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Understanding Muggles

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Summary: 2007 Holiday fic-a-thon response for LadyofScotts. Ron heads to America to find potential allies and ends up comparing Christmas stories

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Harry Potter > Andrew-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR711,3040289510 Jan 0810 Jan 08Yes
Holiday Fic-A-Thon response for LadyofScotts

Disclaimer: I don’t own either the Buffy franchise or the Harry Potter franchise; therefore I am not making any money from this story.

Author's Note: Set after S7 of Buffy but no actual timeline for HP.


Ron shook his head, every time he thought he had figured out Muggles, something would turn up that would make him reassess every concept.

First time was when he thought that the hair color of Muggles was boring compared to the spells that the Wizarding world had access to. That lasted the entire trip to America, only to be shattered when he got to Cleveland. Tonks would be green with envy with the style of some of the hair dos that he could see. People dressed mostly in black but their hair was the colors of some sort of neon rainbow; and with it spiking in all directions, sharp enough to poke someone’s eye out.

The second time he thought he had worked it all out, he thought that Muggles weren’t aware of the dangerous creatures that surrounded them. That lasted at least a week, mainly because he was too cautious to go out at night. When he finally did stay out slightly later than intended, he met a group of young women who were dusting vampires. He offered to help them out for a while, and they just smirked as if he stood no chance keeping up with them. Instead, they asked him back to meet the others. He agreed as it fit in nicely with his orders to observe if there was any Death Eaters in America and if so, would there be any potential allies there. The girls definitely seemed like they could help.

This time though, he’s concept of having everything worked out failed miserably. It wasn’t anything in particular that he had thought of, but it didn’t matter… it still was shattered whatever it was that he thought was worked out. As they approached “The Council Headquarters” as he was told, he noticed that the houses were strangely decorated. They had lights all over the front of the house and any trees or shrubs in the garden. Others had fake reindeer and a man in a red suit in their gardens. Still further was a combination of the two.

He decided not to say anything to his potential allies, instead he would wait until he got where they were going. After another couple of minutes, he was led inside a massive house which had been similarly decorated on the outside, and a complete madhouse on the inside.

“Andrew!” one of the girls called out, and stopped a skinny sandy haired man who was trying to peek under a tree which had presents everywhere.

“Sorry Vi, it’s just… there are so many under there!”

“Can you get Giles, Spike, Buffy and Dawn together?” the girl, Vi asked. “We’ve got a potential ally.”

The man called Andrew smiled at him quickly and dashed up the stairs. A few minutes later, he was followed back downstairs by four people. One girl looked to be about his age, with long brown hair. She was introduced as Dawn. The slightly older girl, with blonde hair was introduced as Buffy (a name worthy of being in the Wizarding world, Ron decided). The younger of the two men following Andrew, had hair as blonde as Malfoy’s which put Ron slightly on edge. He was introduced as Spike. The older man with slightly graying hair was introduced as Giles. Ron decided he liked Giles, because unlike the others, he had an English accent.

They waited for him to start, as to why he thought he could help them. Ron explained who he was, and why he was in America. The others shared a quick glance between them before asking Andrew to show him around the house while they discussed it further between themselves. As they left, Andrew bounced happily next to him.

“Andrew, I have a question,” Ron decided to put at least some of his concepts and thoughts of Muggles to rest.

“Shoot,” Andrew responded.

“On the way here, we passed a number of decorated houses, some with a man in a red suit in the gardens. Who is he?”

Andrew looked even more excited at the question. No one ever asked him to explain anything going on and now, here was his opportunity to shine.

“His name is Saint Nicholas, also goes under the aliases of Kris Kringle, Father Christmas and Santa Claus. He is always described as a jolly, fat man, with a belly that shakes like jelly when he laughs. On Christmas Eve, he embarks on a wondrous journey in which he delivers presents to all the good boys and girls all over the world. He travels in a magical sleigh which is pulled by eight or sometimes nine reindeer. If there is the nine, the one in front has a glowing red nose and is used to lead the way when the skies are overcast.”

‘Yep,’ Ron decided, ‘I should really stop thinking I have the Muggles worked out. They have even stranger ideas than we do.’

“His common appearance,” Andrew continued. “Was based on an illustration by Thomas Nast, in 1881 and then reported to be adopted by the Coca-Cola Company under the urban myth that they were the ones who created Santa. In fact, they just decided on his colors, the red, white and black of his outfit.”


“What Vi?” he asked.

“You’re putting our guest to sleep.” She nodded towards Ron, who had a vacant look on his face.

“Ron!” Andrew called as he waved his hand in front of his face. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just thinking… it sounds like Muggle Christmases are very similar but also very different to ours.”

“How so?” Andrew started bouncing again as he asked the question. He loved learning new ideas and concepts. Giles had said that it was a good first step to becoming a proper Watcher!

“Well, we have the same ideas as to the Christmas tree, presents and the general idea of Santa Claus but he doesn’t fly around in a sleigh, and no one knows what he is supposed to look like.”

“Oh? How does he get between houses?” Andrew prodded.

“In the Wizarding world, we have the ability to ‘apparate’ which basically allows us to shift between places extremely quickly. And he uses an invisibility cloak to keep him hidden from sight while delivering the presents.”

Before they could get further into the comparison between Santa Claus’ the others came back into the room. They could see the excited face on Andrew and a slight grin on Ron’s.

“Ron, while you are travelling around America, you can stop off in each of our Slayer houses and help them out if they require it. Then when you need to return to Hogwarts, a group of Slayers will be willing to return with you to assist in your war,” Buffy informed him. Before she could continue, Dawn interrupted.

“If you would like someone who could assist you while travelling around America, I’m sure we could find someone who would volunteer…” she left it open but looked at Andrew who was jumping up and down.

“I will! I will!”

“Very slick there Niblet,” Spike whispered in her ear.


Later that night, found Ron sharing a room with Andrew. Although he was given an option to have his own room, he agreed to Andrew’s pleas to allow them to share. What he hadn’t told the others was that he could not remember what Hermione had told him about Muggle houses and the way they worked. He figured that Andrew would be able to show him in return for further information about his world.

As he drifted off to sleep, Ron swore he could hear a soft pop in his room followed by a racket on the rooftop; then a faint “Ho, ho, ho” as both the pop and the racket faded into the night.

The End

You have reached the end of "Understanding Muggles". This story is complete.

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