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Armed in Amn

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Fan Art

Summary: Artwork inspired by Speaker-To-Customers 'Tabula Avatar'

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Games > Dungeons and Dragons > Baldur's GatepythiaFR153144042,77315 Jan 0815 Jan 08Yes

Scoobies armed and dangerous

These are some graphics/manips I've been working on for a while, inspired by the superb Buffy/BaldursGate II crossover 'Tabula Avatar' written by Speakertocustomers.

The story's not finished yet, but I always await the next chapter with anticipation, since there's always plot, tension, drama, smart characterisation, a neat twist or two, and the most wonderfully inventive use of rock and roll ever seen in the Forgotten Realms. (Or anywhere, for that matter!)

Buffy and her cohorts are not mine, they belong to Joss and all those other people.
The Forgotten Realms and 'Baldurs Gate' also don't belong to me, although I have had the pleasure of adventuring there on any number of occasions.

For that matter, 'Tabula Avatar' isn't mine either! Thanks to SpeakertoCustomers for writing it.

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