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Big Honking Space Guns is What We Need

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Summary: After 'Tangent', Buffy remembers something someone told her long ago. Teaser for a future fic.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: ActionLordKhuzdulFR1311,1553124,95010 Jan 0810 Jan 08Yes
AN: This is a teaser for an upcoming story I have been trying to put into proper context for some time now. It is a crossover between Stargate, BtVS and my original ‘verse, and it is a YAHF.

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Whedon. Stargate belongs to MGM. Starling and the ship belong to me (Legally. Yes, I can sue you.).

Note: Uh-oh... Seems my legal claim has created some misunderstandings. People, I am not forbidding anyone to use my ideas and concepts in fan fiction. All I want is all any author wants: Give credit, and no profit. I just wanted to establish that I have the legal right to sue if I see a book published by my ideas.

This happens after the events of the fourth season episode ‘Tangent’

Big Honking Space Guns Are What We Need…

Big Honking Space Guns Are What We’ll Get.

Buffy frowned, deep in thought. “While we’re around Jupiter, now that we rescued T and Jack, can I ask for a small favor?” She said, turning to Jacob/Selmak. “Long ago, after I gained my powers, I was visited by the original owner of my powers. She has gone a long way since the version that possessed me, and was quite a power in her own dimension. She told me something…” She frowned. “She told me to ‘look for her gift on Europa’. Can we go have a look? Won’t take longer than a minute…”

Jacob looked at Carter and shrugged. “Don’t have anything urgent to do.” He added, then turned the ship around to approach the icy moon. Daniel went back to the ring room to help Jack and Teal’c.

* * *

Soon, the small Tel’tak was in orbit around the small ice world. Carter turned to Buffy and questioned. “What are we looking for?”

Before she even completed her sentence, a shimmer appeared on the bridge, and turned into a black-haired, pale skinned, blue eyed, graceful woman clad in a black, two-piece, naval-looking uniform. She looked insubstantial, and the three people in the bridge of the tiny ship correctly identified her as a hologram. “Greetings. My name is Ishtar. My sensor suite has detected the presence of a Shadevar in close vicinity of this moon. Can the Shadevar identify herself, please?”

Carter and Buffy exchanged a look. Then, tentatively, Buffy stepped forward. “My name is Buffy Summers. I am Shadevar.”

A brilliant smile appeared on the hologram’s face. “I was told to wait for a Shadevar with your name and turn command over to you. It is good to meet you, mistress.” Her face grew serious again. “Gravimetric drive on-line… Singularity Reactor at one hundred percent… Engaging shields… Engaging gravikinetic armor array… Engaging take-off thrusters…” She displayed a small smile. “Please look out to the left. I think you’ll want to see this.”

To their right, at the surface of the moon, ice started to crack and split. Soon, shards of ice started bulging upwards, and a titanic prow, moments later, split the blue and gray surface and gleamed in the distant light of the sun. Everyone on the bridge, including Jack, Daniel and Teal’c, who only just entered and were distrustfully eyeing the woman standing in the middle of the room, leaned forward, mesmerized, as they watched a colossal ship pulled herself free of the ice plains of the moon.

The ship was a work of art. It had a hawkish appearance, with a sharp prow that looked like the beak of a bird of prey, and an elongated neck. Three graceful wings rose out of the slim body of the ship about midway and swept backwards. A superstructure that looked like a cresting wave rose between the two wings that spread, angled upwards, to the sides. Just under the upper wings, where a mother bird would cradle her chicks, two cavernous hangar bays opened to the space. The ship, shining a dark blue under the distant sun’s light, rose over the tiny cargo vessel, and took up orbit above it. Carter looked up. “That ship must be a kilometer in length. It is hard to guess the size, but it looks bigger than a Ha’tak.” She said. “It is beautiful.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” The hologram’s voice came from behind them. “I am exactly thirty two hundred meters long from prow to stern, actually.” She added.

“You are?” Carter said, dumbfounded for a moment. Then, it dawned. “You are the ship. Like some sort of AI.”

“Not really.” The hologram added. “I am a Hypercore. An energy being. My race is allies of the Shadevari and we possess the computer cores of their ships and act as their operating system and their soul. I am the ship, like the ship being my body, actually. I also have a tangible hologram avatar that can assist in the day to day operation of the ship that can be projected within the ship. Nonetheless, for all intents and purposes, you can say I am the SCV Ishtar, a Sacred Lady class Shadevari explorer battlecruiser.” She concentrated for a moment. “I am transmitting docking instructions to your vessel now. Starboard docking bay is prepared to accommodate you. We’ll meet on board.”

* * *

Carter was bursting with questions by the time they docked with the titanic starship. As they walked out of the Tel’tak in the hangar bay (marveling at the intricate forcefield that separated the bay from the space) she was like a kid in a candy store. When she spotted the woman from before walking towards them, she barely restrained herself from running off to her.

The woman finally approached them and greeted them with an incline of her head. She then stepped in front of Buffy and bowed. “Mistress Summers, I, Hypercore Ishtar of battlecruiser Ishtar, turn the command of the ship over to you. Welcome aboard.” She held out a badge shaped like a bird of prey in flight to her. She then held up a small crystal cube. “This is a small additional gift left behind by Mistress Starling. She said it would react to you.”

Buffy, curious, affixed the badge to the left breast of her uniform, then took the crystal. The crystal, as soon as she touched it, started humming, and then rose into the air. Moments later, and in a shimmer, a shape formed around the crystal. It was another woman, redheaded this time, tall, and impossibly graceful. Her hair fell down in gentle waves down her back, her eyes shone like silvery green daggerpoints. She wore a uniform similar to that of the ship avatar. Buffy immediately recognized the woman that possessed her years ago. “You are Janice. Janice Starling…”

“Correct, my dear.” The woman answered. “Yet wrong. I am a recording of her, a holographic representation. I am here to teach you about Shadevari technology and the facts of our existence that are beyond your experience at the moment. I do not possess the entirety of her knowledge, she is a divine being after all, but I have a sufficient library on various topics stored in me to assist you.”

Carter finally burst. “Singularity reactor? What kind of power technology is that? Does gravimetric drive work like Goa’uld engines? How does gravikinetic armor… work…” She trailed off and blushed when she saw everyone looking at her. Janice smiled. “All your questions will be answered in time, my dear. Now, would you like a tour?”

As they moved out, Jack stopped. “Does this thing have space guns?”

Ishtar smirked. “Believe me, this thing has a lot of huge space guns.”

A huge smile split Jack’s face. “Good.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Big Honking Space Guns is What We Need". This story is complete.

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