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Summary: Here is what you need to know...DNA sphere...Lord Nor...Lara-El and Lex is playing with things he doesn't understand but Clark and Lois save the day...eventually...but how?

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesBobbieRaeFR1369,541016987 Jan 087 Jan 08No


Title: LIFE

Shows: Smallville

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Clark/Lois Chloe/Jimmy Lex/Lana

Timeline: Season Six post ‘Crimson’

Summary: (Canon, AU) Lex like always is playing with things he doesn’t understand, a DNA sphere lands in his lap but what he doesn’t get is the fact it’s actually a invention of Kryptonian origin and he has a scientist work out how to use it. A man and woman are created…Lord Nor a great evil aligned with General Zod and Lara of the House of El…Clark’s birth mother.

Author’s note: There are small changes in the mythology like the age of Jor-El and Lara as they have always been played as middle age but for my story they are a bit younger. Also names of Clark’s Kryptonian family, most of them are right but I don’t know them all so I made some up.



Smallville, Kansas 1989

The televisions blared out there warnings a meteor shower was coming but it would actually collide with Earth, so everyone packed up their bags and headed out of the rural town but for some it was too late. As the rocks made there impact on the Earth something more special lay hidden beneath this tragedy. It would be a secret held dear to very few hearts but those it did would be changed forever.

Chapter 1 - Remembrance

Smallville, Kansas 2007

Clark Kent sat staring at the starry sky, he knew most of the names for the stars but it wasn’t them he was interested in. Looking at the furthest point in the sky and watched nothing now moved there but there had been a planet known as Krypton there. This place held a special place in Clark’s heart because in his soul he held a dark secret, the planet Krypton was his home planet, sent to Earth as a baby to save him from certain death…a death his own parents could not escape. Clark sighed with the few pieces of knowledge he had of his birth parents. His father’s name was Jor-El, he had been a man of science, a brilliant one at that and with that it had brought him many enemies like that of General Zod.

Again Clark knew little about Zod but it was he who had begun the war that would eventually extinguish their race but before this his father had managed to destroy Zod‘s body and send him to a prison of his own design this was known as the Phantom Zone. Clark had had his own experience with both the Zone and with Zod, Zod through the brain interactive construct of a spaceship that had landed some year earlier was released from the Zone into the body of Lex Luthor. Unwilling to join Zod, Clark was banished until saved by his father’s assistant Raya.

Clark also thought about the Fortress of Solitude, created by Jor-El, it was a construct based on what Krypton had been like before it was destroyed. Lois called it a palace of ice, not that she had ever understood where she had been to, at the time she was freezing to death in the arctic and that she had gone to heaven when she was in the fortress.

The more detail he went into on these other events reminded him of the agonizing pain of never knowing his birth mother, he had never told Jor-El in case he offended him but he had never known her and had no idea what she looked like or anything. But he did have one memory of her, it was his first memory actually, she was placing him in the ship holding her husband’s hand and asked him, “What if they don’t love him?” Her only fear was that her son would not be loved by the people of a strange planet but Clark longed to tell her that her fear was unfounded and that his Earth parents were the best anyone could ever ask for. As the memory washed over him Clark listened to his father’s voice, “Lara…”

“Lara….” Clark whispered in to the dark as a figure danced into view,

“Lana? Kent you have got it bad!” Lois Lane looked down at him from where she stood. Clark looked at Lois, with her blonde hair swaying, waiting for the words to come but the didn’t.

Seeing the look on Clark’s face, Lois knew not to push the subject because she wasn’t even sure Clark had said Lana but it was a logical assumption with his history. Lana was the love of his life of course he was thinking about her.

“Anyway your mom is calling for dinner” Lois waited a moment when Clark didn’t move, “Hey you okay Smallville?”

Clark looked up, a trouble look sat on his features, “Do you miss her?”

“Do I miss who?” Lois looked bemused

“Your mom” Clark looked at Lois in a way she had never seen before on him but had seen many time on her own face after her mother died.

“Everyday” Lois regarded Clark and in one of very few moments that had made their friendship they had allowed each other something real amongst all the jokes.

Clark nodded, he didn’t know what possessed him to ask Lois about her mother but unlike when he looked at Lana who had lost her mother he found himself seeing more similarities with Lois. Shaking his head, after the last red kryptonite episode it had revealed some unwanted feelings that he could barely contemplate, Kiss Lois, Keep Chloe while Loving Lana?. Sometimes Clark even thought about if the women on Krypton were just as fickle as those on Earth.

Entering the kitchen Clark and Lois were greeted by Chloe and Martha, Chloe sat the table while Clark’s mom made the finishing touches to another of her great meals. Chloe smiled at both of them, unlike Lois, Chloe knew of Clark’s not so normal background and not only kept his secret but had allowed him to come to her with the answers.

“Clark honey! Grab the pot roast!” Martha called as her son came in the door. Setting the vegetables down on the table, Martha took in her son’s appearance for a moment not that anyone else would notice but she saw little changes in him that indicated something was bothering him which if he wasn’t talking about it meant something alien.

Clark went over to the oven and pulled out the container with his bare hand usually it wouldn’t have mattered if it had been just him, Mom and Chloe but Lois sat perched on one of the breakfast bar chairs in the kitchen. Grabbing some napkins he changed hands. Walking in to the dinning room he listened to the remains of Chloe’s story about something that had happened at the Daily Planet newspaper where she worked at getting high up the journalism track and it also happened to be the work place of her boyfriend Jimmy Olsen.

“Well Jimmy thought it was hilarious but me…not so much” Chloe grimaced somewhat. Lois looked on animatedly at her cousin but secretly she watched Clark closely because she had the feeling there was something deeply wrong with him, well emotionally anyway. Clark symbolized to her everything she thought she didn’t want but dating Oliver Queen, the billionaire of Queen Industries, who had sung Clark’s praises time and time again coupled with her recent ‘Lois gone Wild’ phases had caused her to go back a step…for a second at least.

Clark could feel Lois’ eyes on him the whole way through dinner and as he himself had once said she was a pit-bull on a pant leg until she found out what was going on underneath everything. Resigned to the questions that she would now badger him with, Lois smiled at Martha and hugged her, “Thank you Mrs Kent that was wonderful…Smallville…” Nodding in Clark’s direction, Lois and Chloe left for their apartment at the Talon coffee house.

“Clark?…” Turning back into the house, Clark saw his mom’s warm smile, gently nudging him to tell her what was wrong but he could tell her because as much as he loved her it would never be fair to tell her that he often thought about his real mother.

“Nothing Mom, I’m just going to go to bed you know…” Clark hugged her and kissed her cheek before heading to his room.

Sitting down in a chair in the living room now more than ever Martha felt the loss of her husband Jonathan, because now she wished he would go up and talk to Clark the way he always had, father to son and find out what was going on with Clark because there wasn’t anything Clark couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him.
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