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Shaking A Foundation. It Changes All That We Know.

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Summary: A person changes as a tick-tock of a clock sounds. But the very nature of a person stays the same. Xander has some weird experiences, but he's in charge. He knows himself, and that's what counts. (Warnings and Pairings inside. Adult content.)

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Supernatural > Xander-CenteredLycanFR18813,81251821,2519 Jan 0831 May 09No

Meeting Your Match

Title: Shaking A Foundation. It Changes All That We Know.

Author: Lycan

Rating: FR18

Pairing(s): Dru/Spike, Xander/Spike, Xander/Dru, Xander/Dean, Spike/Sam. Xander/Heidi, Xander/Kyle, Xander/Tor, Xander/Rhonda, Tor/Heidi, Tor/Kyle, Tor/Rhonda, Heidi/Kyle, Heidi/Rhonda, Kyle/Rhonda. Dru/Rhonda, Dru/Heidi, Dean/Kyle. Mentions of Angel/Buffy, Willow/Oz.

Warnings: AU. Abuse, anal, body modification, D/s, HJ, foul language, F/F, M/M, M/F, non-con, oral, original character, spanking, violence. Orgies may also be included.

Author's Note: Some of the above may/may not be in explicit detail. Some will, when I feel like it, and if you don't like that sort of stuff, you can scroll past it.

A/N 2: I would tell you the summary, but I like making people guess. I'm mean like that. Hehe. I will tell you this, however, if you like Xander as Hyena-possessed still, you might enjoy this. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any Buffy or Angel characters, nor do I have claim to Supernatural. I only own any original characters that may or may not appear. Buffy/Angel and Supernatural belong solely to the cast and crew of them.

Feedback: Yes, please. But it's optional. I hate it when people say you gotta. You don't. I just appreciate it, but I just hope you read this story and enjoy it.

A/N 3: I do this for the other story, too, but I thought I'd mention it again - if you do happen to comment on my story, I will reply to it ASAP. Feedback is a two-way thing.

Side note: Sorry To tth for not adding the disclaimer yesterday, I forgot. It's rectified, and I promise to be a little more careful in the future. Wouldn't want to get into trouble now would I?

Chapter One - Meeting Your Match

Ok, so the girls thought that he didn't remember. He did. Giles knew that. Knew it couldn't be expelled completely from him. It was locked away in his head, leaving him with just memories.

Well, that's how it was supposed to be.

Truth was, since the spell was done, the hyena had calmed enough to settle for a while, and slowly, over the course of the next few weeks, both Xander and the Hyena were comfortable with each other, or merged, for lack of better term.

The Hyena didn't have a name, and he didn't come up for one. The spirit, or whatever it may be, didn't want to be held back by terms of name or gender or form. Just Hyena.

Sometimes that unsettled Xander, just a bit, so the hyena referred to its own spirit as a 'she,' a female Alpha of the Pack. So, She or Hyena or Alpha often passed as names for him so he wouldn't get stressed over the fact that she was simply there and nothing else. It made him sad to think of it like that; made him feel that it was like she wasn't good enough to have a name. He knew the truth of it, but couldn't help how he felt. She understood, and this is where she allows him to think of her as a form of some sort.

It was a comfortable existence.

She gave him patience and knowledge, and didn't make him feel the urge to eat people. In return, he hunted in the woods for food, let himself release his control and chase and kill and eat the wild animals he caught. Sometimes, though, he would just tussle with them.

He knew that the others; Tori, Tanner, Mercedes, and Kyle still had their memories, still had their hyena spirits in them, because he'd followed them one night as they'd piled into a van and drove to the woods. They'd hunted as a Pack, and he'd followed, hidden in the shadows.

All of them had better speed, sight, taste, and hearing thanks to the magic that surrounded them first by the possession, then the magic by the zoo keeper; Dr. Weirick, then the magic to rid them of the hyenas.

He'd walked up to them a few days later, as they sat at a bench just outside of school, slouched down and leaning against one another. Without an Alpha, they were pretty much direction-less as hyenas, but not as people.

They'd pretended that they didn't remember, cautious, until Xander had told them he'd been following them the past few days, just to see how were they were doing.

They were doing like he was doing.

He'd corralled them. They'd gone out for a different sort of hunt for the next week; the hunt of money. They'd hustled at the Bronze, as Willy's, at the Fish Tank, outside of Sunnydale, too. Hustled at pool and at cards and at anything else they could hustle at until they had enough money to collectively buy a house.

Which they did.

A three story, five bedroom house, with a large bathroom, living room and dinning room, a medium-sized kitchen, a smaller bathroom under the first set of stairs, a study, a storage room, and a basement.

Each of them occupied a bedroom, but they all tended to sleep in Xander's room, on his large king-sized bed, piled together like kittens. They only went into their own bedrooms if they were mad at one another, or just wanted a little alone-time.
Each of their bedrooms represented each of their personalities, beds, desks, TV's, stereos, posters, games, musical instruments, closets - anything of theirs which they didn't want others touching unless given permission. Each respected the others' wishes.

The study had floor to ceiling bookshelves, full to the brim with school books and regular reading books and books on anything they could get on vampires, demons, spirits and anything else supernatural. They even had books on humans which weren't always considered 'human' by other because they held certain gifts; telepathy, telekinesis, power to fly, power to become invisible, things like that.
It would be lighted by the lamps which were bolted to the walls in the small gaps between the shelves or the lights on the ceiling, or the candles which rested on the desks.
There were two desks, one by the large window and one by the only wall which didn't possess a shelf. Instead, there was a couch up against it, and beside that, a mini-fridge, which held an assortment of drinks and snacks.
This room was used when they had homework, or when they had to research something that had threatened Sunnydale. Which was often.

The kitchen and dinning room were both simple; containing food stuffs, a way to cook and dispose and wash food stuffs and appliances, a place to eat at hold meetings at which concerned none but them.

The living room looked smaller than it was with all the stuff in it; a large couch and two leather armchairs, along with a few beanbags and inflatable seats, a surround-sound stereo system, which was also hooked up to the large screen TV, a gaming system, a mini fridge filled with drinks and snacks, a newly installed fireplace, and a large cabinet which contained all of their games, CD's, DVD's videos, and three laptops.

The basement held a semi-large cage in one corner, there in case they caught anything of interest they wanted to keep.
The other wall held many weapons there, and some equipment in which to use to sharpen, clean, and polish them.
There was a cabinet, locked but empty, on the other wall, which had a few candle holders bolted to the walls along with lamps. There was two leather chairs there, both red, which were tilted ever-so-slightly to face the cage.
The opposite wall held chains bolted to the wall, designed for humans, or human-looking beings, to be restrained the by the hands, feet, and neck, or any combination there of.

There was also a lock on every door.

Each member of the Pack held a key to their own rooms, the front door, the back door, and the basement.

What they didn't know was that Xander held a key to every single door in the house, so he could lock or unlock as he chose. He was also the only one with a key to the cage door and the chains. There was only key for the chains, but it was spelled to make sure it changed to the correct grooves needed to unlock each of them. Made for less keys. He also kept another key, a spelled skeleton key, for every window, door, chain and cage they had in the house, or would have in the house, if they were to add anymore.

The others, meaning Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, Giles, and Angel didn't know he had this house, didn't know the truth about him or the others in his Pack, or that he was in debt to pay for the house and other stuff, which they were paying off by hustling and stealing off of the vampires and demons they killed.
Not that he wanted them to know. Oh, no.

Maybe he'd tell them, but not for a few years. He was Alpha, he could do that, but he knew that in telling them he was putting the others and himself in danger.

It was better for everyone if it stayed like this...for now, at least.

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++

The school was under attack.


That's what they got for building it directly above the Hellmouth opening. They sat above it everyday, as everyday they sat in the library. Not afraid. Cautious, maybe, but that was only when there was a direct threat on it; mainly when a demon wanted to open it and release hell on Earth. One had been successful. When the Master had been freed and called to it.

They'd closed it again, though.

That wasn't even a year ago.

But they were under attack by vampires.

On Parent-Teacher night.

Parents, teenagers, and teachers alike were stuck in the school as they were forced to hide wherever they could in attempt to survive the ordeal.

Those who were too slow were caught and killed.

Xander, however, was concentrating on not using his accelerated strength while trying to free himself from Angel's grasp. Had to appear like regular old Xander.

It was working.

He had a feeling this would happen. Angel never talked anything out and the other vampire didn't appear to be as patient as he pretended. He knew long before either of them had said anything that they were related. Closely related. Ah, family. Things you could often do without, as the two were proving all-to-well. Hate and love melded together, as well as lust and longing. To go back to easier times.

Yet they were not so fooled as to trust on another.

His thoughts whirled and before he knew it, he was running just a little behind Angel as the vampire ran from the rest, and the other followed them, yelling out orders to his following.

He did as needed and expected, and only allowed himself to smile when it was through.

Well, through for the others.

As the school emptied, even Snyder didn't want to remain on this night, and police arrived, he jauntily walked to the back of the school where Tor, Heidi, Kyle, and Rhonda waited for him, each of them helping to pin the lead vampire to the floor. The one related to Angel.

It was a good thing he'd positioned them outside, just in case.

"How've you been?" He asked.

"Bored." Tor replied. "We missed the fun. We caught this one as he jumped from the window, before any of the others followed his example."

"Cool." He nodded. "I'll make it up to you guys. Next time - you get as much fun as you want." He leaned down, and grasped the vampire by the lapels of his leather coat. The captive wanted to say something, he could tell; but there was a hand over his mouth. "Lets you and me have a little talk, yeah?"

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