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What's my decade?

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Summary: Leaving the future for the past Chris doesn’t realise the people who remained are in more danger than he can possible imagine. So when they come to the past for help can he deal with the life he left behind? OC

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Charmed > Buffy-CenteredBobbieRaeFR1513,492031,0887 Jan 087 Jan 08No
Title: What’s my decade? Part One

Author: Bobbie-Rae

Pairing: Too many makes your head spin.

Rating: PG-13 through to R

Shows: Charmed/Buffy Crossover

Timeline: Set Charmed Season 6 but all other characters are from 22 years in the future.

Summary: Leaving the future for the past Chris doesn’t realise the people who remained are in more danger than he can possible imagine. So when they come to the past for help can he deal with the life he left behind?

I DON'T OWN BTVS OR ATS OR CHARMED but the original characters are mine.

Chapter 1

Feeling the coolness of the silver on his skin Chris sat atop the Golden gate bridge in quite contemplation. The cross in his palm, a gift of protection was his only reminder of the life he had left behind to save his older brother Wyatt from the only future he had known...evil. He could hear the rhythmic jingle of white lighter orbs before they even appeared. Shoving the cross into his pocket Chris looked up at his father.

“What? Is there something wrong?” Chris refused to hide his exasperation since Leo found out who he was he had been interested in changing the outcome between them but Chris did not reciprocate those feelings. Saving Wyatt was his goal, not father-son bonding moments.

“Chris…” Leo began but Chris cut him off at the pass.

“Look I get it you want to make things better but you know what now is really not the best time for it okay, I’m busy” Chris felt vulnerable, gently patting the cross in his pocket he move to leave.

“You will have to talk to me eventually” Leo caught Chris’ arm holding him there, needing for a moment to communicate to his son how sorry he was for whatever he had done to upset him.

“Yeah whatever” Chris looked nonchalantly, feeling the familiar inner pull of an orb from the place he was to his destination. Leo though did not follow but continued what Chris had started, meditating, allowing the city wash over him, he could help hundreds, millions of people but he couldn’t help his own son. It bothered him, it bothered him deeply.

Arriving at the attic of the manor, Chris looked down he was were he needed to be, right in front of the book of shadows, the most sacred book containing all spells and magic amassed for this and future generations of Halliwells, like him eventually it would be his. Running past all the demons he knew were no threat to Wyatt he took out his notepad and wrote out some new ones to follow. A gentle wind blew at his neck looking up he didn’t see anything and continued but the wind blew again and turned the pages of the book of shadows. The pages fell open to the ‘Find a lost love spell’.
Knowing it couldn’t be Leo; he called out, “Grams?”

“Grams, What has Grams got to do with anything?” Piper called to him entering the attic, quite slowly as she had entered the last pregnancy trimester. What was even stranger when she gave birth she would give birth to him. Brushing her long dark hair, like his, back she looked at him questioningly.

“Oh nothing just brainstorming” Quickly closing the book.

Piper noted Chris closing the book but didn’t comment whenever Grams pointed out something in the book she would always do it more than once but was puzzled to see Chris hide it from her. But then again Chris was big with the secrets, about the future, about Wyatt, about his life.

Turning to a neutral topic, “So any new demons we need to be aware of? Coz then we should really call Paige and Phoebe” Piper wanted her sisters to have lives, Phoebe with Jason in Hong Kong and Paige with Richard but as years of experience told them sooner or later both would return to the manor an unbeknown force driving them back, it had a name, The power of Three…The Charmed Ones. Piper sighed and turned her attentions back to Chris, “Well?”

Chris shook his head, “No not at the moment but having said that…”

A shimmer of dark, foul and evil orbs filled the room Piper shouted in alarm, “Dark lighter!”

The complete opposite of a white lighter, a dark lighter’s soul purpose to destroy it’s counterpart disabling them from doing
further good with a death by poisoned arrow jutting from their weapon of choice the crossbow. Chris as half-white lighter on his father’s side would be affected orbed out before any damage could be done.

Piper raised her hands to guide her power as she felt the familiar sensation rise in her, about to send the dark lighter out in a million pieces she stopped as the demon began to shake and spiral into a dark oceanic blue blaze. Behind where the demon had stood was a tall, dark handsome young man with the palest alabaster skin reminiscent of the Greek gods.

“Huh…Well that was interesting” The man spoke gently and well, “Can cross that off my list” Turning away from her, Piper called, “List? Excuse me list? Who are you?”

“Piper Halliwell, an honour really” A gentle smile played on his lips.

“Look buddy that’s all very nice but that still doesn’t tell me who you are…” Piper was agitated now and was in no mood to hide it.

“I’m…” His sentence was cut off by light blue orbs and Paige was the white lighter on the end of it and Phoebe was with her.

“Piper!” They called, her sisters paid no attention to the young man before him and hugged her tightly. Paige started ramble, “Oh my god Phoebe had a premonition that you were attack by a dark lighter and you died”

“Yeah well I’m fine, no thanks to you” She scolded, that felt good…to feel back in control of the situation.

“But of course a powerful witch like Piper doesn’t need help” Paige and Phoebe finally having realised their visitor turned around.

“What…what are you doing here?” Phoebe pointed angrily

“He killed the dark lighter” Piper said begrudgingly

“Yes” Tilting his dark head, he shook Paige and Phoebe’s hands like he had shaken hers.

“Okaaaay, well who is he?” Paige stated the obvious

“We were just getting to that part weren’t we” Piper looked into his eyes and noted curiously that she could have sworn the
fire that had incinerated the dark lighter was the same colour as his eyes.

“I’m a friend” With slow and measure steps he walked around the room for no particular reason at all but it seemed to comfort him.

“We don’t need any friends’ thanks” Paige dismissed

“I said I was a friend” Stopping behind Paige he was close enough she could feel his breathing, “I didn’t say I was yours”

Piper could see her sister getting light-headed and flushed as they spoke so she pulled her sister to her. “Okay cut the crap…”

Another set of white orbs came into the room, Chris looked around “How’d it go?”

The sisters glared but the visitor broke into a grin, “Chris? Chris frickin’ Halliwell”

Chris turned surprise all over his face, “Lee? For the love of all that’s holy!” The two young men embraced, glad to see each other and spoke so quickly none of the sisters could understand what either had said.

Piper had had enough, “LEO!”

A second later, Leo stood next to Piper, “Explain this” Gesturing to Chris and ‘Lee’. Leo shrugged.
Chris turned again to the bemused faces of the sisters and Leo, “Oh right I forgot, this is Lee, he is from the future, my future he is like my oldest friend”

“Liam actually, Liam Summers”

Piper nodded to Leo in a silent command for him to check with the Elders to see if this guy was for real.
Phoebe, who had been fascinated with Chris the moment she had found out he was from the future turned her attentions to Liam. “So the future what’s that like?”

Chris gave Phoebe a look and she shrugged sheepishly, “What? Chris never tells us about the future”

“Hover cars” Liam laughed generously “Kidding, it’s a lot like now only well Wyatt is the king of evil and keeps trying to kill me and my family”

Chris yanked Liam’s left arm hard, “Hey! No talking about the future”

“What?! We’re gonna need their help anyway” Liam tried to pull his arm away but Chris refused to let go and the same blue flame that had killed the dark lighter erupted from Liam’s right hand. “You want to throw down?” Liam warned Chris gently.

Paige and Phoebe jumped, “FIRE! His hand is on fire” Phoebe observed if somewhat hysterically.

“Yeah that’s how he killed the dark lighter he set him on fire” Piper explained. “But ah, lets go back to the help part” Clasping her hands together in her patented ‘don’t mess with me’ stance.

“Your son…Wyatt not Chris…wants to end the world start over if you will and everyone we know and love will die if we can’t stop it” Liam took a breath for dramatic pause, knowing full well what Chris was about to say, “And the only person who could have stopped it is now in a coma from the last attack Wyatt carried out”

There was a resounded “Oh” between the sisters but Chris took it hard, taking out the long silver cross from his pocket he let it glint in the light, the sound of female laughter echoed in his mind.

“Chris?” Piper saw the piece of jewellery and saw how disturbed he was and put a gentle hand on his shoulder, “Honey?” She felt a history with pain in it emanate from Chris. He felt the memories wash over him and he welcomed them. Resolve strengthened within him, “How? How did it happen?” Liam sat himself down and began to tell the story that ended in tragedy.

Chapter 2

A young woman, late teens early twenties sat a the kitchen table, her long dark lustrous hair curling way down her back, her oceanic blue eyes fixed on the toaster, she was extremely beautiful no doubt. “Okay how about this…we take a vacation?”
Turning to her brother, Liam looked at her with amusement as he fetched the toast. “You know you could do that faster and nicer” Gesturing to her now burnt toast.

“Anna, my powers are not for domestic use, let alone for your toasting preferences and you know Kat will never agree to a vacation, not while things are so up in the air” Both his sisters were younger than him but Anna was the youngest and looked up to her sister Katherine as much as their mother and father who saved the world on a weekly basis. To be children of Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer and Angel, a vampire with a soul. Great genes for sure, superpowers, great looks but an unfortunate drive to need to help people. Kat had it in spades.

“Things are always up in the air and things are always about to fall apart with her you know” Anna sighed, she wanted to go somewhere sunny and relax not fight bad guys 24/7. A large resounding KABOOM! Erupted through their mansion house. Neither Anna nor Liam looked up as they knew their sister was experimenting with new potions but when a pained shout followed they knew a demon was attacking. A rhythmic thud, thud, thud of something falling down the stairs accompanied the activity. A large demon was sprawled at the bottom of the staircase. With the power of his mind Liam, and channelled through his hand his base power of fire and used it to vanquish the demon. There was a shout, “Got him?” Kat bellowed

“Got him” Liam assured her, “Need Anna?”

“Nope I’m good” Kat replied, Anna, although not a white lighter could heal people it was one of her more advanced powers.

“See, girl needs a vacation” Anna smiled, she loved her sister but she needed a life. Gathering her books she headed for college. “See you later Lee and Kat…well I hope to see her in one piece”

“Bye Ahn” Liam reciprocated the nickname and headed for Kat’s room/makeshift potions lab.

Entering Kat’s room he took a second to appreciate his sister‘s elegance, the paleness of her skin was like Liam’s and Anna’s but the similarities ended there, her hair was pale, silky spun gold like their mother’s but it was pulled tight in a long ponytail, her small petite frame was toned from years of demon fighting fit well into her leather battle ready gear. “Ahhhh Lee! I have a new potion!” Turning her cobalt blue eyes to him, his large frame took up almost all of the doorway much like their father and his smile was just as warm and comforting as their dad’s.

“Really? I have a proposition”

“What?” Eyebrow raised Kat looked at her brother with curiosity

“Take a vacation” Getting it out as quick as possible seemed to be the key as Liam spoke

“No not with all the drama” Turning back to the potion, Kat wrote a long list of its ingredients

“There is always drama it can wait a week, 5 days…a long weekend” Liam bargained, “For Anna’s sake? She is going stir crazy I mean she’s a college student not demon fighter”
Kat rolled her eyes, “Mom fought demons in college, make that high school for that matter and she didn’t take vacations”

“Mom is the slayer vacation time isn’t included and all of us have been fighting evil since high school I’m asking for 4 days peace with my sisters. Even Mom would understand that” Liam sighed, “Kat I love you but you can’t live up here”

“And I can’t live out there not with Wyatt killing innocent people” Kat walked over to her bag taking out a list she looked up, “Lee I know it’s hard but soon I mean if Chris can save Wyatt we can take a year long sabbatical…look I’m going to the store need anything?”

“Not from the stores your going to” Liam smiled gently, he always teases her for the ‘witch’ shops she visited on a regular basis, telling her very few actually witches would be out in the open like that.

“Okay well I’m gonna go see you later” Kat turned and headed for the door.

A yell from the bottom of the stairs sent Liam rushing down the stairs, several of Wyatt’s demons stood at the stairs trying to block his path but he knew he could kill them but could he do it in time to help Kat.
Kat was lying on the floor after bouncing off of the coffee table, rolling on to her front she pushed herself up on to her elbows. She didn’t have to look around to know Wyatt was walking towards her.
“Katherine…Katherine Summers, the bane of my existence” Pulling on her hair it fell from its ponytail and gripped like a rope in his hand. Yanking her head back he pulled her to her feet.
“Wyatt Halliwell, the means to an end” Just like years of training had taught her standing with her back to Wyatt she shifted her body down slightly and kicked up with her right leg and hit him hard in the face. Letting go of her hair Kat swung and delivered a roundhouse kick to Wyatt’s jaw. He sprawled out on the floor out cold.

Running out to the stairs Kat saw Liam battling it out with several demons, pulling out the newly brewed potion Kat threw it at the group all of them went in different directions, some exploding in death others simply unconscious, grabbing her brother’s hand she felt her power increase but she knew that it wouldn’t be enough both hers and Liam’s powers were offensive powers and they needed defensive powers.

“Okay let’s try something new huh?” Kat laid her palm out flat where a small blue ball of ice began to form on her hand, focusing her energies she forced it to grow in to a ball about the size of a fist.

“What…? When did you?…” Awe spread over Liam’s face, just like each of them had before when another exhibited a new power.

Wyatt got up and rubbed his neck, he was sick of this now, it couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just kill them like he had killed all other magical families opposed to him like he did before. Opening his hands as if he was cupping something a red angry ball began to grow. Facing each other Wyatt and Kat realised what the other hand in their hands but hoped theirs would reach the other first. The balls of energy hit each other in the middle of the room, which seemed to vibrate with power, groaning under its weight. All, Wyatt, Kat and Liam were hit with by the now invisible force the combination of their power had come. But it was like it was in slow motion as each flew across the room.

Waking sometime after Liam dusted himself down, luckily he was unharmed, looking to where Wyatt had stood there was nothing there but was satisfied when he looked down and saw there was blood staining the floor. Looking to his right were Kat was standing was a large pile of rubble, pushing some of it off Kat lay out cold with part of the banister protruding from her chest inches from her heart.

“Oh my god” Liam lifted her head but it just lolled to one side, “Kat…Kat!…KAT!” Touching her throat there was a pulse but a weak one. “She’s alive, she’s alive…” His mantra did little to calm him as he called the ambulance and Anna. Both calls were made and he sat back down with Kat. Her long golden hair was plastered to her face by blood from a head wound, her cobalt blue eyes were closed in peaceful slumber, belying the bruised cheekbones and swollen bloodied lips. “Come on baby sister, just a little longer…”

Chapter 3

“It’s a memory orb my sister, my other sister Anna made” Liam put the orb but into his pocket as all of their shocked faces looked at him, “Anna couldn’t heal her, she’s not a white lighter by the way, so we took her to the hospital a week ago and she hasn’t woken up but it isn’t before long Wyatt nurses his wounds and comes looking for a rematch and without Kat we’re just not ready”

“What happened exactly?” Phoebe asked

“Ah the house blew up” Paige looked at her sister in askance

“No…yeah that but why? The two balls hit each other but it shouldn’t of been that big…should it?” Phoebe regarded everyone else to see if she was at the place she was.

Leo orbed in as he spoke, “I think I can answer that one, you mentioned it before…Liam is the son of the slayer and a vampire”

“What?” Paige asked

“Yeah well, into every generation, a chosen one is born. One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to find the vampires whether they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and swell of their numbers…she is the slayer”

“Huh catchy” Phoebe smiled

Liam‘s face darkened, “Yeah death sentences always get a laugh”

Leo took in a breath and continued, “Yes, the slayer is the front line in the fighting of evil, the world is about to end, she’s the person you’d call. But very few slayers make it past their 18th birthday”

“Why?” Piper turned and asked

“Because your fighting evil, everyday you’re a teenager with no experience going up against some of the fiercest demons in the world” Liam still looked disturbed, “You’re nobody until you’ve killed a slayer”

“But your mother…she survived I mean she had you right?” Paige tried to lighten the mood.

“Yeah and don’t think there was a day that we weren’t raised to believe that our mother could be taken from us, she didn’t say anything but we knew…we always knew” Liam looked down

“That in itself makes them incredibly powerful but their father is a vampire” Leo continued

“Slayers kill vampires no?” Phoebe questioned

“My father is different…he has a soul…he is unique#, one of a kind” Liam explained, “Don’t look so shocked you were married to a demon…who at one point was the source of all evil”

“So anyway as a vampire he is preternaturally strong but even then he is much more powerful than your average vampire” Leo paused and then continued, “So between the two of them that is an incredible amount of power and it grows with the next generation so it is entirely possible that Katherine would be more powerful than Wyatt”

A glass vase that sat on one of the tables exploded, all eyes turned to Piper, “What? Wasn’t me”

Liam shook he head, “Not me” But turned to Chris, who looked up, “I have to go back I have to make things right”

To be continued....

I will continue if I get enough people wanting it but if not I won't worry

The End?

You have reached the end of "What's my decade?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 08.

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