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Obsession. FR18 version.

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Summary: With two vampires fighting over her, not to mention her real father, watcher and two Godfathers fighting for custody, Buffy isn't as alone as she thought, but maybe she would like to be. Warnings: adult themes, rape, violence, language and more.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family(Past Donor)FireDragonFR18928,20512412,69814 Jan 087 Oct 13No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


Groggily Sirius walked to the door and scratched at it while yawning widely. He knew he had gotten battered and bruised when Buffy had her nightmare. That would have been nothing but things only got worse from there.

Wesley, Faith and Giles had come in the middle of the night so he had been stuck as a dog for the rest of the night. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem but they burned some stinky herbs for the vampire de-invite spell. The spell it’s self didn’t take very long but the scent had lingered all night long.

Everyone went to bed at that point, and still Sirius might have been able to sleep at this point, but he could hear everything that was going on in the house.

Wesley had dreams of being a ‘rogue demon hunter’ and ended up squealing like a girl periodically in his sleep. Faith raided the fridge three times and Buffy had that many more nightmares.

All in all Sirius was tired. He needed to get out and change back into his human form or he would be stuck like this all day. His animagus form was still a secret from the snake and he wasn’t sure how to go about telling Buffy about it. Nobody was coming to let him out. He knew Giles was talking to Buffy about going to Hogwarts, that left Wesley and Faith to worry about seeing him transform.

Finally deciding that he would say he let himself in, if asked; he transformed back into his human form. It was not a moment too soon as the doorbell rang right after.

“What happened to you?” Severus asked with a happy little smirk on his face and motioned to Sirius’ face.

“What happened?” Remus echoed with far more concern and less glee. Half of Sirius’ face was black, blue.

“Buffy had a rough night.” Sirius only managed to get out before both men jumped in asking if she were alright.

“Yes she is fine, I just got too close when I was trying to wake Buffy up from a nightmare.”

“Buffy did that?” Severus asked as if to clarify.

“It was an accident!” Sirius growled.

“I knew I would be proud of that girl.” Severus crowed and walked in looking for Buffy. He wanted to make sure for himself that she was alright and corner her watcher for answers. He never got a chance; the moment Buffy spotted the wizards she put them all to work on packing duty. Buffy was not a light task mistress.

Buffy smiled as she supervised the wizards working together on menial labor. She was leaving the Mouth of Hell alive! She never thought she would live to see the day; literally. This wasn’t a summer with the man she used to think was her father, this was actual moveage. For the next two years she was going to live in England and go to a magical school. With actual teachers with actual demonstration! No more would she have to try and figure out spells in secret; with nothing more than Merrick’s old wand and the home study program Merrick had signed her up through the Salem Witches Academy. Not only that, Buffy had every intention of buying, her very own, wand.

She would love and treasure her first wand for the rest of her life. It was Merrick’s last gift to her along with his life. Since it wasn’t really meant for her it was very difficult to use.

So it was with joy and excitement that she put the wizards to work. Much to their dismay the wizards ended up having to work the muggle way. They were on the Hellmouth and wand magic was unpredictable here. Sirius was the first Wizard to try his luck with a wand. He was now stuck cleaning the mess he had made in the bathroom. None of the other wizards wanted to risk a repeat of Sirius’ mistake; except for Severus.

Severus insisted that Sirius was a “lazy out of practice wizard who couldn’t cast a spell right if the instruction book were right in front of him.” For Buffy’s part she tried not to laugh when things went just as wrong for Severus, who was now busy cleaning up the kitchen from his own attempt at using his wand.

Remus ended up being one of the best helpers, though he had additional strength given to him by his wolf.

In the end it took them a few days but they managed to move all of Buffy’s belongings out side of town where they shrank them down and put them in a feather light box for her. Then returning to Giles’ apartment they did the same thing for him. In the end Buffy had two bags, one for long term storage and one for what she wanted handy. Giles also had two bags and a Pepsi can.

Together they all gathered around, everyone touching the can.

“Izzypopplekins.” Giles activated the portkey and the wild journey that followed,

Buffy landed on her feet laughing wildly. “That was awesome can we do that again?” she asked the others who hadn’t landed quite so well. Turning to look around she gasped at her first sight of Hogwarts. The castle was like from a dream”

“Welcome to Hogwarts Buffy,” Sirius said getting up from the grass the wizards were sprawled on.
“Please promise me that Dracula doesn’t live here?” Buffy asked only half joking. Secretly she was thinking ‘this could be heaven and this could be hell, welcome to the Hotel California.’

“No vampires are allowed on the school grounds, there is a protection spell on the school.”

“What about patrols?” Buffy asked concerned. “I want to stay sharp.”

“We will work it out Buffy I promise.” Giles stated. “We should go check in with Professor Dumbledore. Let him know we are here.”

“I am sure he knows.” Remus stated with a smile. Sure enough Dumbledore met them at the entrance way.

“I have set up a special room for Miss Summers if you will follow me.” Leading the way Dumbledore explained about the castle to Buffy. He explained about the different houses and their colors. He explained about the moving staircases and paintings. He especially explained about the house-elves and how she shouldn’t slay them.

Buffy’s room was beautiful she decided it was as simple as that. There was a wooden dresser that matched the wooden headboard to her bed. The comforter it’s self was like looking at a lovely forest. It had green leaves and vines but also tiny flowers in each house color.

There were several doors in her room aside from the one leading to the rest of the castle; one lead to a bathroom, another to an exercise and workout room. This room she found out was also attached to Giles’ room. There were two more doors besides that, one lead outside to the very edge of the forest. The last room she found out would be attached to whichever man’s was her guardian for the week.

This was how she found out that they were going to divide up her guardianship week by week until something more permanent was decided. She had mixed feelings about this. On one hand they weren’t trying to take her away from Giles yet, but she was going to have to spend a week with each of the others.

She also found out that she had all summer to catch up on her studies. “Goody.” She said in a dead tone. “No summer fun for me?”

“I think we can arrange some summer fun too.” Remus smiled remembering what it was like to be her age. “But you have a lot of catching up to do.”

Buffy nodded she knew her magic skills to be lacking and in truth she wanted to make them better. She never dared to actually try casting things on the hellmouth. Though she got marginally good grades through her home study program.

“Speaking of which, we should find out how much catching up she has to do. Can you show us any spells you know?”

“I am not sure how much I do know. But I will try.” Buffy pulled her wand out and went to cast a spell. Taking a deep breath she cast a levitation spell on a ball which floated about for a moment before shooting off in all directions.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that. Maybe magic school isn’t a great idea for me.” Buffy stated worried that everyone was going to be angry at her because they had to play dodge ball for a few moments there before she managed to catch the ball.

“Let me see your wand Buffy. You performed the spell correctly it should have worked better than that.” Remus stated taking her wand and looking at it closely. “This wand didn’t choose you did it?” he stated after a moment of looking at it.

“I haven’t ever been to a wand store yet,” she explained.

“Where did you get this wand,” Severus asked?

“It was Merrick’s wand, he was going to take me to get a wand but he died before we could go. He gave it to me as he died.”

“It must be very special to you,” Giles asked?

“It is, but I would still like to get my own wand. I don’t think this one works well with me.”

“We will go soon and get you one Buffy I promise.” Giles smiled. “You can keep that one for sentimental reasons if you like or sell it back to Olivanders so someone else can use it someday.”

“Thanks Giles.”

“You will love shopping in Diagon alley Buffy. May I come as well? I’d like to buy you a little something myself,” Remus asked only to be echoed by everyman in the room minus the headmaster.

“I guess we will make a day of it.” Giles stated knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Buffy shopping anyway.
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