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Hunger Of The Flesh

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Summary: Blood Omen 2 Crossover. Kain is restless and he decides that he needs a rest from hunting the Sarafan Lord. Slash pairing Kain/Xander.

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Games > Horror > Legacy of KainxanderfanFR2112,0193131,1607 Jan 087 Jan 08Yes

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Disclaimer: The characters in this fanfic do not belong to me. I do not own Xander or Blood Omen 2 Character Kain. This is only for fun, I do not get any monetary recompense from this, so please don't waste your time suing. I'm poor.

****************Please Be Warned That This Story Contains Male/Male Descriptive Sex.*********************

When I awoke from my two-hundred year slumber, I was weak. My memories were scattered, and my powers were so weakened that a mere fledging was able to best me. My mission was to destroy the Sarafan Lord that defeated me in battle those many years ago and exact my revenge.

As I walked through the streets, I notice the devastation that the Sarafan scum brought to the city. Vampires were into hiding, magical barriers were set at every entrance to prevent our presence.

The humans were scattered through the streets arrogant in the fact that merely summoning a guard would protect them; those fools.

Thieves and mercenaries used the underground like their playground, arrogant that they had control. This time sickens me.

I walk to the bar, having grown tired of fighting towards rescuing Oomah. The wretched vampiress seems to have found information that would help me in my quest.

Alas, after fighting with Marcus and gaining his power to charm, I decide to take a day's rest at an inn valiantly refraining myself from killing the incipient human infestation around me. I fed on three of the mercenaries earlier so my thirst for blood is temporarily quenched but it is another need that plagues me. The need to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

I dare not trust any vampire in my weakened state and I have never found a human desirable. Yet, after a slumber so long, maybe one of them would be desirable at least for one night of pleasure. I look around and I feel no such desire. Such a disappointment.

Wait, there is a scent, the smell of masculinity, darkness and innocence combined with a hint of power. It arises from a boy at the end of the bar. He appears at his prime and is pleasing to the eyes. A boy that once upon a time, I would consider making my child. I approach him wondering whether to charm his cooperation or to force his submission. I decide the latter more pleasant, feeling the need to hear the screams and to feel the struggle of a man underneath my body.

"Hello, young man I wonder if you could be of assistance, I find myself in need of companionship and I have chosen you decent enough to itch that particular need."

He looks at me confused, and after my words make it through the fog that had started to accumulate around his brain, he grew angry. His dark, chocolate eyes sparked with fury and his skin flushed in rage. The delicious scent that grew from his body grew more attractive until I had to restrain myself to take him and fill my desire at the very spot.

He answers in the arrogant manner that I've come to assume was the same for all humans.

"Get away from me you bloodsucker, I don't need this right now. I just broke up with my fiancée and she's a whole lot scarier than you right now."

Ah, I knew the slight tang of power was only from one familiar with the supernatural. This makes it easier. Yes, he was a 'human' but he was aware of the night enough that his body would suffice pleasantly.

"If you do not come with me right now, I will kill everything in this bar from the humans to the rats."

And upon the widening of his eyes, I knew I got him. I could easily charm him or make him come with me by force but I have no desire to fight Sarafan guards this night.

He still looks at me reluctantly and asks, "How do I know that you will not kill them, once you kill me?"

"You do not. But I have no intention to waste my time on the mongrels in this place, I want your life. Will you sacrifice yourself for them?"

He sighs and follows me. I lead him to a room far from the bar. He walks in and I close the door behind us. He stands in the middle of the room looking anxious as if he is awaiting for me to rip out his throat in an instant. He is intelligent to fear me but my craving is for another type of activity.

He opens his mouth to speak and faster than any human eye can see, I grab his throat,

"You do not speak unless I question you, you may scream but no words shall pass your mouth without my permission. If you disobey me I will kill two humans for every time you break the rule. They will die before your eyes while I tell them that you earned them their fate through your disobedience. Do you understand?"


"Very well, let us begin. My name is Kain, what is yours?"


"hmmm, undress."

He starts revealing the tight muscular body that I noticed at the bar. His muscles are that of a man that has known hard days. The scars tell of fights against my kind. It does not concern me that he is a hunter, even I have killed some of the more resistant of my kind, so his past actions are of no relevance. He may have once been a predator but the way his eyes dart up to mine fearfully show that he is aware that here, he is prey.

He is naked and I look my fill. What a wonderful body. His hair frames his face, giving him a tempting and innocent look. The eyes that drew me are dark with anger and fear, and his scent, Ahh , his scent his delicious. It smells of fear and rage and of attraction. The last is unexpected but a pleasant outcome.

As I begin to undress his body starts to react, his cock begins to fill and his heartbeat begins to race and the tempting scent of lust growing stronger. I remove my undergarment, and his eyes widen. It confuses me, I am male why should he be surprised yet his scent has changed to that of intense fear.

"Why are you so afraid, Xander? Have you never gazed at a male body before?"

He blushes, "No, it's not that, it's just you're really big and I've never done this before."

Even more surprising a virgin, what a beautiful prize I have acquired.

"Never fear, your first experience of the male flesh will be as enjoyable as I wish it to be."

The answer does not seem to appease him, but it is not my concern, my body's needs will be fulfilled. He will either enjoy it or he will not.

I approach him and gather his body close to mine, enjoying his warmth. I lick his neck and he shivers. I hear the rush of blood underneath his skin and I suck on the flesh of his neck fervently. He groans and his head falls back giving me more room to explore the succulent flesh. I direct our bodies towards the bed and lower him to it.

I kiss his lips and plunder the sweet depth hungrily. His taste is exquisite. I coerce his tongue to tangle with mine and we begin battling for dominance, I win. He relinquishes control of his mouth to me and I suck on the tender morsel with abandon.

I caress his sides, hands touching his soft skin gently. Then move on to his flat abdomen and circling a pert nipple. I pinch it tightly and he gasps his body arching over the bed. I do not relent and torture the piece of flesh while biting his ear until he cries out brokenly. I release it and move to the other giving it the same treatment, while the boy's body undulates wildly on the bed. My cock aches and I rub it across his thigh denying myself release for now. I reach in between our bodies and grabs his cock and he cries out louder, I stroke it firmly but slowly, drawing out his pleasure.

"You may speak. What does your body wish?"

"Oh my God" he whispers brokenly, biting his lips in attempt to hold on to his pleas.

"Beg me, sweet Xander, beg your Master Kain for release and I will provide it," he shakes his head wildly, I grab his cock tightly "Beg me or you do not come. Beg me for release or I take my pleasure and leave you with nothing."

"No, please, please don't, anything, just let me come, please, please," he begs tears of need leaking from his eyes.

I lick them enjoying his pain as well as his pleasure, all the while stroking him.

I smile, "Say please Master," I whisper in his ear licking the outer shell and periodically blowing air on it. He shivers but does not respond. "Call me Master, Xander" I growl against his neck ceasing to move my hands.

He shouts "Please Master, Master, please let me come."

At this I move down quickly swallowing him whole. He comes screaming and blacks out.

While he is unconscious, I start preparing, looking for things to make entering his body easier. He may be human but he is so wild with pleasure that I am willing to make sure that he enjoys the experience.

I find some oil as he wakes up. He looks up smiling, his body relaxed and still high in the throes of his release.
I move down to his firm ass and squeeze the flesh reveling in the soft skin, I slick one finger and press it against his entrance. He looks at me and frowns but not resisting. I gently ease my finger inside the tight flesh and the resistance is too great so I look at him and charm him into relaxing.

"Relax your body, Xander do not resist me."

He sighs and suddenly the tightness around my finger loosens. I remove my finger and push two in, there is no resistance. I coat his inside with the oil pumping my fingers in and out, his hips counteracting my movements. We move together for a while, me pumping my fingers inside his body and him pushing his ass onto my fingers. His breathing starts to get erratic and his cock is once again full. I remove my fingers and move my cock to his entrance. I look down at his face flushing with sweat and at the rosy blush upon his skin.

"Stay still" I whispers,

He's breathing is hard and his body is tense as he tries to obey but as I push in I meet no resistance. Once fully sheathed inside his body I move over him pushing myself deeper while taking control of his lips once again. I withdraw then push in hard and fast, I swallow his screams.

I continue to thrust in and out of his body, plundering his mouth, as I reach my release, I bend over his neck and bite hard tasting the sweet taste of his blood, marking him as mine. He screams and comes, the spasms of his body on my cock making me tremble. I bring my wrist to my lips and make a cut with a fang. I bring the bloody wrist to his mouth and make him swallow a few sips of my blood. As he sucks, I move inside of faster and harder and after a dozen or so thrust, I come trembling in exhaustion. I remove my wrist from his mouth and he falls asleep. I pull him towards my body and decide to rest as well.

A few hours later, I wake up, the boy sleeping in my arms. I get dressed and look down at the bed a smirk on my face. He is mine now, my blood will know his and when I am ready, I will come back for him.
I walk out the inn smiling, a better outlook on this new world and one more reason to destroy that Sarafan scum.

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The End

You have reached the end of "Hunger Of The Flesh". This story is complete.

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