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Summary: Response to Almadynis' challenge no. 3154, Legacy of the Ancients. Post a slightly AU ending to season 7, someone is transported to the Stargate Universe, where they receive their true legacy.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredShezziFR131012,714913757,72315 Jan 085 Dec 11No

Long, Rambling, Confusing Explanations

A/N: Next chapter! yay, victory is mine! (I managed to post it)...anyway something a couple of people have commented on is that Dawn should be sixteen, so I should admit, I tweaked the cannon a bit there, I wanted her younger :) sorry if that confused anyone, I kinda forgot i'd done it...please reveiw and give me your thoughts/requests! thanks! love xx Shezzi

Dawn woke slowly, confused. She felt rested, and actually good, for the first time in months. She listened to her surroundings, not wanting to open her eyes yet. Then she realised that she didn't recognise the things she could hear, not the morning sounds of sleepy, arguing slayers, not Faith calling for her to get up and come get some breakfast. She came upright in the bed, gasping and staring around, and suddenly, everything came back to her. Willow and Giles sending her back to the Key's home universe...the men with guns, yelling at her...the doctor, who was so gentle and calm...and Willow had been right, she arrived naked. Suddenly, she felt a weight at her throat, and her hand flew to it...her cross, the one Faith gave her, that Buffy had given to Faith, and Faith thought Dawn should have after Buffy died. A sob caught in her throat as she gripped it tightly, so grateful for one tiny piece of home, of her family.

Just then, a door at the side of the room slid quietly open, and the lady doctor she had seen earlier entered, followed by several men, the first two ordinary soldiers, who stopped inside the door, holding their weapons against their chests, standing aside for the group behind them to enter. A bald man, slightly round, man entered the room next, followed by a blond woman, a large black man with a strange tattoo on his forehead, an older man with grey hair and a younger man, with rather short cut brown hair. Oh, and did she mention that they were all wearing military uniforms?

"Hi, sweetie, how are you feeling?" asked the doctor, approaching the bed and checking the readout on the monitors.

“Ummm…okay,” Dawn replied, softly. “Actually, great,” she admitted stretch slowly.

“Now, miss…” the bald man left it hanging, waiting for her name.

“Summers. Dawn Summers. Just a guess, but I’m thinking that you want me to make with the ‘splainy now, yes?” the expressions of the Air Force, she was fairly sure that they were Air Force, officers around her bed ranged from confused to amused, with the one with graying hair actually snorting slightly.

“Yes, Miss Summers, we would like you to explain some things to us, if you’re able. But first, I think some introductions are in order. I am General George Hammond, and I would like to extend the greetings of planet Earth to you and your people,” he smiled genially, but Dawn just stared at him. Pushing on, the General quickly introduced the rest of the group, and she now knew that the blond was Major Samantha Carter, the graying guy was Colonel Jack O’Neill, the black man was Teal’c and the brown haired guy with glasses was Dr Daniel Jackson, none of which explained why they were extending the greetings of Earth!

“Where are you from?” asked Jack, watching the girl. She looked uncomfortable, confused.

“Ummm…” Dawn searched her brain, tried to think of what to tell them, but knew, deep down, it would have to be the truth, she just didn’t know enough about this universe to bluff her way through it.

“Do you know the Stargate address for your homeworld?” asked Daniel, his eyes concerned and compassionate. She was just a child, and she looked so lost, so alone.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I thought you said we were on earth,” Dawn eyed the people surrounding her.

“Yes, we are,” replied Janet, suddenly getting an inkling that something her wasn’t quite how it appeared.

Dawn shook her head, trying to get her thoughts in order. She held up a hand to forestall any more ‘helpful’ questions from the people surrounding her. “This is going to be confusing enough, and it might help if you just…listen for a while,” she told them. They exchanged glances, then looked back to her, nodding. Dawn took a deep breath, and launched into her story.

“I’m…not from this dimension. Well, actually, that isn’t completely accurate. The reason I’m here now is because, apparently, this was my original dimension, and I was sent back here when I couldn’t survive any more in the dimension where I grew up.” Seeing the confusion on the faces that surrounded the bed, she sighed, knowing that she wasn’t saying it right.

She needed to start at the beginning, and that meant telling them…a whole lot more than she probably should. But there was nothing she could do about it, she was stuck here, and it wasn’t like anyone was going to be coming to her rescue, so she would have to help herself, and at the moment, the only way to do that was to tell the whole story.

“Let me try that again, and this time, I’ll start at the beginning, or more accurately, at Dawn Summer’s beginning. In the world I come from, all of your worst nightmares, demons and monsters are reality. From my memories, I am the fifteen year old daughter of Hank and Joyce Summers, younger sister of Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, the sole purpose of whose existence was to die young to keep our world safe. It turns out that I never really existed, I was a construct, made from Buffy’s blood, that the Powers, the beings who controlled my reality, created to hold the Key, a powerful form of energy, which needed to be hidden from a Hell Goddess named Glory. They sent it to the Slayer for protection, because if Glory got the Key, she would create hell on our world to get back to her own dimension. Long story short, my sister managed to defeat Glory, but she died in the process. She was resurrected about two months later.”

Dawn shuddered at the memory, “and things continued. Anyway, about two weeks ago in my world, there was the biggest battle between good and evil there has been since the dawn of time. We…we had to perform a spell, to turn all of the potentials, the girls who could become slayers, into full slayers. Willow used two things as a focus. I was one of those things, I was…her power conduit, I guess. We won the battle, but at a cost. Anyway, that really isn’t the point here. The point is that, somehow, Willow using me in such a powerful spell seemed to point out to the universe that I was there when I really didn’t belong, and I started to suffer from really, really painful, debilitating seizures. After some research, we found out that it was because the Key wasn’t from that universe, that it didn’t belong there, and the energy imbalance was going to kill me if I stayed. So, Willow opened a portal, and here I am,” she finished, looking around to see the groups’ reactions.

A/N: OK, I know that you will probably think i did the whole explanation thing wrong, but think about it, Dawn is about as good at being secret identity girl as Buffy, and it's not like she has a way of getting out of this situation anyway...please leave reviews with your thoughts! thanks! love xx Shezzi
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