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Summary: Here is what you need to know...DNA sphere...Lord Nor...Lara-El and Lex is playing with things he doesn't understand but Clark and Lois save the day...eventually...but how?

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesBobbieRaeFR1369,541016987 Jan 087 Jan 08No

A history in a night Part 2

Chapter 6

The Talon, Smallville

Laying Lois down on the sofa, Clark brushed some hair back from her forehead, Lara stood behind him, “Is she alright? I hear a heartbeat so she’s not dead”

“Dead?” Chloe heard her own shrill tone

“Worry not, Chloe Sullivan, it is that this affect of the blood does not happen to our people”

“So about Lor Nor is it?” Clark said turning around to face them

“Lara will explain I must leave as this vessel needs to rest I have exerted it much” Jor-El walked to the door, “Chloe Sullivan, Kal-El…Lara” Jor-El’s gazed lingered on Lara for a moment before he super sped out of the apartment.

“Kal-El you look so much like your father and grandfather” Lara said as she brushed back his hair.

“Really?” Clark had never really thought about his grandfather or anyone else in his birth family

“Yes I mean my father not Jor-El’s, that man…he was a cold man even among Kryptonians”

“Cold?” Clark was now interested to find out about his parentage

“He was hard on your father as he was the eldest, that he would have to be head of the family when he was gone and after what happened to Zara…”

“Zara?” Clark didn’t know the name

“Zor-El’s wife” Lara walked over to the window, “Krypton was at war long before its destruction…”

“Zod” Clark knew this part

“Yes Zod was the face of Krypton’s destruction but it was more to it than that he corrupted many of the ruling families of Krypton”

“Ruling families?”

“Krypton had Elders of which they were guided by but the major of Krypton was ruled by the noble families of Krypton. Lord Nor was one of those families as was our family”

“We helped rule Krypton?”

“No we ruled Krypton, our word was law, people would bring us suggestions of ways to improve life we would discuss it but eventually if we did not agree on it then it would not come to pass” Lara sighed, “Do not be outraged Kal-El for this was not as bad as it seemed it was your father’s idea to create this council because originally we were ruled by a king, King Zan-Lo”

“The House of Lo?”

“Yes you are right Kal-El”

“Born from the House of Lo into the House of El” Clark looked at Lara

“Zan-Lo was my father, your grandfather”

“Then that would make Clark, Kal-El…”

“The Ruler of Krypton yes, this is where much of Lord Nor’s problems come from…like we said before he lives for legitimacy he had hoped…on Krypton that he would marry me and eventually become Ruler”

“But you were already married?” Chloe asked

“No I wasn’t but I hated him, he was deeply inappropriate at social functions and would say the most obscene things to me, the amount of times I denied him…I think he enjoyed it”

“But if you weren’t married how did you and Jor-El?” Clark wondered

“Jor-El was always in his father’s laboratory making things building them, and on one occasion I was hoping to escape the attention of the masses I ran and hid in the first house I saw”

“Jor-El’s” Chloe put two and two together

“Yes he was so ignorant of the social hierarchy he did not even know who I was” Lara smiled wistfully, “He asked me what I had come to steal because he had nothing of worth to offer. At this time I still had my cloak and hood on so I turned and apologised asking him for shelter he agreed so for most of the day I sat on a chair opposite him asking him what his various inventions did. But the strangest thing was the whole time he did not look at me so I asked him why not, he replied ‘My father told me that women are born of distraction and I should not concern myself with them’ and I said ‘Not concern yourself with them? So you do not wish to marry?’ and what he said to me next I will never forget, “My lady I believe in love but I believe a love that is not only true and pure but the kind of love that changes you and brings you to a destiny greater than one single person and a love that will bring you to a truth that you may never thought possible’ Then he looked up at me and I saw his eyes…they were the most brilliant blue I’d never see eyes like that ever but to his credit when he saw me he almost fell off the stool he was sitting on”

“That sounds wonderful” Chloe smiled

“It was but even though I could see how many people he could help and save and that meant more than any position of standing my father could not allow me to see Jor-El”

“So if you couldn’t see each other how did you?”

“Yes, well there was a annual ball at the palace, something which Jor-El had never attending in his whole life but it was also the night that Lord Nor was to ask my father for my hand…Jor-El stood there in these black and blue robes so out of place while I was forced to be paraded around the place by Lord Nor”

“What did they get in a fight?” Chloe asked frowning

“Oh no Jor-El ignored Nor completely and went straight over to my father and asked him ‘do you love your wife?’ my mother had passed away when my sister was born many years ago, my father was of course outraged and began yelling but Jor-El asked again calmly did my father love his wife and I think something passed between them as my father replied yes and then Jor-El asked him ‘did she change you?’ my father nodded then Jor-El said looking at me and then my sister ‘She brought you to a destiny greater than your own’ and again my father nodded ‘That is what I believe love is and should be and that is how I feel about Lara’ Then he turned and walked away”

Clark, who had been silent, asked “Then what?”

“We were married a week later much to Lord Nor’s distaste and quite soon after that you came into our lives and well it was around the time of your birth that things began to deteriorate on Krypton only months after you were born my father was murdered by Zod on what I found out later to be Nor’s orders”

Coming to sit back down on the couch, “Nor blamed my father and said he should have never allowed me and Jor-El to be married and when you were born an heir cement our marriage because if you hadn’t been born Nor could have petitioned the Elders to have our marriage null and void”

Chloe pieced it all together, “So when the good doctor created the not so nice Nor the first thing he wanted was what he couldn’t have…so either he marries you or he gets rid of the royal line”

“But he doesn’t know about me” Clark pointed out

“I thought you already met him at the mansion” Chloe backtracked today’s events

“I did” Clark agreed

“Didn’t you use your abilities?” Chloe wondered how Clark got away without his powers

“I ran out like a normal person then I super sped away” Clark explained, “Lana could have still been in there so I was careful”

“Good” Lara nodded, “This will give us the element of surprise because as far as I know

Nor is one where we are two” Lara pointed out, “Now if we could come up with a good ratio to win strategy…”

Lois groaned as she came to, looking around at everyone, “Oh god I’m still stuck with you crazy people”

“Lois we’re not crazy we are trying to stop crazy coming to town” Chloe tried to reason with her.

“Because aliens are real and Clark is one of them” Lois scoffed

“Look Lois whatever you might think about me being part of the home insano’s journal don’t you start in on Clark, do you even comprehend how hard it was for him to tell

you? He has been in love with Lana forever and he had to let her go because of his secret”

“It just seems so…”

“Wacky? To you maybe but then again you’ve never really given Clark the time of day Lois if you knew him like really knew him you sure as hell wouldn’t make fun of him the way you do” Chloe felt a weight being lifted from her shoulders defending Clark is what she did best.

“Lara went back to the scientist to see if he had anymore information…oh Lois you’re awake” Clark put his hands in his pockets and waited for her response.

“Clark I…I just can’t believe you” Lois started

“Lois I had to…”

“No I mean I really don’t believe you either of you I mean come on” Lois laughed before walking over to the kitchen.

“Look you two before you start…” Chloe stepped between them, “I’m thinking any sort of plan is gonna need some green K”

“Chloe I am not getting…” Clark looked slightly horrified Chloe knew how the green Kryptonite could kill him or at least make him very sick.

“No you’re not…Lois is” Chloe smiled, “I know what you’re thinking this gonna take forever so take her Clark express”

“Chloe I am not giving Lois the only thing I know will kill me she’d get it out like a sideshow trick”

“Hey Lois can you grab the window for me its chilly” Chloe said walking behind her

“Sure” Lois leaned over and tried to pull the window but before she could Chloe pushed her out of the window

“Catch” Was all she said to Clark as he turned and ran out after Lois.

Clark was waiting for Lois at the bottom, for him everything seemed to move in slow motion holding out his arms Lois landed comfortably and without a scratch in them.

“Clark?…How did you?” Jumping from his arms Lois looked around for signs of well anything that could explain what had just happened. “You can run fast just like…oh my god you really are an alien!” Before Clark could ask her to be quiet she slapped him around the face.

“Lois!” Clark looked at her, not that it had hurt but he was shocked she had done it at all

“How could you lie to me Clark…I thought we were friends” Lois turned her back on him for a second

“I didn’t lie because you never asked” Clark put his hands on his hips, “Look we have to get back to the farm so…”

“I’ll get my…”

“Not that way” Clark pulled Lois against his chest, one arm around her shoulders and brought his other arm under her legs effortlessly lifting her off the ground.

“Hmm” Lois refused to be impressed but inside some part of her had always known there was more to Clark Kent did a little victory dance and in her head Lois told it to shut up.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 08.

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