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Unknown Origins

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Summary: Let’s just say my last encounter involved lots of creepy chanting with blood rituals, think Alice Cooper’s concert without the actual music.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: AngstLisaFR1311,324011,07716 Jan 0816 Jan 08Yes
Title: Unknown Origins
Author: Lisa
Status: Completed One-shot
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: BtVS/SPN
Pairing: Gen. Fic
Genre: Drama/Angst
Summary: Let’s just say my last encounter involved lots of creepy chanting with blood rituals, think Alice Cooper’s concert without the actual music.
Challenge: January 2008 Challenge @ buffyxdean Prompt # 1

Character(s): Buffy, Dean, Sam, Ruby
Timeline: Season 3
Specific Episode: Any Episode from Season 3 can be used
Prompts: Ruby!knife, acquaintances, deals

Spoilers: SPN - 3x02: The Kids Are Alright
Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright of Eric Kripke & Kripke Enterprises. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon & ME. No infringement intended.
Distribution: Not without permission from myself.
AN: View Philip Gray Prints. Thanks to Ky for beta’ing this piece to me. Always appreciate your thoughts and corrections sweetie! xoxo Big thanks to Nina for helping with this plot, without her I’d still be banging my head against the writer’s block.

Brilliant hues of pink and orange danced in the sky above as the sun began its descent, looking like a print by Philip Gray. A light breeze whipped around the parking lot. Small dust tornadoes swirled, spitting debris at Buffy’s legs as she walked towards the motel office.

Snuggling deeper into black Diesel jacket, Buffy tried to ward off the cold bite the air held. It wouldn’t be long before the small town of Cicero would be covered in a blanket of white; she only hoped that Dean, Sam and her would be long gone before.

It had been four years since Buffy lived in the Golden State and she missed the warmth of the west coast. Just when she’d begun to adjust to the weather in Cleveland, Giles had gotten word that a gate to hell had opened, unleashing hundreds of demons. Before she knew it, she was on an airplane heading to Cold Oak, South Dakota to meet up with the Winchesters.

The small of her spine tingled and hummed. Body tensed, shoulders rolled back and her fists clenched without thought. Keen eyes darted toward the shadows the large oak trees behind her created.

“Ruby.” a puff of air escaped from her parted lips as she whispered the name in a mixture of shock and doom. Good things didn’t come in Ruby shaped packages. Usually, she brought prophecies of doom that ended with Buffy trying to prevent said badness from occurring.

Her boot encased feet stumbled up the uneven stairs as she tried to hide before Ruby spotted her. Barely ducking behind the vending machine, she felt the demon’s calculating stare scan for her. Acquaintances or not, Buffy wasn’t in the mood for catching up until she knew what exactly she was doing near the Winchesters.

Going in unprepared, when it came to all things Ruby, never had boded well for Buffy.

Seconds turned into minutes before Buffy felt the familiar tingle in her spine vanish like a lovers good-bye kiss. Letting out a deep sigh, she sneaked along the rickety motel walk, sticking close to the wall and shadows. The back route would take longer to reach her final destination but safer with Ruby about.

Rounding the corner to their, Sam and Dean’s, room Buffy wrapped her hand around the rusty metal of the doorknob, twisting, she opened the door wide enough to slip in.

“Little early for a booty call isn’t it?”

Body tensing, as it so often did around Dean, she turned and smiled sweetly. “Why, does it take a while for those pills to kick in? Schucks.” Snapping her fingers, she mocked disappointment. “I’ll make sure I give you fair warning next time. An hour work?”

“Cute.” Flipping her off Dean went back to cleaning his shotgun with meticulous care.

“So.” She looked around the room before settling her gaze on Sam. His tall frame was squished on the small patio chair, legs tucked under the table and his laptop perched on the small plastic table, open. “I saw a familiar face just a few minutes ago, which is funny because who would I know in this back-water town of America?” A nervous smile graced her lips as Buffy looked back between the two brothers. “Right. It was ah… Ruby. She’s uhm… you know… something. What, I’m not really sure. Well, I mean besides a Demon.” A beat passed, she studied Sam’s face. His eyes widened slightly, she wasn’t sure if it was due to him not knowing Ruby was a demon, the girl wasn’t upfront with her origins, or because she knew said demon. “So, uh… what’d she want?”

“Dude, you didn’t tell me that bitch came sniffing around again.” Abruptly standing, his shotgun in hand, Dean shot his brother a look.

Tightening his jaw, Sam pressed his lip together before he stood, turning away from his brother to look at their female counterpart. “You never mentioned you knew Ruby.”

Buffy didn’t need to be looking at the brothers to know their focus was now on her. “I – I didn’t…” A frustrated sigh escaped her lips. “How I know her isn’t really the point, what she told you is.” Neither of them relaxed their stance, in fact she was almost positive that Dean gripped his gun tighter.

“Hey! Don’t look at me with all those looks of accusation! Good guy… girl – good girl over here!”

Seconds ticked by as the three of them stood, shooting questioning glances at each other.

Sam sighed. “She had some information.” Buffy’s eyebrows rose, Sam swallowed. “Information about how to – how to save Dean.”

“Jesus Sammy.”

“I’m not going to apologize for trying to save your life!” Eyes narrowed as he growled out his words with conviction. “You’re my brother; I’m not letting you die.”

Dean raked a frustrated hand through his hair. Kicking the bed, the wooden headboard banged against the wall, relieving a small part of his anger.

With tentative steps Buffy reached Sam. Scared he’d bolt if she moved fast; she placed her hand on his arm and gave it a small squeeze. “Things with Ruby,” she wasn’t quite sure how to describe the shades of grey demon. “Things start off looking – well – looking hopeful like a Disney movie, but they don’t tend to stay that way.”

“What’d you mean?”

“Let’s just say my last encounter involved lots of creepy chanting with blood rituals, think Alice Cooper’s concert without the actual music.” Shrugging one shoulder, she continued. “Look, it wasn’t my favorite moment, but Ruby had some information that could help The Council and in return she wanted her shiny demon killing dagger, enter me.”

Buffy sneaked a peek at Dean who was still eyeing her critically. Apparently he wasn’t going to offer assistance until he got the full story. Rolling her eyes she offered a bit more information. “The blood ritual involved my blood.”

Silence descended on the three. Dean was the first to speak. “You’re saying your blood can kill demons?”

“If you’re asking me, ‘If we sliced you opened, bottled your blood and showered the next demon we see with a Buffy blood shower’ then ew and an endless amounts of no. Giles tried to explain it. Something about using my blood to anoint weapons to slay the unclean. It’s a Slayer thing.” Pausing her face scrunched in confusion. “I think. If not I’ve got some serious questions.”

“Do you think she could save Dean?”

Buffy felt a familiar tug on her heart at Sam’s question. The whole situation reminded her of when Glory was after The Key, her sister. She’d sacrificed herself to save her sister and by the look on Sam’s face, he was willing to go that far, further if needed, to save Dean.

“I don’t know.” A sympathetic smile graced her lips. “Even if she could the price isn’t going to be small.”

“Sam, it’s not worth it.” Dean eyes pleaded for his brother to agree, Sam ignored him.

“But she’s capable of doing it?

Buffy looked at Dean, his whole body was tight with tension and she knew that he’d try to kill her later for what she was about to say. Releasing a deep sigh she nodded her head. “Capable? Yes… but…”

“Then it’s worth it.”

Completed: January 16, 2008

The End

You have reached the end of "Unknown Origins". This story is complete.

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