she must have been on her second round of cell phones by this time.

“Faith who?” Casey demanded, and there was that unnerving curiosity in Chuck's private life again. It made Morgan wonder, and not for the first time, just who the hell Casey was, and what the hell it was that he wanted with Chuck.

“She's just a girl that comes in to get stuff fixed.” Morgan told him. “I, for one, think it's far past time that he asked her out. After all, he's not with Sarah anymore.” Morgan rolled his eyes at Casey and decided that he'd had enough of the conversation. Instead, he left the quite-a-bit larger man standing there, and approached the Nerd Herd desk himself to see what, if any, progress Chuck had finally made with the interesting but slightly mysterious Faith.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chuck versus The Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 08.

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