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Summary: Response to the Quickie Challenge, Pairing #22

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Ron WeasleyEenaAngelFR1511,872132,0246 Jan 036 Jan 03Yes
Title: Visions

Author: eena_angel2001

Email: or

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Willow/Ron

Summary: Response to the Quickie Challenge, Pairing # 22.

Notes: I'm changing a few things, making Willow the same age as Ron
and having her at Hogwarts since she was sixteen.

It was Christmas Eve and he couldn't be happier. He smiled
to himself, looking down upon his miracle. She slept soundly in her
crib, a dreamy smile on her face. He reached out with a finger,
lightly tracing a pattern over her cheeks, smiling wider when she
moved in her sleep. He pulled back his hand, resting his chin on the
rail of her crib and sighing.

"She really is amazing," he murmured, not even turning around
to address the person he knew was there. He heard the light sound of
footsteps, feeling her hands slide across his waist as she enveloped
him into a hug. He leaned back, feeling her head come to rest on his
shoulder blade.

"I know," she murmured in agreement finally. "Just think,
here she is, only a week old and already everyone knows who she is.
Our little girl, the most famous baby in all wizarding history."

"I just meant that it was amazing she turned out to be as
gorgeous as you," he tossed back with a grin, turning around and
wrapping his wife up in his arms. She blushed at his teasing
compliment, burying her face in his chest.

"How do you know she takes after me?" she needled him. "For
all you know, its you she takes after. I mean, its not like there's
that much difference in our appearances."

"True," he consented. "But I happen to know that cute little
nose of hers comes from you. I mean, could you imagine her being
cursed with the one I've got?"

"I wouldn't let your parents hear that. Your mom might be a
bit mad," she admonished him, coming up to her tiptoes to kiss the
tip of his nose. "Besides, I kind of like it."

"Well, why thank you," he grinned, kissing her fully on the
lips. She giggled, kissing him back. Both stilled when they heard a
few whimpers from the crib. They watched, breathless as their child
moved in her sleep, fidgeting for a bit before stilling again. Both
parents let out a relieved sigh as the baby remained asleep.

"You know, for the supposed future hero of us all, she sure
is a terror if her nap is interrupted," he mused. That earned him a
look and a light slap on the chest from his wife. He merely grinned
at her again, moving her towards the door. She stopped, turning to
snag the baby monitor before leaving.

"The prophesied child of a wizard and a wandless witch," she
giggled as they exited the room. "Can you believe everyone makes
such a big deal out of it? I mean, in all the years of the world,
there was never a wandless witch and wizard together besides us? How
unlikely is that?"

"I think that because of you our situation is a bit more
pronounced," he shrugged. She frowned at him.

"Why because of me?"

"You have to admit, you're pretty special," he teased
her. "All those spells without a single year of previous training.
Everyone was always ooing and aahing over you. Ever since you came
to Hogwarts."

"Yeah, well, I always thought wizards were easily impressed,"
she scoffed. He just laughed, pulling her closer to nuzzle her neck.

"She'll do great things," he whispered. "I didn't need a
prophecy to tell me that. It just kind of set in it stone."

"Don't you ever worry . . ." she trailed off, thinking things
over. "I mean, I haven't had the best run with prophecies. You can
ask Xander and Buffy about them-"

"They've already told me," he assured her. "They've told
everyone. And in case you've forgotten, they've been pretty vocal
about the whole deal since we announced your pregnancy. Should have
never let Dumbledore tell them about that prophecy. Getting them to
relax took nearly five months. Now don't tell me that after I've
finally manage to calm them down, I have to work on you as well."

She smiled softly, placing her head on his chest.

"You don't," she sighed. "I know everything's going to be
okay. I just can't help but worry. Not even a week old and everyone
already expects the world of her."

"I do need to work on you," he laughed, starting to drag her
toward their room. "And I know just the best way."

He leered at her suggestively, tugging on her arm. She gave
a little shriek of protest, shooting him incredulous looks.

"Your family is here!" she hissed. "My family is here! And
they're waiting for us downstairs."

"Oh right," he looked chastised. He gave her a wild grin,
running to the stairwell.

"Start without us!" he roared down into the living room.

"Right then!" Harry could be heard shouting back. He turned
back; shot her another wild grin before grabbing her hand and pulling
her back towards their room.

"But the baby-" she protested. He stopped, taking the
monitor from her and turning back down the stairwell.


"Accio baby monitor!" was the reply before he could even
finish. Ron laughed, pulling his ever increasingly embarrassed wife
back towards their bedroom.

"Thanks Mum!" he tossed over his shoulder.

"You're impossible!" she sputtered. He rolled his eyes.

"Don't be so immature Willow," he admonished her. "It's not
like they don't know. I mean, our little Ariana in there is proof
that we've done this at least once."

"Ron Weasley!" she shook her head, squealing as he propelled
her to their room. He only laughed at her again, careful not to slam
the door shut behind him.

Downstairs, the sounds of Christmas dinner could be heard.
The Weasleys, Giles, Buffy, Xander, Harry, and Hermione, all laughing
and talking while tactfully ignoring the activities of their hosts
upstairs . . .


Ron Weasley arched an eyebrow at he looked at his expectant
Divination professor.

"You got all that from leftover tea?" he snorted. Professor
Trelawny arched her own eyebrow at his tone, turning her nose upwards
as she defended her vision.

"I am a professional Mr. Weasley," she told him. "I can tell
many things from even the smallest of evidence."

She turned away from the redhead, looking remorsefully down
at his friend Harry Potter as she took his cup. Ron rolled his eyes
as the professor looked deep into Harry's cup, sharing a smirk with
his friend. Neither of them was surprised when Trelawny gave a gasp
of shock before turning to Harry with dread in her eyes.

"I foresee your death!" she announced dramatically. The
students in the front let out a collective gasp while Harry only
shook his head. He wasn't even perturbed by the professor's
declaration. Trelawny had been predicting his death for the better
part of three years, making her vision not all that frightening.

"Very soon, my poor boy," the professor murmured
sadly. "Very soon."

"Wait a minute," Ron interrupted, giving her an incredulous
look. "For my prediction, you foresaw Harry at that Christmas
Dinner, so many years in the future. And now you're saying that he's
going to die very soon? Isn't that a bit contradictory?"

Trelawny seemed at a loss for words, opening and closing her
mouth several times before turning on her heel in a huff. The
students surrounding Ron snickered while Lavender and Parvati at the
front only glared at him. He just rolled his eyes, sighing in relief
as the class finally ended without more visions from their esteemed

Harry and Ron filtered out of class, making their way across
the grass; thankful Divination had been their last class of the day.

"I bloody can't stand that woman," Ron muttered, turning to
toss the Tower behind him a glare. "I swear, I should file a
complaint with Dumbledore or something. There should be some sort of
rule against her foreseeing my future sex life and then telling the
entire class about it."

Harry laughed good-naturedly, slapping Ron on the back.

"At least yours was interesting," he laughed. "I mean, mine
is the same as it always is. Horrible death in the near future. I
mean, can't she ever think of something else? Maybe a more creative
way of my demise to come about? Same old thing very class is getting
to be a bit much."

"Especially after three years of it," Ron added. "We should
have quite along with `Mione back in third year. But no, we had to
stick it out. And now, we're in six-year with my future sex life and
your imminent death being shared with our classmates."

"And notice how she didn't elaborate on the prophecy?" Harry
pointed out. "I mean, if she was going to tell you your child would
fulfill a prophecy, she could have at least told you which one."

"And a wandless witch?" Ron scoffed. "How in the world am I
going to meet a wandless witch here at Hogwarts? Wands are required

Harry only nodded, shaking his head. Their discussion turned
off Trelawny for a bit, Quidditch becoming the focus of their
conversation. Hermione running up to them in a rush interrupted them.

"Where have you been?" she demanded, breathlessly. Both boys
exchanged curious looks before turning back to their friend.

"We were in class," Ron answered slowly. "Like we always are
during class time."

"Always?" Hermione repeated with an arched eyebrow, returning
his sarcasm with a bit of her own.

"Well, a good majority of it anyway," Harry laughed. "Why?
What's up?"

Hermione clapped her hands together in excitement, grabbing
her friends and propelling them back to the dorms.

"It's so exciting," she blabbered. "There's a new student,
exchange from the United States and everything. Dumbledore just
brought her to the dorm, she's been sorted with us and she is just
amazing. She's smart and really good at magic. And the best thing
is, she's a wandless witch."

Harry stopped in his tracks, forcing Hermione to turn around
and face him.

"Wandless?" he repeated. She nodded energetically, frowning
at the shocked look on both Ron and Harry's faces.

"What?" she asked.

"What's her name?" Ron sputtered, mind racing. Hermione just
looked at them funnily.

"Willow," she replied slowly. "Why?"

Both boys spun around, turning to stare at the North Tower in
shock. Hermione frowned, becoming increasingly irritated as her
friends remained silent.

"What?" she demanded impatiently, actually stamping her foot
and pouting. Harry just shook his head, muttering to himself.

"It can't be."

"What can't be?" Hermione shrilled.

"The old bat was right," Ron breathed. "That crazy old bat
was right. Or partly at least."

"What are you talking about?" Hermione was starting to become
angry. Harry just shook his head again, tossing Ron a teasing grin.

"Nothing," he assured her, taking her by the arm and leading
her back to the dorms. "Let's go meet this Willow. Ron's got an
invested interest in her."

"Huh?" Hermione asked, watching Ron turn a red colour. The
redhead glared at Harry, pushing him a bit to the side.

"Shut up Harry," he mumbled, moving out in front to march
into the dorm. Harry watched him go with laughter, patting the
confused Hermione on the shoulder as they followed their friend.

"I'll explain at dinner."


The Quickie Challenge:

The End

You have reached the end of "Visions". This story is complete.

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