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Honor's Slayer

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Summary: After killing Angel, Buffy has to leap into Acathla's portal to close it. Who knew she would be thrust into another dimension, two thousand years in the future, right in the middle of an interstellar war?

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Honor Harrington SeriesbecuzitswrongFR181037,2504734158,04314 Jan 0816 Aug 08No
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Disclaimer: This all belongs to Joss and David Weber. I'm only borrowing Buffy and Honor and will return them untarnished. I promise.

Buffy sent another flashing attack at Angelus, just missing taking off his head. She was aware of the steadily growing portal at her back, but was more worried about stopping Angelus right at that moment. Dodging a return blow, she struck back again, this time striking deep into a shoulder. His sword-shoulder. Cursing, the vampire switched hands instantly, catching her follow up in a graceful riposte that caught Buffy's left arm, opening a deep cut there.

“I can smell your blood, Buffy. It smells... delicious.” Angelus sent her a malicious leer to accompany his comment.

Buffy refused to be distracted. She was the only thing standing between the world and its being sucked into hell. She swung yet another blow, trying to either disarm or decapitate the vampire. Buffy caught yet another glimpse of the portal. It was growing larger. Soon it would be too late to close it. Desperately, she drove Angelus back with a flurry of cuts, forcing him to maneuver over some loose stone. Just as she had earlier, he stumbled losing his sword. Unlike Angelus, Buffy didn't stop to taunt him, but took his head off just as he opened his mouth to speak. His face wore a look of astonishment right before he disintegrated into dust.

Buffy turned from the pile of dust that had been both her greatest enemy and the man she'd loved. She wouldn't allow herself to feel just yet. Not when the vortex was large enough to swallow a car and still growing larger. Ideally, it would have been best to have Angelus here to toss through the portal to close it. But unfortunately he was dusted and all Buffy had was a sword stained with his blood. Stooping, she gathered a handful of dust, just in case, then leaped into the portal.

Buffy had a moment of disorientation. Strange shapes flashed by her along with a sensation of heat. Then she seemed to be... shunted aside somehow. Buffy lost her grip on her sword, feeling it torn from her hands. She was tossed head over heels then out into the light. Falling at least fifteen feet, Buffy landed without her usual grace, squarely on her back. “Ooommph!” Buffy lay on her back adjusting to the lack of motion. Gingerly she opened her eyes. She was surrounded by a crowd! Leaping quickly to her feet, she stared at the figures surrounding her. They appeared human to her eyes. Their clothing was also familiar, not unlike something she might wear. But there the similarity ended. Skyscrapers surrounded her, dwarfing even those of New York City, rising high into the air. Strange shapes rode the air, appearing to be various kinds of flying cars. Buffy lowered her eyes again to her audience.

“Do any of you speak English?” Buffy figured no one would, but she had to at least ask.

“English? We can understand you.” The young man who replied had been staring at Buffy from the start. She'd noticed him before looking around at her surroundings. He seemed the only one who wanted to speak to her as she watched the other bystanders starting to melt away. Then she saw a look of fear appear on his face and he also turned and moved off swiftly. Turning to see what had frightened him, Buffy saw a group of black-uniformed men approaching her. I wonder who those guys are, she thought.

An hour later...

Buffy ran, her bad leg slowing her down nearly to human speed. Groaning at the pain that spiked through her, she tried to speed up, but gave it up as a bad bet when her leg nearly collapsed from under her. Buffy thought she'd killed at least four out of that last group of men who tried to apprehend her. Unlike the first group, who Buffy had taken out handily, this one had shot first, rather than shouting out questions. Despite this, she'd taken down all but two of them when finally, one of their shots had hit Buffy in the legs. She didn't know what kind of weapons they were using. They weren't any kind of guns Buffy was familiar with. It had been like being smashed by a sledgehammer. When she'd gone down, another had leaned in and tried to shoot her in the face. Rolling away desperately, she'd somehow managed to avoid the worst of the shot, but it still had smashed at her face, leaving it bruised and bloody.

Buffy had managed to get back to her feet then and had hammered a blow straight into the man's head, shattering his skull like an egg. Before he could fall, she grabbed him and swung him around to take a blast from another of those weird guns. She'd then thrown the body at the one who'd fired, knocking him off his feet. A quick kick to his head had finished the last of her opponents. In hindsight, she should have grabbed one of the strange guns, but at the time hadn't been thinking clearly. Now it was too late based upon the noises her pursuers were making.

Cautiously, Buffy looked around a corner. No good. There was yet another squad there. And the shouts behind her were growing louder. There weren't any doors or windows for Buffy to slip into. Deciding she would have to take her chances with the next group, she ran forward. Buffy had only crossed half the distance to them when she was spotted. One man brought up his rifle and fired well before Buffy could get there. She tried to dodge his blast, but was too slow from her injury. The blast smashed into her like a runaway demon, knocking her off her feet. And I thought the pistols were bad, Buffy thought. She was trying to get to her feet when yet another blow struck her, flipping her head over heels, smashing flesh and rupturing blood vessels. Groggily, she managed to struggle to her hands and knees, but was too hurt to get any further.

“What's the bitch made of? Two sonic disrupter blasts on top of what she's already taken? Someone put her down, now! Wait! Use the stunners! They'll want her alive.” The strong voice barely registered with Buffy. She'd managed to get to her feet, although she was staggering like a drunk. Cold faces surrounded her. Then multiple blasts hit her simultaneously, and she knew no more.
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