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Obsession. FR18 version.

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Summary: With two vampires fighting over her, not to mention her real father, watcher and two Godfathers fighting for custody, Buffy isn't as alone as she thought, but maybe she would like to be. Warnings: adult themes, rape, violence, language and more.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family(Past Donor)FireDragonFR18928,20512412,69714 Jan 087 Oct 13No

A Letter and a Challenged Claim.

Obsession. FR18 Version.

There is also a FR21 Version. I thought I would see how many people were interested in the milder version.

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter.

Warning: Non-con sex scenes, I have toned it down a lot for this version but do not read if this bothers you or if you are under age. You have been warned! Oh and there is also biting, language, sexual situations, violence and is probably the darkest story I have written, though there will be silver linings for every dark cloud...I hope.

This story is a work in progress.

Any and all spoilers are possible, but not guaranteed.

This starts out and Buffy is 16 going on 17 Harry is just turned 14. The Wizarding age of becoming an adult is 18. (Not 17 like in the books)

Angel will not be his usual self. In fact he will probably become the main bad guys in this story. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. The pairings will have moments of Spuffy, BAngel and Buffy may have have some romance with a Harry Potter character I haven’t decided yet. She will not be paired with Harry, Draco, Ron, Severus, Sirus, or Lupin. (In fact she will be related to several of these characters.)

Things happened at a much faster rate on Buffy, She was called earlier and didn’t meet Angel until later. Order of major bad’s, Lothos, Adam, (no relationship with Riley she was too young Spike gets his chip) This is when she moves to Sunnydale and meets Angel and together they took out the Master. Finally comes Glory. Buffy is 16 years old when she defeats Glory. (I told you she was called younger and things happened a lot faster.) There is no Dawn, Buffy was the key.

This is after the Prisoner of Azkaban, however although Peter escaped, Hermione was able to get proof that he was still alive therefore Sirus has been cleared of his crimes, but is still not trusted by the Wizarding World.

So in short this story is AU kiddies!


Chapter 1. A Letter and a Challenged Claim.

Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry sat at the teachers table sipping his coffee and not talking or looking at anybody. It was summer break and the great hall was nearly empty. There were no students and most of the teachers were gone for the summer break. Severus however didn’t have anywhere to go. Unless it was back to Voldemort to spy. The arrival of the several owls. One carried the (wizard news) and the other carried an official letter from the ministry of magic.

A scowl lined his face as he opened the letter wondering what could be inside.

Official notification.

The Ministry of Magic regrets to inform you that Joyce Summers, the adoptive mother of your daughter Buffy Summers was recently killed by a Hell God who was trying to get back to her dimension. Per the Council of Watchers said Hell God, one Glorificus has been taken care of by the currant Slayer and her Watcher. However they refused to comment further on this or provide details as to who the Slayer is.

Your daughter is currently in the care of one Rupert Giles, who was asked to be her guardian by Joyce Summers before she died. The ministry has discovered that your daughter has great powers in magic that has recently increased in strength and power. This untrained power is highly dangerous to herself and those around her. She must therefore be compelled to attend a school for Witchcraft. She is far too powerful not to learn control. Also the question of who will gain custody of Miss Summers is in dispute, by her godfathers. An informal inquiry is being arraigned to decide who is best suited to become the girls guardian. Should you wish to attend said inquiry please come to the Ministry today. All interested parties will then pay a visit to Mr. Giles and Miss Summers to go over the options.

Almadarius Kesselman
Head administrator in the office of child placement and adoption.

Bursting from his chair he ran over to Dumbledor and showed him the letter.

“Headmaster I need your help. You have got to help me win custody of Buffy,” he asked desperately.

Albus blinked in surprise. He had no idea the gloomy potions master wanted custody of his daughter. Rising from the table the two walked to his office where he offered the pacing professor a lemon drop.

“I am already aware of the inquiry and planned to attend to offer the girl a chance to come to Hogwarts. But Severus, do you really want to get custody of the girl while you are still spying on Voldemort. It may be difficult to convince Almadarius to grant you custody, considering your past and her mothers wishes on the matter.”

Severus winced and continued pacing. “Things were different then, I was different. She never forgave me for what I did.”

“I understand her Godfather’s also want custody.”

Severus stopped pacing and nearly growled. “Never! I’ll die before I let my daughter end up in their care!”

“Then there is also the man that Mrs. Summers asked to take custody of her. Mr. Rupert Giles.”

Severus scowled for a moment. That name seemed so familiar. For a long moment he tried remembering where he knew that name from. Then it came to him.

“RIPPER! Ripper has custody of my daughter! We have got to go save her from him we can’t wait for this meeting.”

Albus’ eyes twinkled to see the usually stoic professor so impassioned about protecting his daughter. He had been thinking that her godfathers were the best choice but now he couldn’t help thinking how much good Buffy could do Severus if she were under his care. But, this wasn’t about how much good she could do Severus. It was about what man would be the best guardian for her. At this point he had no idea who he would be supporting.

“Severus, I understand your concern. I understand that Mr. Giles is quite changed from the teen you knew. I am sure Buffy is in no danger or Joyce would not have asked him to watch over her. Besides it is morning here, it will be midnight where she is now. She is most certainly asleep.”


In the dark of the night a young girl kneeled before a tombstone. Sorrow and darkness threatened to engulf her and while it was only a few hours until dawn she felt like there would never be light in her life again. Buffy had been through a lot since being called as the Slayer. She had lost a lot of people. This latest loss was the worst. Her mother, even though she wasn’t the greatest mother in the world and tended to imbibe alcohol a little more freely than was want, was also a stabilizing influence in a world of chaos. She was a light of normalcy in a world of demons and vampires. She was her mother but she was gone.

Buffy wished Angel, Willow or Xander were here to help her through this. Though she would never wish Xander back in that home. One night while he was helping her on patrol, Xander had broken his arm when a vampire attacked him. At the hospital the x-ray turned up evidence of long term abuse. So Xander had been sent to live with his uncle. When Buffy found out about what his parents had done to him she nearly slew the Harris’s. They were saved from a bloody death remarkably enough by Xander himself, because he didn’t want Buffy to live with the consequences that would inevitably come from such actions.

Willow and Oz had both left to go to a special advanced school where they had finished Highschool and were now at college. The last she had heard Oz had accidently infected Willow with Lycanthropy. They were now a mated pair and were planning on moving to a were community in Europe as soon as they graduated to set up a software company.

Faith was out there with Wesley traveling the country and killing demons. Buffy loved her sister slayer but couldn’t help wishing in her heart that Faith would come take over the Hellmouth and let Buffy get away from this place of many memories. Memories of her mother and of Angel.

Buffy was 16 when she and Angel had made love for the first time. After defeating the Judge, whom Glory had summoned, they spent a passionate night together in which he claimed her as his mate. That night she thought they would be together until the end. That he would love her and stand by her side forever, or until Glory used Buffy’s blood to tear open a hole between all dimensions, because some monks had infused Buffy’s blood and body with the essence of some green mystical energy called the key.

After that night Angel had changed, she didn’t understand it. But he seemed to become more demanding, and domineering. He was still Angel, Buffy had used a couple of spells to be sure and his soul was still firmly intact and in place. Yet, he started enjoying killing demons and vampires, he was rougher and more violent, but he still loved her. She could see it in his eyes that he did still love her. She decided his possessive and more violent attitude was his darker nature, the demon within him making it’s self known.

Buffy decided to accept this part of him. She had told him that she loved him all and accepted his demon. She decided to treat this as her personal test, and accept this new attitude as his darker side. He hadn’t done anything yet that she couldn’t live with. So she decided to accept it and show him her unconditional love.

Forever was his promise to her, and it lasted all of two weeks. Angel had left her and gone to L.A. saying that he wasn’t worthy of her. After claiming her and taking her virginity he had left her alone to face Glory. The vampires that came to town from LA loved to tell her about Angel’s many female conquests, just before she dusted them. She had wanted to deny it, but she knew the truth of their words through his claim.

She couldn’t help but wonder, if he had stayed would things have been different? Would her mother still be alive? But she refused to continue thinking on the matter. Her mother was gone, nothing could change that and Angel had made his choice and it wasn’t her.

She had to remind herself that she was not alone. She still had Giles, who was like a surrogate father and she still had Spike, though she wasn’t sure how to classify him.

They had started out as enemies. Spike had come to LA after Buffy had defeated Lothos. Determined to prove that he was still the big bad after Drusilla had left him, he was determined to kill his 3rd Slayer. He crashed parent-teacher night at the school with his flunkies. That night Buffy’s mother had saved her from a slayer of slayers but never even realized it.

Spike had then been captured by a new military group that had set themselves up in town. Pike thought she was crazy for sparing him even if he was harmless with the chip in his brain. He was certain that the chip wouldn’t last permanently and broke into the initiative to prove it. It was because of Pike that she found out about ADAM before he came online. Together Pike, Spike and Buffy took out the initiative.

The vampires the initiative had captured escaped into her highschool gym with Pike as a hostage. It was when they killed him in front of her that she snapped. Locking the doors Buffy burnt the school gym to the ground, but was institutionalized because of it.

Spike visited her every night outside of her barred window, and even offered to break her out of there. His shriveled un-beating heart had been touched watching the violence-personified, that was Buffy, taking on the initiative and burning down the gym. He told her that it was wrong for them to cage her, like they had caged the beast within him. After that he had become her friend and fought beside her and when her mother moved them to Sunnydale Spike had followed only a few months behind. By then she had fallen for Angel much to Spikes dismay. Getting the soul-ed vampire and the chipped vampire to work together was like trying to contain the eruptions of, Mt.Vesuvius, Mt. Saint Helens and the Minoan eruption of Thera all at once.

Spike had slowly become her best friend. She felt complete with him in a way she wasn’t with anybody else, even Angel. But with Angels departure, Spike had finally come clean and admitted that he was in love with her. Their friendship was suddenly awkward because she still loved Angel. Yet, Spike seemed content to simply be with her, whether it was patrolling the cemeteries for vampires, hanging at the Bronze or sharing a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. His company had become something that she didn’t know if she could do without.

He had taken torture at Glory’s hands to protect her, but she was afraid of him. She was afraid that he would leave her like everyone else seemed to. She didn’t know if she loved him as he wanted her to, though she did feel something more than friendship for him. She was afraid that he would get tired just being her friend and leave her. She needed him now more than ever before, now that her mother was gone.

Emptiness and sorrow closed in around her as she recalled her mothers last moments of life. Glory kidnaped Joyce to bring Buffy to her. Faith, Giles, and Spike had all come and performed the enjoining spell to give her the power to defeat Glory. Wesley was going to get Joyce out while Buffy and Glory fought. They were too late and now her mother was gone.


Buffy was so lost in her sorrow that when the platinum blond vampire came up behind her she had no idea he was there.

Spike shook his head seeing her like this was like a stake in his heart. He longed to make the tiny slayer his. He had been a part of the girls life long before the poof had come with his brooding soul to sweep her off her feet and leave her broken and alone.

Granted at first Spike had been all about killing the bint, but she had slowly become a part of his very being. Now she was all he could think about. Since he had gotten his chip she had allowed him to become her friend and hunt with her but she never let him into her heart. Secretly he had managed to get rid of the chip, but had not resumed his old ways, because of his love for her.

Removing his duster jacket he gently placed it on her tiny shoulders and sat down next to her making sure to listen to the things in the night that would like nothing more than to kill the lovely blonde next to him. Looking over at her pixy like face he blinked seeing the glistening tears that slowly fell blessing the ground below her, where her mother’s body lie.

“I can’t believe she is really gone,” she whispered in sorrow, her voice marked by the desolation she was feeling. “Everyone leaves me,” she cried thinking of Merrick, her father, Pike, her mother, her friends and even Angel.

“I’ll never leave you pet,” Spike declared. “I’d follow you to the ends of the Earth. I’ll protect you till I’m nothin’ but dust and even then you can bet m’ spirit would do anything to get to ya.”

Suddenly the tiny blond was in his arms crying on his chest. He couldn’t believe that she was letting him in like this. Normally she would never let him or anyone see her like this. She believed in showing a front of complete strength and power, but everything she had been through in such a short time had built up and now she couldn’t hold it back.

Holding her felt like heaven. She was pure sunshine in his arms, lovely and deadly and he couldn’t resist pulling her up and kissing her as he had dreamt of kissing her for the longest time. She tried to pull away at first but he held her even more closely caressing her back, arms and waist even as he ravished her mouth.

Buffy was shocked when Spike kissed her. Then slowly a flame built between them driving the pain and sorrow she was feeling away. It wasn’t long before the sorrow was gone and only the fire remained, along with his lips and wandering hands. Breath becoming an issue Buffy pulled her head back and gasped in air even as he moved his lips to her neck kissing and suckling her tender skin there. Pulling her into his arms he carried her the short distance to his crypt still kissing her and building the fire that burned just under her skin. Unlike anything she had ever felt before, even with Angel.

Spike shut the door to his crypt and the loud clang brought Buffy out of her haze induced stupor. Snapping out of it she attempted to pull away from him but he simply placed her on his bed and started kissing her again.

“Let me take the pain away from you for a while love,” he whispered to her throat in between kisses. “Let me do this, please. I know you don’t love me, but let me love you. Even if it is just tonight.”

“Spike no,” she wanted to tell him that she did have feelings for him but she couldn’t begin to put them to words. She didn’t understand what she felt for him, and was ashamed that she could feel that way for a soulless demon. “No,” she pleaded but he continued to softly seduce her with kisses and soft touches. Buffy’s short time with Angel never prepared her to be seduced by Spike. She was lost in the wildfire that seemed to be burning everywhere and she couldn’t stop her hands from exploring Spikes chiseled chest arms and body.

Tears fell from her face she couldn’t fight him off, some part of her wanted this. She wanted to loose herself in the fire of passion for Spike. Her love for him. Yet, some part of her knew that this was a mistake and that she didn’t want to do this.

She may love Spike in a humiliating and throughly confusing way but she was Angel’s, and even though he had left her she still wanted to be faithful to him. She loved Angel though, now, she felt anger at him as well. She felt like he had played with her, taken what he wanted and left her miserable and alone. He seemed to have affairs with any woman he could get, even so, she loved Angel and didn’t want to betray him.

Yet, as Spike kissed her and gently seduced her she realized that she loved Spike as well. The thought made her sick. He didn’t have a soul, how could she love a soulless demon? Yet, she did and his gentle caress filled her in a way Angels kisses never did.

“Buffy love, let me do this,” he pleaded. “Let me make you mine?” he asked backing off slightly.

“Spike, Angel,” she stated incoherently trying to voice one of her main arguments. Spike understood her perfectly and nearly hissed in anger.

“He doesn’t deserve you Pet,” Spike growled. “Love he left you. I don’t deserve you either but I won’t leave you, I swear Slayer I’ll do what it takes to protect you, to be by your side. I know I’m not much, I’m a bloody demon, but I love you and I always will.”

“Spike, a part of me does love you. But I belong to Angel,” she whispered gently touching the marks he had left on her skin.

Spike froze when she told him that she loved him. It was more than he had ever been given by any woman. He looked at her with tears in his eyes.

“Let me free you from his claim love.”

“You can do that?” she asked wanting now more than ever to say yes. He renewed his administrations and the fire he had ceased to stoke while they spoke flared up like a raging inferno.

Spike smirked as she gasped from his scorching touch. “I can, if you will let me.”

“Please,” she cried out at the pleasure he sent burning through her system and her overwhelming need for more.

Taking this as permission Spike claimed her. She was his now and he was never going to give her up. If Angel came back to try and renew the claim on her, Spike would dust the bloody wanker! He was careful to make sure to give her the greatest pleasure he could before removing his fangs. He completed the ancient magic’s to challenge Angel for the claim to the woman he would make his mate.

“Mine,” he growled even as she lost consciousness in his arms. The ritual complete he gently lapped her mark until it stopped bleeding. Then he held her and watched her sleep. She was his and nothing would ever change that. Nothing!
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