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Chance Encounter

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Summary: Andrew/Methos. Andrew is showing around a visitor from the 'Other' Watchers. 'Adam' is trying to get all the information that he can.

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Highlander > Andrew-CenteredinfraredphaetonFR151852061,87111 Jan 0811 Jan 08Yes
disclaimer: None of this is mine.
Feedback: Yes please!
a/n: A response to challenge about Andrew -finally- getting it on with someone. Well, I wanted to write about my favourite ROG, and the link is there...

Chance Encounters

“Andrew, this is Mr. Pierson, he’s the liason from the Immortal Watchers group.”

Giles looked harried, pushing his glasses back up a nose slick from sweat as he introduced Andrew to the man sprawled on the sofa in his office.

“Mr. Pierson, this is Andrew Wells, one of my uhh…best men. He’ll be showing you around while you’re in London.”

The dark haired man stood up and offered his hand, and Andrew shook it enthusiastically.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Pierson!”

“You can call me Adam.”

“Well. Now that’s sorted, I’m afraid I have to go. Very sorry.” Giles walked out quickly, trying to return to his own office, and its many problems, as soon as possible.

“Adam, huh? You can call me Andrew.”

Adam smiled slowly as they left the room.

“Hey, Adam and Andrew that’s the name of the band who did that song about making fun of emos. Not that there’s anything wrong with emos. In fact, one of my favourite characters from…”

Methos tuned him out, sucking on his tongue as the babbling nitwit lead him down a corridor towards the archives.

“….You work for the Methos Chronicles, right?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

Andrew grinned enthusiastically.

“I found this guy who seems to turn up everywhere. The description’s the same, and it goes back really far. Like, before Mesopotamia type far! Could that be Methos?”

The researcher shrugged non-committally.

“It’d be so cool to live for five thousand years, right?”

Methos sighed inwardly and nodded. Another idiot who thought living forever would be wonderful. No one seemed to realize that it couldn’t be all sunshine-and-daisies. Then again, he’d be surprised if anyone could wrap their minds around the concept of Five thousand years of life.

“But, then again, I mean, the Dark Age wouldn’t be fun. And…Neither would the bronze age, really. I mean…” Andrew babbled for a little while longer, and Methos frowned slightly in thought.

“Why do you think that? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see all that history?”

“Oh! You are listening to me! Not many people listen to me, they say I should stop babbling about comics and get to work…”

Methos waited until this babble had run its course, and broke in again.

“So why don’t you think it would be wonderful to live for five thousand years?”

“Well, I had a spell go nasty, about two weeks ago…I ended up possessing some guy in 1432. It wasn’t nice. And…I think, the further back you go, the worse it would be, wouldn’t it?”

Maybe Andrew wasn't quite as...what was the term....'Dumb-Blonde' as he'd thought. Methos smiled interanlly, and decided to answer.

“Well, that’s part of what I’m researching. It isn’t just about Methos-although that is a simply wonderful topic of discussion, that is, does he even exist?-but it’s also about what life was like back then…I’m trying to fill in the gaps in history, so the Watchers have a better understanding of Immortals through the values that their cultures put emphasis upon when they were being raised, and know how they’ll react to certain situations. It’s really fascinating- …and I’m babbling…Sorry.” Methos gave a deprecating smile, and Andrew rubbed the back of his head.

“No, it’s fine. I do that all the time! And it does sound interesting. All that stuff about cultures…”

Methos grinned, playing his role of ‘Adam Pierson, rather silly and ever so slightly naïve researcher’ to the hilt. He gave Andrew a stare, weighing up the blonde discreetly.

“So, When I arrived, I was told you have some texts on the fall of Babylon, as seen by Mish’osdal the Eternal One. Is that true?”

“Yeah!” Andrew opened the door to a huge library, and trotted over to a sealed bookcase.

“They’re in here. You know, Mish’osdal sounds kind of like Methos, if you run the syllables together. Mishosd’l. Mishos. Methos.”

“I suppose so, I’ll have to look into that.” ‘Adam’ gave another smile. If this…guy…was going to be showing him around, then perhaps it would be best to try and share some common ground. He rather like the occasional scifi show and convention... Andrew would probably be kind of good looking if he washed his hair more…It wouldn’t exactly be painful to persuade the boy to seduce him…And Methos had the perfect bait.

“You like comic books, right? My Dad left me the first ten issues of Batman…And they’re in pretty good condition, too. If you like, I could probably arrange a way for you to look at them.”

“Wow! Really?”

“Yeah, sure. Why not? You’re really helping me out here.” Methos gave his shell-shocked blonde escort a friendly smile. Contacts in either Watchers Guild could never be looked down on, after all. And Andrew Wells was a pre-immortal. He was practically doing the right thing by it! And If things got desperate, he could always bring out the mint-condition Spiderman he’d bought back in New York when the comic first came out.


The End

You have reached the end of "Chance Encounter". This story is complete.

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