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Lost and Found

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Summary: Angel/Spike Buffy/Willow don´t have any others planned so far. Spike is depressed and the Scoobies call Angel. Turns out Angel has an old friend who might be able to help. But will it be enough? Slash, femslash.

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Part 3

Part 3

Disclaimer: I still don’t own any of the characters (either from Buffy or Harry Potter) even tho I would like to have a Spike of my own tied to my bed *wink, wink*
Authors Note: If you haven´t guessed it already: Spike did become a ghost after the last battle but he didn´t end up in L.A but in Sunnydale instead.

If you have read the season 8 of Buffy and season 6 of Angel the comic then ignore everything about them.

Oh and after Sunnydale was destroyed it was rebuilt.

And the Cleveland Hellmouth don´t exist.

Wolfram&Hart…well they exist but Angel isn´t fighting them yet. Don’t worry it will come :)

I just hope I can make Lindsey, Holland and Lilah justice…

Oh and Angel and Spike know about each other being former students at Hogwarts.

Oh and for most spells I will use the Harry Potter Lexicon but I plan to invent quite a few spells of my own just so you know and don’t get confused if you find a spell you don’t recognize in later parts because it will probably be a made up one and so will the language .

The HP parts *will* be AU unless I say otherwise….so you can practically forget all you know about the books and movies except the characters, places and such….Same with the Whedon-verse.

The demons called Guardians are sooooooo my own creation……

Oh and I forget to mention that the demons called Na´Turga are my own creation too…

Other changes I make in the Whedon-verse or HP-verse will be explained before each chapter begins so you don´t get too confuzzled so it´s best if you DO read my AN: s….no matter how long and useless they seem….

“I thought you would be here,” said Angel.

Spike shrugged.

“Not that many places to go on the Hellmouth,” came the answer.

Spike was cautious of him, Angel noticed. Cautious and something else, not quite afraid but close.

Angel didn´t like it one bit but it was okay because it only made him more determined to find out what the Hell was wrong with his Childe and how to fix it to make it not wrong anymore.

And maybe, just maybe, things would work out for the best.

“I tried to talk to you but you wouldn´t listen,” said Angel as he took a step closer to Spike.

“And is that such a surprise? You spun some tale about them actually caring about me, wanting to help me. They never cared before, not even after I saved their lives not to mention this world, so why would they care now?”

Angel blinked. Then blinked again.

Had the Scoobies really treated Spike that bad despite the fact that Buffy and Giles had reassured him that they would take care of him?

“What do you mean?” asked Angel.

“After the chip I went to the Slayer and asked for help. What did I get in return? She and her little gang ridiculed me whenever they saw the chance, whenever I did the slightest bit wrong in their eyes. They made me work for blood. And the only reason these guys,” Spike spread his hands to indicate all the demons and vampires in the bar,” hasn´t killed me for admitting that I was weak and went to ask a Slayer for help is that they did it too. They asked her Slayerness for help and got a death-threat in return and a few others who asked, pretty peaceful demons, were killed without second thought.”

Angel stood silent, shocked to his very core. The part of him who still loved Buffy, no matter how little, was shaking in anger. How could the Slayer, who was supposed to help people and peaceful demons, treat others this way?

“Looks like you have finally realized how far your Golden Girl have fallen,” said Willy from the bar while wiping a glass clean.

Several vampires nodded and a few demons, called Guardians, which race was known in the Underground community for helping Slayers for the last centuries, shook their heads sadly.

A Guardian, which Spike thought was named Talmek, rose from his chair.

“How the mighty have fallen. In a time when she is needed the most the Slayer think more about herself then the safety and welfare of those she is supposed to protect. We few Guardians which still exist haven´t forgotten the true purpose of the Slayer even though it seems the Watchers themselves have.”

Angel looked at the green/red skinned demon that was at least a head taller than him with black eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth. He had thought these demons to be extinct but here right in front of him where no less than five of them.

Blinking in confusion Angel asked the demon which had spoken:

“What exactly is the true purpose of the Slayer then? If she doesn´t exist to even out the balance between good and evil?”

“What is good and what is evil? The current Slayer is fixated on the idea that us demons are evil and the humans good but there is humans out there who have done things even you, Angelus, would never even consider doing. There is a fine line between good and evil and the Slayer is very close to breaking that line.”

Angel thought about it for a while. He understood perfectly.

“I understand.”

The Guardians slowly walked to the door. They had made their point and had nothing else left to do here except…

The leader turned to Angel.

“You should contact your old friend. He should be able to help you with you Childe.”

The door closed and left Angel behind, confused yet again.

What old friend?

And when did Spike leave?

Looking around he shrugged before he too left.

Back at Buffy´s house Willow walked in the door with the herbs and candles Giles had asked her to pick up and were greeted with a hug and a long steamy kiss from Buffy that left her weak in the knees.

“Mmmm. What a way to say hello,” Willow said smiling.

Then she noticed the less than happy mood of the others.

After dropping of the brown paper bag on the living room table she turned to the others.

“What´s going on with the gloomy faces people?”

Dawn, Buffy and Xander shared a look before they started telling everything that had happen.

Angel finished by retelling what had happen at Willie´s bar and that the Guardian leader had told him who to contact.

“But what old friend? I mean, you´re old and must have known lots of people in the past?” said Willow.

Angel thought about it and suddenly it just came to him.

“Old friend. A friend old enough to have known me back then and still be alive today…Why didn´t I think of it before? It was right there! So obvious.”

Buffy, Xander, Dawn and Willow looked at the pacing vampire.

They all thought the same thing. What was he talking about?

In the end the only one of them that wasn´t afraid to ask was Dawn.

“What are you talking about? And can you sit down!”

Angel stopped in the middle of a step and looked at her in surprise, as did the rest. They weren’t used to her giving orders like that.

Finally the vampire sat down quietly beside her.

“I have a, very special, friend who I knew about 139 years ago. He might be able to help if he´s still in the same place.”

“What´s his name?” asked Dawn.

The vampire hesitated before answering.

“His name is Albus Dumbledore.”

Quiet fell over the room as Angel waited to see if anyone recognized the name but it seemed no one did. Willow looked as if she had read it somewhere, which was most likely, but couldn´t remember where. The others just looked confused.

“I´ll contact him tonight,” said Angel.

At ten in the evening Angel was in the old mansion on Crawford Street by the fireplace. Crouching down beside it he moved a few of the stones aside and removed a dark brown pouch from a hidden compartment.

Carefully opening it and checking how much was left of the powdery contents he took a little amount in his hand. Rubbing some of it between his thumb and forefinger he deemed it good enough for use.

Taking out the *stick* he had used to open the door to Spikes room he pointed it at the fireplace and carefully muttered:


A pleasant fire suddenly sparkled in the before black fireplace.

Taking a small amount of the powder from the pouch he threw it in the fire and said loud and clear:

“Albus Dumbledore´s location!”

At Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office chair when suddenly the fire in his fireplace turned a bit green. Turning his head in interest his eyes got big in surprise as he saw the head of an old friend.


“Yes, Albus, it´s me. Though I usually go by Angel now. Isn´t this the Headmasters office?”

“What have you been doing all these years? Are you alright? No problems I hope? When can I see you?” asked Albus with excitement shining in his eyes.

“And yes it is the Headmasters office. I´m the Headmaster now you know.”

Angel couldn´t help the laugh that escaped.

“Calm down! I have a serious problem and I need your help. There´s something wrong with my Childe. He´s not eating and seems very depressed and since I never cared much for learning Legilimency I can’t figure out what´s wrong.” Angel explained with worry.

“Have you tried talking to him?” asked Albus even though he already knew what to do.

“Last time I tried he threw a punch in my face and ran away. I found him in his favorite bar but while I was talking to one of the patrons he disappeared, again.”

Angel sighed and ran a hand through his hair, making it even more messy though Albus wasn´t going to tell him that anytime soon.

“Then bring him here after you have found him and I´ll take care of him. You can bring whoever you want with you.” Said Albus with a small smile.

Angel relaxed for the first time since Buffy had called him.

Thanking Albus he ended the conversation.
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