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Lost and Found

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Summary: Angel/Spike Buffy/Willow don´t have any others planned so far. Spike is depressed and the Scoobies call Angel. Turns out Angel has an old friend who might be able to help. But will it be enough? Slash, femslash.

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Part 1

Title: Lost and Found
Pairing: Angel/Spike Buffy/Willow
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: I own non of the characters in this story unless otherwise noted. I just take them out of a little black box and play with them now and then.
Authors Note: This isn´t beta read so I take full responsibility for all mistakes in spelling and such.
But you as the reader can help me by pointing them out if you find any.....

Authors Note2: Harry Potter crossover wont be until third chapter. Sorry! I had planed for it to start in the second chapter but the chapter took a 180 from where I wanted it to go...

Authors Note3: Spike isn´t chipped, Tara got it out before she died. In this universe she died at the last battle in season 7 and this story therefore takes place after that which explains Angel being in L.A.

Part 1

Spike sat on the stairs in Buffy's house out of sight and looked at the Scoobies as they laughed and joked about one thing or another.
It had taken him years to gain their trust and, while reluctant, even a sort of friendship but now, ever since Buffy and Willow had come out as a couple, they had all left him behind.
All he was waiting for was for Xander to realize that Dawn loved him and then Spike wouldn´t have anything or anyone to hold him to his unlife. One by one the people he loved the most, whether they realized it or not, left him behind.
"They don't care about me anymore," mumbled Spike to himself. "They never did and never will. It´s always the same. No one wants me...."
He didn´t notice the pink tear that slowly made it´s way down his cheek as he got up from the stairs and went up to his room.

Buffy laughed at something Xander just said when she heard a sound from the stairs. Turning her head quickly she just caught the sight of a black coat disappearing up the stairs. She frowned. ”Why does he keep watching us when I told him to stop?” she thought to herself.
"Buffy? Something wrong?" Asked Willow.
"Huh? Oh, nothing. Just Spike watching us again," Buffy said and sighed.
"I thought you told him to stop?" Xander asked and looked towards the stairs.
"I did but he obviously don´t get it. Stupid vamp," Buffy muttered back.

Up in his room Spike lay on his side on the bed with his face turned toward the window and the night sky as pink tears rolled from his eyes.
"No one will ever love me...just a demon in a human body..."

The first thing Spike noticed when he woke up was the quietness of the house and the second-his growing hunger. He ignored it as he had done the last two days. He dressed in grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt before leaving the room. A trip to the bathroom proved how lucky he was that no-one was home. The pink tear-tracks on his face would have made the others ask a lot of questions he didn´t want to answer.
He quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth before searching the house for clues as to why it was so quiet at a time where there usually was noise and movement.
The search came up with no answers and as it was 08.34 in the morning he couldn´t go out and search so all it was left to do was wait.
Something the vampire wasn´t very good at.
He sat in one of the couches the Scoobies had sat in last night and turned on the TV. He soon got bored of the morning news, crappy sitcoms and reruns of old shows no-one watched anymore and felt himself drift away as sleep claimed him.

Dawn unlocked the door and opened it. As she walked in she saw that a ray of sunlight had just barely missed Spike who was laying on the couch. Swearing she quickly closed the door.
She quietly walked closer to the sleeping vampire and studied the face of the sleeping vampire.
Spike had always looked young and been a whirlwind of motion but lately he had seemed quiet and withdrawn. As Dawn looked at his face now he only seemed tired and old. As she looked at the rest of him and especially the part where his t-shirt had ridden up to show his stomach and part of his ribcage she noticed he had lost a lot of weight because where the vampire had been lean and covered with hard muscles he was now thin and almost to the point of bony.
“Something´s wrong with him,” she thought as her eyes narrowed in deep concern.
She made a promise to herself to ask the vampire about the weight loss.

Spike woke with a start as the outdoor slammed open to announce the arrival of Buffy with Xander following her. Blearily he looked at the clock on the wall and then at the cause of his waking up.
Buffy was chatting animatedly with Xander as they walked to the kitchen for breakfast. Xander looked at Spike and then said something to Buffy, who then looked at Spike and started laughing.
Spike felt himself becoming more and more depressed the more time he spent out of his room. Sitting and listening to the others laugh and have fun and spending time with their loved ones and ignoring him was only making him feel left out and even more lonely.
“Why am I even bothering getting out of bed?” Spike thought sadly as he once again went up to his room.

Dawn looked up from her breakfast as Buffy and Xander entered.
"You´re right, Xander. He did look adorable with bed hair," said Buffy still giggling a bit.
"Who?" Asked Dawn.
"Spike," answered Buffy smiling.
Dawn frowned before saying:
"Something´s wrong with him."

Xander turned his head to look at her, concern written over his face.
"What makes you say that?"
"Well…When I came in he was sleeping on the couch and his t-shirt had ridden up so I could see his stomach and some of his ribs."
Dawn didn´t know if she should, or could, continue as tears started to gather in her eyes. Buffy saw and enveloped her younger sister in a soft comforting hug.
"He was so skinny I could almost see his bones," whispered Dawn as the tears finally spilled.
"Xander, check the fridge," Buffy ordered.
Xander did and saw that where there would only be about three bags of blood left there were now closer to six or seven. Slowly he closed the door and shook his head.
"He probably hasn´t been feeding for the last three or four days."
Dawn started crying even harder.
Buffy and Xander shared a look that clearly said that they would help Dawn help Spike no matter what but they still needed to tell the others about this.
They all asked the same thing: What could make a vampire, and a master at that, depressed enough to stop feeding? They decided to contact the only one they could think of to hold the answer.

L.A, morning

"Angel Investigations, how can I help you?" Asked Cordelia as she answered the phone
"It´s Buffy, is Angel there?"
"Sure, hold on. Aaaaangeeellll!"
There was a loud thump from the floor above the lobby and Cordelia smirked at herself for managing to ruffle the dark vampire´s hair.
This was followed by a series of equally loud stomping sounds as Angel hurried down the stairs.
"What´s up? Where´s the demon?"
"No demon," said Cordelia. "Just Buffy on the phone sounding worried."
Angel raised an eyebrow but took the phone.
"Something wrong?" He asked.
"Yeah, you might say that. What could make a vampire not feed for several days?" Asked a worried sounding Buffy.
Angel hesitated. He felt his mouth go dry. “Please, please don’t let it be…” he thought.
"Well, it could be a number of reasons. Mostly depression and the sort.
Why´re you asking?"
There was a long pause before finally…
"It´s Spike."
Buffy began with how Dawn had come home and found him asleep on the couch and ended with how Xander had checked the blood supply in the fridge.
There was a pause long enough for Buffy to think that Angel had hung up on her when suddenly…
"Fuck!!....Alright, I´ll be there in an hour."


Buffy hung up the phone and turned anxiously to the gang who were all watching her.
"He´s coming. Though I don’t know how he´s going to get here within one hour when it takes two and a half hours to drive here."


Angel hung up the phone and turned to his gang.
"Wesley, get a teleportation spell ready to activate in an hour, we´re leaving for Sunnydale."
They looked at him as if he had suddenly grown a second head.
"Why are we going there?" Asked Cordelia.
"Something´s wrong with Spike."
Those few words were all they needed to start packing for a few days.

Over the years since they all had gotten together and all they had been through they had learned about the deep bond Angel and Spike had once shared that was more like Mates then Sire/Childe and how Angel still loved the blonde vampire despite Darla’s attempt to put several spells on him to make him hate Spike and kill him. The supposed *soul* was nothing more than another one of her attempts to separate the two. It succeeded for a while but when Angel had finally broken the spell it was too late- Darla had made Spike believe he had left him and Spike now hated him. Angel had vowed to change that.

One hour after Buffy’s call the L.A gang stood in the circle Wesley had made. The incantation was spoken, a whirlwind appeared and a few seconds later they were standing in Buffy’s living room before the shocked Sunnydalers.
"Well, you said one hour," smiled Buffy.
"You sure know how to arrive in style, Deadboy," said Xander with a soda in his hand.

Upstairs in a room with a locked door Spike shivered as he felt the magic rush through the house. He had always been able to feel different kinds of magic and could use some of it very well, perhaps too well, which was why he had never liked it. He had always hated how much power he seemed to have and how well he could use it no matter if it was for good or bad.
The school he had gone to as a child, from 11 to 17 years old, had taught him both ways though it had proven helpful at times even after his turning when he found himself in trouble.

The first thing Angel noticed was the pure misery and sadness that hung in the air together with the scent of his Childe. It hurt more than he had thought it would and he ignored the Scoobies as he went up the stairs and sought out Spike´s room.

It didn´t took long before he found it and when he did he hesitated before knocking lightly.

He didn´t get an answer so he tried the handle. It was locked.

Sighing he looked around before he pulled out what looked to be a stick from his jacket and after whispering a single word the door slid open.

"Guess that school did teach me something after all," mumbled Angel.

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Part two is hopefully finished and posted within 2 weeks.
Thanks to all who have read my fic and I hope you will continue.
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