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The Ninth Chevron

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Summary: SG 1 goes off to explore the cryptic message left with the nine-symbol address. Drabble. Crossover inside.

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LordKhuzdulFR1317813113,1739 Jan 089 Jan 08Yes
A/N: Drabble. Won’t continue, no sequels. Disclaimer at the end, to preserve the surprise.

Samantha Carter stood at the control room console and watched the gate spin. Her eyes watched the chevrons lit up one by one. Her curiosity was raging, and her mind was rushing, speculating, thinking a thousand thoughts a second.

It started six weeks ago. Somewhere in the depths of the Ancient database in Atlantis, Rodney McKay discovered the one thing that was still a mystery to them: An address that utilized the ninth chevron of the Stargate. There was everything about the dialing process, the energy requirements (which was, interesting enough, not really that high, just marginally larger than dialing the other end of the galaxy, and easily achieved by hooking up an extra naqahdah generator to the ‘Gate power grid.), everything. However, there was nothing but a cryptic message, almost a riddle, to serve as a clue for the destination:

“Rings within rings within rings, all rings one, one ring all. The ring to the stars leads to the ring at the center of it all.”

So here she was, waiting for the gate to finally dial the address. As the ninth chevron locked, and the kawoosh flared out of the puddle-like event horizon, a MALP was brought into the room.

Soon the MALP was past the event horizon, and after a mere minute, they were getting a transmission.

George Hammond and Samantha Carter watched the feed from the MALP. The screen showed the interior of a large, seemingly abandoned room, with dirt, dust and debris cluttering the corners. A closed, wooden door led out. Writing, seemingly in Ancient, circled around it. A DHD sat in front of the Stargate, slightly to the left and out of the way. Hammond turned to Carter. “Any ideas, Colonel?”

“Seems the atmosphere is breathable. I recommend we send a team through, sir.”

“Okay, signal SG 1 to the briefing room. You will be going.”

* * *

Half an hour later, SG 1, geared up, waited at the foot of the ramp. They eyed each other. Jack frowned slightly.

General Hammond entered the gate room and stood next to his flagship team, looking up to the gate. “Okay SG-1, you have a go. Godspeed.”

With that, SG-1 walked through the gate.

* * *

A minute later, they emerged in the room. The Stargate was set in a frame that rested in the middle of the room, with a ramp that looked somewhat like the one used in the SGC, but in wrought iron instead of the usual stone pedestals that the last two chevrons were usually embedded in, leading down to the DHD and the door. O’Neill walked down the ramp and experimentally touched the door.

“It is wood.”

Daniel walked to the door as well and looked up to the symbols surrounding it. At first it looked like fairly standard ancient script, but now he was not so sure. It looked… different, somehow… out of this world.

Finally, O’Neill had enough. He pressed his hand on the handle, and heard the lock click open. He pulled the door open, and led his team out…

To the streets of a bustling metropolis, swathed in smog and mist, which left Samantha Carter gasping with its geography. To the sides, the street they were on rose with a titanic curve, before turning and disappearing among other buildings. However, it was not the strange curvature of the street that made Sam gasp. She gasped, because instinctually, her eyes went to the sky when she stepped outside.

And there, in the sky, hanging above them, was the rest of the city.

“It is a ring.” She breathed. “The city is built in the inside of a ring. It hangs sideways. But how?”

However, it was Daniel who was utterly baffled with what he saw in front of him.

A thousand different beings, all more alien than one another, strolling, walking, running, marching, through the streets around them… From humans to tiny, glittering faeries, to towering angels with wings of pure snow to creatures out of nightmares with cloven feet and fiery wings, to creatures of madness with purple flesh, milky eyes and tentacles for mouths…

A young girl approached them, a human, seemingly, with slender build and strange clothing in dark and drab colors, and Daniel finally found his voice to ask her the question on their minds. “Where are we?”

“Ahh, Clueless, right?” The girl answered. “You’re in Sigil, the Cage, the City of Doors, the centre of the Multiverse. Enjoy your stay.” She added.

* * *

Dsiclaimer: Here to keep from spoiling the surprise. Stargate belongs to MGM and those who own it. Planescape belongs to TSR and WotC. The insanity of crossing them belongs to me. No money earned, just plain fun.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Ninth Chevron". This story is complete.

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