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Dawn is in the house

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This story is No. 2 in the series "SN Team". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: House gets a very uncooperative patient

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Television > House, M.D. > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR1813,375165018,20313 Jan 0813 Jan 08Yes
Authors Note: This takes place in my SN Team world, about 4-5 years in the future... there are a few hints as to what is down the line in the universe but nothing major. Mainly this a plot bunny I could not beat to death, so I finally wrote it out of my head instead. Hope you enjoy.

BTW I own nothing, not a thing, if i owned this stuff I wouldn't have to drive to work on Monday, I would work from home writing more stories.

Dawn is in the House

Cuddy stalked down the hall until she reached House’s office, her dark hair in an unusual amount of disarray. She pushed open the door, immediately spotting House trying to hide under his desk. “Oh no you don’t, I have a case for you.”

House sighed sitting up, “What? I was just tying my shoe.”

“Yeah sure, here you go deal with her, bring your crew, I don’t care, just figure out what is wrong with her and get her out of my hospital.”

House’s eyes narrowed, “What’s in it for me, and why do you want her out of here so badly?”

Cuddy sighed; she knew she had come in here too desperate, “Fine, no clinic duty for a week, but you have to have her out of here by the end of this week.”

“Okay, but you still haven’t said why.”

A soft snarl, “Because the male doctors that aren’t drooling over her, she has pissed of by contradicting everything they say, and when they tell her she doesn’t know what she is talking about she kicks them out of the examine room. In short she reminds me of you.”

A slow smile spread across Greg’s face, “Oh this should be fun. Deal.” He picked up the file and started limping out of his office towards the room indicated, pausing only to stick his head into his teams’, aka his victims’, conference area and yell, “Come on, we have a new person to save.”

House paused for a moment then pushed open the door to where a girls was sitting in a t-shirt and jeans, long brown hair to her waist, and luminous green eyes that probably captured half the men who looked at her, she was svelte and you just had the urge to see how flexible she actually was. All of this was spoiled when she looked up at him and snarled, “Please tell me you have more brains than the last set of idiots they sent in here.”

The team was a bit shocked, but House just smiled, oh this was going to be fun. “I know I do, I’m House, so why do you think you are dying, Ms. Summers?”

A roll of the eyes, “First call me Dawn, and second I don’t think, I know I am, and I can even tell you the way, and how, I just can’t tell you the what, which is why I am fucking here.”

Thinking to humor her Chase spoke up, “Well then what do you think is going on?”

A sigh, “Please tell me the rest of you are more intelligent than him, I don’t think, I know, why would I be here for any other reason.”

“People lie all the time, lie about being sick, lie about dying, lie about how they got sick.” House stated this in his normal smugness, waiting for Cameron to react.

“No they don’t, people don’t always lie.” And yep Cameron rose to the bait.

The girl, Dawn, turned to look at her, “Yes they do, all the time.”

House blinked, honestly surprised, this was the first time anyone had agreed with him. Cameron however reacted, rubbing her fingers against his temple. “No they don’t, sure they lie some of the time, but not everyone lies all the time.”

“Hi, I’m Dawn. How are you?” Dawn’s smile was sweet, and anyone who knew her would have been backing away slowly.

Cameron blinked, “Oh I’m Cameron, and I’m fine.”

Dawn’s sweet smile disappeared, “No you aren’t, you have a headache coming on, you are obviously frustrated and have philosophical differences with this Doc here, and you aren’t sure where you belong, hence you lied. Like everyone does. Now are we going to get back to me not dying? I figure if I am lucky I have another 72 hours.”

House was trying desperately not to laugh; he might have to marry this girl, “Okay what is going on?”

“Contact poison, through my fingers, probably from the 11th century, the age of the poison is mostly likely why I am not dead, it seems to have degraded, but I don’t know what the poison is; only what its affects are.” She lifted her hands that had been resetting on the bed, “All feeling is gone in both of them, I can grab things and seem to have full motor control, so far, but I can’t feel hot, cold, pain, or pressure, and it is spreading. Started in my finger tips, and is spreading up my arms. In 12 hours it has gone from the tips to my elbows.”

House looked at her with new interested, “Why an 11th century poison? And how were you exposed?”

A slight flush could be seen creeping up her face. “I had gotten permission to look at some rare books in a vault at the local university. It is a rare one I have been trying to get access to for a while to finish a thesis, I was a bit too excited and forgot to put my gloves on before I started turning the pages. I remembered about 15 pages in. Luckily I never got into the habit of licking my fingers. And before you ask; no you can’t get a sample of the text to try and decipher the poison.”

“And the book is from the 11th century.” It was a statement from House, but she answered it anyone.

“1020 AD, written by monks that were literally walled into their monastery to work on topics considered too dangerous for them to ever leave and speak about it, in fact their tongues were cut out once they took their vows.”

Most the doctors in the room wrinkled their noses at that, but Dawn just shrugged, “Better than your eyes, like some orders did.”

“So how are we supposed to try and ‘save’ you?” House asked partly to be a pain, partly curious.

“What do I have to do all the work around here? Well you could start with the blood samples I demanded they take 6 hours ago,“ House looked down at the chart in surprise, sure enough it was listed that she had required 3 vials of blood be drawn. “You could then compare it to my current blood chemistry, and see what changes there are, and see once you figure out what neurotoxins are trying to kill me, maybe come up with a counter agent?” Her dry sarcastic tone had most of the doctors flinching but House just smiled.

“I think I am in love.”

Dawn snorted, “Yeah and? You get me out alive I might just fuck you for the hell of it, however for that to happened I have to be able to feel the sex. So why don’t you just get cracking on seeing what is trying to kill me so lovingly.”

Cameron, Foreman, and Chase stood there with their jaws open, while House was giving himself a coronary trying to not fall down laughing. “One last question Dawn.”

“Yes?” clearly impatient and frustrated.

“Why aren’t you in the lovely patient gowns most people in rooms are wearing?”

She gave him a look, one he decided he need to practice using on his own personal victims, “Why the hell should I have my ass hanging out, when if you need to see me naked for some reason, and not just to see my boobs, I can just strip.”

Choking back another laugh Greg just nodded, “Sounds valid to me… we will be back in a bit.”

They walked out of the room, the other doctors stunned into silence, and House just smiling. “Chase, would you go get the vials and run a full toxicology on it, tell them to look for neurotoxins, Dawn is correct, that is most likely what is causing the lack of feelings, then Foreman, you go back and do tests on how severe the sensitivity loss is. Cameron, you and I are going to research what sorts of poisons can cause these affects.”

Each of them headed off in their own direction, and Foreman with a look of ‘why me’ upon his face went to get some measuring tools and then braved Dawn’s room again.

“Wow, back already, I would say I am impressed, but I am pretty sure from the look on your face, you think you are going to do things to me I won’t like.”

Eric Foreman actually found himself stuttering, it had been so long since anyone had such complete contempt for him, not because he was black, but because he was a doctor, that he didn’t know how to react. Swallowing he tried to explain what was going on, “I’m sorry... I need to run some tests to see how complete the loss of sensation is and how far it extends.” He had some super thin needles and a rubber mallet with him.

“God, doesn’t anyone believe anything people say these days. Here let me save you a lot of time.” She looked over the needles and before Foreman could say anything grabbed one in a clumsy fist and shoved it about 2 inches into her left forearm.

“Hey you d… “ He blinked as she sat there holding her arm out with an impatient look on her face.

“Did I mention I can’t feel ANYTHING in my arms? It is a bit creepy to look at, but I can’t FEEL it.” She glared at him as he just stood there dumbstruck and finally sighed. “Band-aid? Just cause I can’t feel anything doesn’t mean it isn’t going to bleed.”

Foreman fumbled for a band-aid and gently pulled out the needle wincing as it scraped bone, then bandaged her up. “You know that it is only supposed to go in approximately a millimeter or two, right?”

Dawn rolled her eyes, “And then spend the next twenty minutes with you gently poking me going does this hurt, does this hurt. Thanks my way was faster, now maybe you can gently poke up my arm until I say ‘ow’ and you will know how far it goes, then maybe you can go back to figuring out how to stop it?”

Eric found himself reverting back to his childhood mannerisms, just because she absolutely would not tolerate bullshit. “Yes ma’am, let get a marker and I will mark where you start to have sensation again.” He performed this with a minimum of fuss and in three minutes was out of the room.

While everyone was running around trying to figure out this strange case, Dawn sat in the room, looking at her arms with frustration. She hadn’t notified anyone at home yet, definitely not Buffy or Giles. She had considered calling Xander or Faith, but right now she would rather not even deal with that much. She couldn’t believe she had been that stupid, she knew that they often poisoned pages so that outsiders wouldn’t live long enough to pass on the information.

“Okay Dawn work it out, 1020 AD, most likely a plant or animal based. Most of the truly poisonous animals in that country would be spiders. Not very many snakes, it’s too cold and wet. Plants, there is a wide variety; however most of them should be easily recognized by toxicology reports. Worst case it is demon based either excretion or blood. Best method of contact, a tisane that the pages are either soaked in prior to writing, which supposes that either this was something you can build up immunity to, or it was painted on the pages after the fact. Figure painting more likely as possible permanent lost of sensation would put illustrators at risk. How much poison would it take to do this? Figure the most virulent insect venoms, would be very difficult to extract at that stage of technological development. That leaves plants or demons. Plants I have a chance, demons I am so screwed.”

She flopped on the bed totally disgusted, “Okay they have two more hours, then I call Xander and ask him to call Willow, I sure as hell ain’t doing that.”

She sat up suddenly, “Ah shit Scotland, ocean, fricking fish… god jellyfish, snails, oh I am so dead. Where is that call button?” She looked around franticly and tried to hit the call button, but she really wasn’t sure she was pressing it, since she couldn’t feel anything, and there was no way she was doing it with her tongue, so she kept pressing, she thought.

A moment later House came in, “Yes your majesty what is the emergency.”

“Well sorry, couldn’t tell if I was pressing it or not, so I kept pressing. Fish, jelly fish, snails, look for marine toxins, I bet you they used a tisane of some poison, and painted it n the pages, my biggest fear is it's in my blood stream and if it reaches my heart, I’m dead.”

House blinked, they had just started comparing the test results for the toxins against the known database, but there were literally hundreds of thousands in the database, localizing it down would help. He nodded slowly, “Okay we’ll start there.”

He turned and started to leave, when her voice interrupted him again, “Don’t look for an exact match, just something in the same family.”

A curious look as he turned to look at her, “You realize that something from the same species will have a much more effective anti toxin, and will help you faster.”

A sigh of exasperation, “11th century, stupid humans, what do you think the odds are of that animal not being extinct, especially given the current level of pollution around the Scotland/England area?”

Greg House just stood there and looked at her for a moment, here was someone who could actually put him in his place, god this was fun. “So noted.”

He limped out and Dawn flopped back down sighing, “Please, please, I know Murphy hates me, but please?”

Dawn fell into a fitful sleep as time passed and the doctors fought to get an anti-toxin that would work against this neuro-toxin, House knew they were close, just a few chemical strands off, when the alarms went off for Dawn’s room.

Moving there as fast as he could, he arrived to find the techs walking away, “She is okay for now, we had to hook her up to a breathing machine, her body can’t figure out what to do anymore since it seems to not realize anything is connected. She wrote a message for you.”

ON the white board in the room, was a note ‘Call Faith’ and a number. Dawn lay in the bed glaring at him. “Okay, okay, I’m calling.”

House picked up the phone, wondering, she was dying and all that was present in her face was annoyance and irritation. The phone rang twice, “Yo, who’s this?”

“This is Gregory House; a Dawn Summer’s asked me to contact you.”

“Really? Where is Dawnie? Why ain’t she calling me herself?” He heard noises in the back ground, a muttered ‘get up, something’s wrong’ from the woman.

“She is currently in critical care at,” House named the hospital, “she is being affected by a neuro-toxin that is preventing her from speaking at the moment.”

Faith’s voice was gruff, “We’ll be there shortly.” And the phone hung up.

House turned to look at Dawn, “Well that was interesting; apparently ‘they’ will be here shortly. Since that is all, I’ll go back to finding a neuro-toxin antidote.” He turned and was headed out the door, when an aggressive, yet sexy woman stalked in followed by a man with dark hair and only one eye.

“Dawn, we came Luna express, no Buffy and Willow don’t know… yet.”

The woman crawled up on the bed with her hugging her; the man stood looking at House. “What’s wrong with her?”

House looked at him for a long moment, and for the first time in a very long time, decided sarcasm might not be the correct response. “Short story neuro-toxin is slowly killing her, we are developing the anti-toxin, but it will take at least two more hours, I don’t know if she has that, it is accelerating.”

“Go.” The man stalked by him and went to the bed, dropping a kiss on her head, as House left he swore he heard him say something about magic, but dismissed it.

“Luna sent two potions, they will help stabilize you, but she muttered something about see that it was set with magic, so magic won’t cure. Here,” he expertly pulled the tube out, and dumped a potion down her throat.

Dawn choked for a moment steam literal coming out of her ears, but then she took a deep breath. “Thanks, sorry I really, really didn’t want to bring you into this.”

Faith laughed softly kissing her forehead, “Why not, after all you still have the blackmail pictures of me at my bachelorette party.”

A smirk crossed Dawns face, “Yes I do, and if W and B never find out, I just might give them back.”

Xander pouted, “Two years, and still no one will tell me what happened at the bachelor party, all anyone does is just smile dreamily.”

“Ignorance is bliss Xan, trust me on that.”

They passed the time talking to Dawn until House came through the door with a needle, “This should do the trick…. How is she breathing off the machine?”

Faith shrugged, “A little bit of loving goes a long way, a lot of loving goes even further, “ licking her lips at him.

Greg’s mind flashed for a long moment to the idea of the two of them, the man’s laughter brought him back, “No breaking the Doc Faith, we need him.”

“Not going to ask… “ he moved forward and injected the needle into her arm roughly. “Since I know that didn’t hurt.”

Dawn smiled at him sarcastic, “Gee thanks for the wonderful bedside manner… how long until we know?”

He was busy sticking needles up her arm to the shoulder, “I don’t know. Let me know when you can feel that you are a voodoo doll.”

“Nah, been there, voodoo is really hard to pull off safely, being shot by a porcupine, now that will make you sit up and pay attention.” Faith commented idly as she sat next to Dawn, drawing stick figures having sex on Dawn’s arm.

“Porcupine? When were you stuck by a Porcupine?” Xander asked completely curious, as Dawn looked her also.

“Oh… on a training… hike with Mr. C, apparently porcupines don’t care about any ‘abilities’,” she made quote marks in the area, “and they really hurt when they go in, and more when they go out. Not of the fun.”

Dawn rolled her eyes, “Better be careful, you are started to pick up Buffy’s way of speaking.”

Horror filled Faith’s eyes, “Damn, Xan we need to go to Boston for vacation, no way in hell am I going to pick up valley girlisms.” Faith tapped the point of the marker she was drawing on Dawns arm with a bit roughly.

“Hey watch it..hey I FELT that….”

House had been listening to them, and everything they said and didn’t say in front of him, and was absolutely curious about this group, but that remark made him sit up. “Let’s check.” He worked his way down the arms, and she had sensation returning all the way down, with only the finger tips still being numb.

“It looks like you will live… so… do I still get the sex?”

Xander and Faith looked mildly curious, and he was disappointed, really hoping for more of a rise out of them. Dawn grinned, “Not this time, but hey save my life again, and I will rock your world. Okay guys get me the fuck out of here.”

Three hours later the strange trio was gone and House was sitting in his office snickering, she had been more fun than anyone in a long time; he hoped he met her someplace other than the hospital someday.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn is in the house". This story is complete.

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