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Lost and Found

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Summary: Angel/Spike Buffy/Willow don´t have any others planned so far. Spike is depressed and the Scoobies call Angel. Turns out Angel has an old friend who might be able to help. But will it be enough? Slash, femslash.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Part 2

Part 2

Authors Note: Chapter 2 finally. Sorry it took so long but oh well here it is.

Authors Note2: Slight, and I mean very slight, Buffy bashing in this chapter.

Spike felt some kind of presence outside his room but couldn´t pinpoint it to a specific person or being. Then there was a knock on the door.
He ignored it in favor of burrowing himself deeper into the covers of his bed.
The slight tingling feeling of magic made him shiver right before the door opened on its own.
“Spike? “Angel’s voice came from the door. “I just want to talk to you.”
He received no answer from the lump on the bed.
With a frown on his face he walked a few more steps into the room.
He stopped when the covers on the bed moved and revealed a bleach blonde head with hair sticking up everywhere and light blue tired eyes.
Wait! Light blue? Spike didn´t have light blue eyes, he had sky-blue…
“Shit!” Angel thought.” It´s more serious than I thought if his eyes are losing color.”
A vampire whose eye-color changed was a sure sign of deep emotional damage and always led to the vampire dusting itself, or trying to, in every possible way.
If the vampire had a dark eye-color the eyes eventually changed to black and if it had a light eye-color they changed to white.
“What do you want?” asked Spike quietly.
“Just talk. Nothing more. Promise,” said Angel.
Spike studied the dark haired vampire for a long enough time to make Angel think the answer was going to be no when Spike finally gave him a little nod of approval.
Angel sat down on the chair beside the desk and just looked at Spike for a while, trying to figure out where to start.
He could try to go slowly and sort of ease into the subject and make Spike irritated or go with the direct approach and hope Spike didn´t attack him or something.
Angel chose the lesser of two evils and told the truth.
It didn´t go well. In fact it could have gone worse, Angel thought as Spike´s fist came flying right at his face before he passed out after hitting the wall, hard.
When he woke up Spike was gone and Dawn stood looming over him with her arms crossed, foot tapping and face a quiet study in controlled rage.
“What did you say to him?” asked Dawn.
Angel got up from the floor and sat on Spike´s bed.
“The truth.”

While Dawn raged at Angel a certain blonde vampire was in a certain bar called Willie´s and drank as he muttered about:” damn bloody Sire who couldn´t keep to himself and just leave him alone,” as the other patrons listened as intently and amused as if the TV (which had been broken the last 3 years) above the bar had been on and the news reported the murders and wars that took place all over the world. At the same time they wondered about his eyes though none of them dared say anything out loud due to the blonde vampires´ famous short temper and fighting skills.

“Buuuuffyyyyy!!!!!!!,”Dawn yelled.
The Slayer came running down the stairs as if there was a fire behind her and stopped right in front of her sister who was still glaring at Angel.
“What´s wrong? What did he do?”Asked Buffy.
“HE told Spike about what we talked about yesterday and made Spike run away,”said Dawn.
Buffy turned to the dark vampire and crossed her arms, unknowingly she looked just like Joyce but Angel sure wasn´t going to tell her that.
The Slayers mother had left just a month ago when their father Hank had suddenly come back after being absent for Buffy’s and Dawns whole life and asked Joyce to go with him to France. She had accepted and left her girls behind. Buffy was still furious and Dawn wasn´t much better.
“You did what?” said Buffy icily.
Angel sighed. What was it with the Slayer and her idea of not telling the truth even though it was the best thing to do?
Was it really that hard to stop hiding things? And that so didn´t come from the right person in any way…he was probably the master of hiding things, he had after all been hiding his feelings for his bleach blonde Childe for oh about 129 years now. Not to mention all the other things like how he…..
“Angel! Snap out of it and listen to me!” Buffy interrupted his thoughts as usual and Angel looked up at her a bit irritated.
Buffy thought she saw a flash f yellow in his eyes but that was impossible because Angel loved her, he was hers and no one else’s.
“What? I am actually capable of thinking and listening to you at the same time you know,” said Angel.
Buffy blinked once, twice before answering.
“I´ll just pretend you didn´t say that.”
Before Angel could answer that he did say it Xander came in.
“One: he did say it. Two: I can´t actually believe I´m saying this but he´s right. You need to tone down the Faith attitude. Three: Buffy, Giles asked for you. Some new demony thing popped up just now.”
Buffy looked at where Xander had stood and pouted angrily before turning back to Angel.
“Don´t think I´m letting you off this easy.”
Dawn nodded before turning around to leave. At the door she said:
“You should probably come too. If it´s bigger then Buffy can handle she´ll need you as backup tonight.”

After hours of hard research trying to find a demon called Na´Turga and having no luck they took a break at one 0´clock in the early afternoon just as Willow came through the door at the Magic Box.
She took in the faces of the other four sitting among a literal (pun intended) mountain of books.
“Research huh?” she asked as she sat down beside a yawning Xander.
“Yay for stating the obvious Wills,” answered Xander before laying his head on the thick book he had been reading.
“So what are we researching then? We are researching something, right? We´re not just reading up on demons and stuff?” asked Willow grabbing a book roughly the size of the one Xander was currently resting his head on.
Giles mumbled something and looked up from the book he had been reading in. Looking around he finally spotted Willow.
“Oh, sorry. What did you say?”
Buffy and Willow smiled at each other at the Watchers´ ability to lose himself completely in any book given to him.
“What are we looking for? In the books I mean,” said Willow and held up the thick brown book she had taken from one of the piles on the table.
“A most nasty little demon called Na´Turga. Not much is known about it except how it looks and what it eats which is most unfortunately human flesh. It seems to be some sort of a delicatessen or…..” Giles trailed off at seeing the redheads paled face.
“I think you can spare us those kind of details,” commented Dawn with a yuck-face from where she was seated next to Buffy.
“I sooo second that,” said Xander without lifting his head.
“Yes, of course.” Giles nodded as he went back to mumbling and muttering over the book in his hands.

As the time grew closer to evening Dawn suddenly looked up with a frown.

“Where did Angel go?”

The others looked at her in surprise and then at each other. They had gotten so caught up in research they had forgotten the dark haired vampire completely.

“Yeah, where did MacBroody go?” asked Xander looking around as if the vampire would pop up at any second now. Sure Angel did had a habit of doing it just to annoy him but still it was strange even for him to just disappear like that without some kind of warning.

And considering it was still light out it was even stranger because vampire + sunlight equals flambe.

Angel was in fact on his way to Willy´s through the sewers that ran beneath the whole city and, in some parts, a bit outside it too.

He had a feeling that that was where he would find his Childe and, hopefully, find out what was wrong with him. If he couldn´t find that out he was forced to contact an old friend of his.

Sighing he turned around and staked the fledge trying to sneek up on him from behind and continued walking.

A few minutes later he was right under the hatch that led to Willy´s basement and from there to a small room where a phone was, obviously it was called the phone room, and after that the bar itself.

Angel hesitated only half a second before opening the hatch and entered the small phone room.

Spike looked up from his glass as he felt a familiar presence from the basement entrance and frowned as he rose from the barstool, his attention fixed on the door.

The other various demons and vampires noticed the change and cleared a path as if expecting a fight. Tables and chairs were moved with greater haste then any humans would have hoped to achieve and when Angel came in the bar looked different. All chairs and tables where lined up against the walls and the patrons where looking from him to Spike with great interest.

Where they going to fight or was Angel there to reclaim Spike as his Favored Childe? Or were they just going to talk? Only time would tell.

Day of rhyming reviews? Well here I go.

I only have achieved the total of one reviews
Still waiting for my mailbox to announce the news:
You have more reviews!
I hope I do not sound like a total loon
And for those reviews to drop in soon
Is it to much to hope they´ll come before noon?
Perhaps I hope to much?
You never know, I might have a magical touch.....

Oh for the love of all that´s unholy did that suck or was it just me?
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