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A Touch of Destiny: The Fountain of Youth

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Touch of Destiny Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Can you look destiny in the eye and not flinch? What would you be willing to do when forever is at stake?

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jezaeiriFR1856,82278718,1039 Jan 0815 Aug 09No

Finding Trouble......Again.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Pirates of the Caribbean nor do I own any of the Characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or those referenced but not actually seen in Angel the Series.I make no profit from this nor do I wish to. And while the objective of this story is implied by the ending of At World's End the plot is my own.

A/N: So I've been having some trouble with writing this since I knew what needed to happen and what I wanted but getting there in the outline was bothering me. I got lucky late last night and most of it came together. Remember this is my First story where I have nothing to dictate certain aspects of the plot by the movies/shows/ect already in existence. This means I get to have my own field day.

Remember that I work without a beta and that like with the first story information will only be given out when needed. I know this annoys some but if you've made it though the first story you should be used to it by now.

Also I've got several original characters showing up because we can never have too many potential bad guys or allies.

Please remember to review. This is new territory for me so feedback has just become about a thousand times more important to me. I don't care if its critical so long as you don't harp on spelling or grammar. I know I'm not perfect and I'm working on it. The plot is my main concern.

Also any art work would be greatly appreciated. Especially this week as tomorrow is my birthday.....yay me. Another year older. Aww crap. Another year older. After you hit 21 it stops being exciting. Oh well, at least I'm not 25 yet. Still a way to go.

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Destiny touches everyone, some more than others. For one it began almost two decades before, for another it has made its mark as two more began to feel the touch.

Now, whether by design or destiny fates are about to be changed. And new and old enemies and allies found. And for all but one the bigger picture is about to become apocalyptically clear.

They only need to remember one thing.

No Laws

No Limits

No Fear

When Forever is at stake there is only one rule: Never give up.

Trouble again
There was trouble again
Trouble again
There was trouble again
John Forte/Tricky-Trouble Again

February 1721

Captain Elizabeth Swann was not in the best of moods to say the least. In fact she was in a foul mood but that was understandable considering the circumstances. Her ship, the Hei Peng was destroyed, the compass in the hands of the new head of the East India Trading Company Maxwell Ridley and she was sitting inside a cell in the Port Royal barracks for the second time in less than a year.

So to say that she was not in a good mood was an understatement.

How things had managed to go this pear shaped in the six months since they had defeated Beckett was beyond her. Actually, in truth it really wasn't. She knew she should have stayed at Shipwreck Cove and waited for Buffy to show up but after Jack and Barbossa had disappeared she'd decided to go after them.

And it should have been easy since she had 'borrowed without permission' Jack's compass.

But easy and simple just weren't part of the deal and now she was stuck in the same cell she'd been in eleven months before. Only this time she didn't have Will or her father to help her. Which left her sitting in the dank and wet cell trying to figure out how to escape without getting caught again.

And Ridley was quite possibly more dangerous than Beckett.

Well, she knew better, Ridley was a lot more dangerous than Beckett. And it seemed he knew more too.

Which was exactly why he hadn't killed her yet.

Buffy breathed in the cloying smell of alcohol, vomit, sweat, urine, mold, smoke and the sea that filled the tavern and reminded herself that she only had to spend one day in Tortuga to resupply her new ship, a wedding present from Teague, the Prodigal Time. The last six months had been busy for her. Between settling things at Shipwreck Cove, going to England to handle some business and trying to keep under the East India Trading Company's sights she'd had little time for relaxing. But that was the point of her spending the year apart from Will. To get things done. She'd relax when she was with Will again.

Until then she had other stuff to do. Like find out what the heck had happened with Jack and Liz. According to what she'd been told Jack and Barbossa had left the Cove four days before she'd shown back up on the Pearl and Liz had left on the Hei Peng the next day. That they had left separately told Buffy that they both still had their heads up their butts but Buffy guessed she shouldn't have been surprised, they were both so stubborn it hurt and both seemed to want to fight their attraction to each other the whole way. It was stupid really in her opinion but she figured she couldn't say anything, she was just as stubborn.

Moving over to the bar a figure caught her eye and she moved to them. She hadn't seen the Pearl at the docks when she came in so she hadn't been expecting to see Jack or any of his crew.

Reaching her destination she tapped Gibbs on the shoulder, the older man turning to face her.

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