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All Fall Down

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Summary: Alternate universe from the season six episode “Tabula Rasa.” Tara chooses not to leave and reveals something to Willow that will change everyone’s world forever. Willow/Tara.

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Charmed > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherwillowandtaraforeverFR1886,4720117,16510 Jan 0822 Jan 08No

Chapter Eight

Buffy looked up as Dawn walked into the kitchen.

“Hey Buffy, Willow and Tara aren’t up yet?”

“Hey, No, I guess our house mates are sleeping in today. There’s a little time before you leave for school. Sit down and let’s talk for a minute.”

“Okay.” Dawn said warily. She couldn’t remember having done anything to get into serious trouble lately.

“So, Dawn. You really like Willow, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve always liked Willow.”

“And you like Tara, right?”

“Well duh! What kind of an idiot wouldn’t like Tara?” Buffy nodded and leaned against the counter.

“And I guess, while I was… gone… they took pretty good care of you, right?”

“Sure. They were really good, taking care of me like they did. Why are you asking all this?” Now the slayer looked down at her shoes.

“It’s… just I know you really admire both of them, and that they’re sort of surrogate parents to you. But sometimes I wonder just how much they influence you.”

“Is this about magic? ‘Cause they have so kept me away from most of that, I mean, I did one little charm over the summer, and even then they were there watching me the whole time.”

“It’s not the magic I'm worried about, Dawn.”

The young girl looked confused for a moment, and then a realization hit her.

“Oh! The gay thing, don’t worry Buffy. Living with Willow and Tara hasn’t made me gay.”

“Good. I mean, not that being gay is a bad thing. Some of the world’s coolest people are gay. But it’s a hard lifestyle. I mean, not everyone accepts it and…”

“Buffy, I’ll say it again. Living with them hasn’t made me gay. I totally knew I was gay when I had that crush on Annie Williams in fifth grade.”

Buffy’s jaw practically struck the floor. Dawn jumped up, grabbed an apple, and headed out the front door, pausing to yell. “Bye Buffy!” as she left.

The slayer stood there for some moments, dumbstruck. A knock at the door brought her back to reality. She forced her mouth shut and went to answer it.

“Xander Hey, come on in,” she said, hugging her best guy friend as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, Buff. Just stopped by to say hi and check on everyone.”

“Um, we’re all okay. Dawn juts left for school, and Willow and Tara are… still asleep, I guess.” Xander nodded and leaned against a nearby counter.

“So, uh, how’s it going with Will and the whole cold-turkey-no-magic thing?”

“It’s going good, I guess. I mean, she’s been keeping to herself a lot, and she’s a little irritable now and then, but even that’s getting better.”

“I think that Tara not leaving after the bloody forgetting spell is really something that kept her from going over the edge.”

“You know, I thought for sure Tara would leave after that. I mean, she and Willow had a fight about magic the night before at our place. Tara pretty much said she would leave if Willow couldn’t go at least a week with no magic.”

Buffy shrugged, she had been wondering herself about Tara’s reason’s for staying.

“I asked Tara once, about a week ago, what made her stay. She said it was love, but I’m not buying that’s it. There has to be more too it.”

“And I think Dawn knows something, the three of them keep sharing these ‘We have a secret, don’t we?’ looks.”

“I noticed that when I saw Tara and Dawn at the Espresso Pump Saturday, They were all laughing and talking, and as soon as I walked over to say hi, they clammed up and got all ‘classified‘.

Just then, what should be heard on the stairs but the laughter of the two witches who had been the main subjects of the morning’s conversations, As they entered the kitchen, they fell silent, just as Xander and Buffy had suspected they might.

“Hey there, Will, Tara. How’s it going?” Xander inquired a shade too politely.

“It’s going very well.” Tara said.

“Yes everything’s… fine. Willow said and looked at Tara, who returned the gaze. They both giggled.

“So your both fine then.”

“Yep, we’re all with the fine.”

“Good.” Buffy took a chance and filled the ensuing silence.

“So, anything you would like to tell us?” the witches shared another secretive look.

“Um not right now, why, did you wanna tell us something?”

“No.” More silence. At last Xander spoke up.

“Well, I’ve gotta get to work.”

“Yeah,” Buffy said. “Me too, First day over at the video store. So, Willow Tara, any plans today?”

“Oh, well, we were going to…I have an afternoon class, and Tara has an appointment later. Until then, we were just gonna hang out, ya know.”

“Wow sounds fun.”

“Yeah,” Xander said. He smiled and looked at Buffy.

“Um, need a lift Buff?”

“Sure, thanks Xander.” As the slayer and construction worker walked out, Willow shook her head.

“They were fishing for info.”


“They’re suspecting something.”

Oh, yes.”

“When are we going to tell them about the baby?”

“As soon as you’ve finished this month with no magic, I think that’d be the best time. We could get them all over here for a party to celebrate and tell them then.”

Willow smiled at that idea. She turned and kissed Tara softly.

“Tara Maclay, I love the way you think.”

“And I love everything about you, Willow Rosenberg.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "All Fall Down" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jan 08.

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