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A Touch of Destiny: The Fountain of Youth

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Touch of Destiny Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Can you look destiny in the eye and not flinch? What would you be willing to do when forever is at stake?

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jezaeiriFR1856,82278718,1079 Jan 0815 Aug 09No

Imortality 101

Disclaimer: See chapter one.

A/N: Thanks so much for the reviews and feedback.

Immortals. Capital I. A whole, well kinda, race of people who lived forever. Unless they lost their head. Human until their 'first death' and it had to be a violent one. After that it was live forever time. Unless another Immortal killed you in their Game. She suppressed a snort at the stupidity of that. When you live forever you watch the humans around you wither and die. Why the hell would you kill off the only people around that could understand and be around for the real long term?

Stupid on the epic scale. That's what it was. But now she knew. Why Ripley had had Methos locked up. He was old. Really old. She could see it in his eyes. But not only that. One name? And one that brought to mind desert sands and languages that people in this century had forgotten even existed. "How old are you?" Liz looked only mildly shell shocked.

Buffy looked at her surrogate little sister a smirk on her face. "He's old, really old."

A look from Methos. A raised eyebrow. "How old do you think I am?" arms folded across his chest. He was assessing her. Trying to figure her out and what she knew. A smart one.

"Three thousand, maybe more." she shrugged. His chin lowered a fraction as he studied her. He didn't confirm or deny it but he didn't need to. She was far from stupid. Very far. Though she doubted there were more than a handful of people that knew it. And even they didn't know that she'd picked up a whole lot more from her years doing research on baddies than even Giles had a clue about.

"Quam vetus es vos?" Latin from him. A way to assess her. Figure out just what he was dealing with. Because she knew she wasn't his kind of immortal. And so did he. His type could sense one another. And she couldn't sense him at all. (How old are you?)

She smirked at him. "You wouldn't believe the year I was born if I told you." she understood latin, could read it. But speak it? A couple of words here and there at best. Thank you Giles. Another look from him, like he'd just found something fascinating and deadly.

And it was time to move on and think. She stood, feeling two sets of eyes on her as she paced back and forth twice. Immortals, The Fountain of Youth, Jack's Compass, the Charts, Methos. Pieces started falling into place. She stopped. Looked at both of them.

"You said Ripley has an Immortal with him." she leveled a look at Methos.

"Renatus." the look in his eyes. He knew him. She made a choice. Gave a nod. "I need to go give Gibbs out heading." started to head for the door.

"Buffy wait! What's the plan?" a look only Liz could get away with giving her "Do you have a plan?"

"Yeah, I've got a plan. Ripley wants the Fountain. Jack's heading for the Fountain. We beat Ripley there and when he shows up I kill him." short, simple, to the point.

A confused look from Liz. "But we don't have the charts. How can we...." she trailed off as Buffy started to grin at her. Realization crossed her face. "You know how to get there."

"Well I wasn't interested in Davy Jones' locker the first time I stole them." a shrug.

"That's nice for both of you. If you could just drop me at the first port..." Methos was showing his Jack qualities. Probably one of the reasons he'd lasted as long as she thought he had. She leveled a stare at him. "You go where we go. Ripley's got one of your kind helping him and I can't sense him. You can."

A shake of his head "I'm not fighting Renatus. I said I'd tell you what I knew."

A raised eyebrow from her. "I don't expect you to. The bastard shot me. I'll be the one that cuts off his head. I just need you to sense him." she started heading for the cabin door. "And considering how old you are I'm sure there's just months worth of things you haven't shared. Get comfortable one name wonder. You're not going anywhere."

She headed out of the cabin to find Gibbs. She had a plan. Not a fully fleshed out one. Because there was no point in having one. Jack invariably messed those up anyway.

Besides she was a seat of her pants kinda girl.



Update 6/3/2010-Due to something coming up very suddenly at work that will have me not only out of town but incredibly swamped I won't have the time to update any of my fics until sometime late in August. I'm sorry about it and beg for everyone's patience but unfortunately work has to come first. In the mean time I hope everyone has a nice couple of months and with any luck when I get back I will be able to finish off a couple of outstanding fics as well as possibly start a new series.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Touch of Destiny: The Fountain of Youth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Aug 09.

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