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Summary: Reponse to Shellc's challenge 2983, Buffy is sucked into the hell mouth and spat out in Pegasus, with no memory except of being the Slayer. Season 4 BtVS, Season 2/3 Atlantis. Chapters three onwards rewritten

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherShezziFR151423,4591023370,85216 Jan 0811 Jan 10No

Chapter Fourteen

A/N: hey all, hope you like! Thanks for reading, please review! love xx Shezzi

“No,” Buffy replied firmly, shaking her head. “At some point, I may visit Earth and even see my friends, but it is not my home. Meghen and I will be registered as Pegasus natives; I am not going to put us in a position of having to answer to anyone who might order us sent back to Earth.”

“I understand,” Elizabeth nodded. “But it will not be easy, Buffy. Obviously, Stargate Command knows why we requested the information on you. They will be expecting you to be registered with them as a non-native, and will probably be wanting you to come to Earth to answer some questions.”

“We really wouldn’t fit in on Earth any more; I have spent the last five and a half years, and my daughter has spent her entire life, living much like the Pegasus natives do. For the first time ever, my daughter has something that resembles a true family, and I refuse to take her away from it, not that I will leave here either.”

“I am not saying that I think you should, Buffy. We’ll register you as natives of some kind, ensure that no one has the power to take either of you away from here.”

“Thank you,” Buffy told her, standing and brushing one hand down her skirt to ensure it was lying properly. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, Meghen has an appointment with Carson, she’s meant to get her shots today.”

“Good luck with that,” Elizabeth told her, wincing sympathetically. “Where is she right now?”

“Teyla is giving her a lesson in bantos fighting. She’s never dealt with a child with Meghen’s speed and strength, so she has to adapt her child-level lessons, but they both seem to be enjoying it. Well, Meghen enjoys any kind of activity that will help wear her out, she takes after me in that way. Anyway, I’ll leave you to get back to work.” She exited the office, smiling slightly at Elizabeth, and headed out through the control room


Buffy paused in the doorway of the gym, watching her daughter perform a complex kata side by side with Teyla, her shorter bantos matching the red-headed Athosian move for move.

She watched her child, and felt her heart swell with love. Her little girl, such a perfect mix of her parents, and the thing that gave her a reason to live when she had lost everything.

Meghen would never know how often she was the only thing that kept her mother alive, simply by giving her a reason to stay that way. Now, she watched her daughter move in the rhythm of the pattern dance, and she smiled.

She waited until the set was finished, then moved into the room. Meghen whirled, and her face split into a huge grin. “Mommy! Didya see? Didya?”

“I did,” Buffy replied calmly, before beaming proudly at her baby. “But I think you’re meant to be paying attention to your teacher now.”

Chastised, Meghen quickly turned her attention back to Teyla.

“You did well,” the Athosian told her calmly. “Remember to keep your guard up, though. You dropped it once or twice.”

“Yes, Teyla,” Meghen replied, before setting her sticks aside as Teyla did the same and stood as Teyla placed her hands on her shoulders, leaning forwards into the ‘forehead hug’ the Athosians used to indicate respect and affection.

“Off you go,” Teyla ordered, releasing the girl and tousling her hair.

“Yes Teyla,” replied Meghen obediently, trotting over to stand by her mother.

“Thank you, Teyla,” Buffy told her friend, before swinging her little girl up in her arms and tickling her. “Let’s go,” she told her. “We have an appointment.”


Slayer faced off against Ronon, wooden sword in hand. She had already run the full lap of the tower, twice, and sparred with Teyla, but her energy was still spiking. She needed a really good fight. As it was, she almost hadn’t been able to control herself against Teyla and had called off the spar before the woman’s wraith DNA had put her over the edge.

“I am going out of my mind,” she told Ronon as they circled. “I almost took someone’s hand off when they touched my shoulder. I don’t even know his name, but I literally almost ripped his arm off his body for startling me. I need to kill something.”

“I know the feeling,” Ronon agreed. “And the Lanteans rely way too much on casual physical contact when they don’t have an actual relationship with a person.”

Buffy grunted her agreement as she spun towards Ronon, meeting his forearm strike with a side arm block and deflecting his sword blow before landing one of her own in his ribs. They stopped talking and started to spar in earnest.

An hour and a half later, the two of them limped into sickbay, Ronon , bleeding from several wounds, supporting Buffy who was hopping on one leg, her right ankle horrendously swollen.

Carson glanced up from his lab bench and froze in place for a moment, staring, then strode forward, a scowl prominent on his features. “Wha’ the bloody hell do you two think you’re doing?” he demanded, taking Buffy’s other arm and helping Ronon lift her onto a bed, then motioning for Ronon to take the next one. “Was it completely necessary for you to beat the living hell out of each other?” he demanded, gentle fingers already probing Buffy’s ankle as one of the nurses moved up next to Ronon, examining his cuts.

“Yes,” they replied in unison.

“Sorry, Doc,” offered Ronon when the man just glared at them both.

“I needed it,” Buffy admitted. “It was my fault.”

“Why?” asked Carson as he motioned for an orderly to help move her to the scanner.

“Too much…energy,” Buffy tried to explain. “I’m too wired to do anything at the moment. I needed him to help me bleed some off.”

“And I was happy to oblige,” Ronon added quickly.

“Well,” Carson said, studying the scan, “You have broken your ankle quite spectacularly. I’d say that, with your advanced powers of healing, that you’ll be alright again by this time tomorrow. Just…hold still. I’m going t o have to set this. Provide counter traction, please,” he directed one of the nurses, who took Buffy’s knee in her hands, before he snapped her ankle out straight.

Buffy hissed, wincing slightly as Carson strapped a boot brace around her ankle. “Anything else I should know about?”

“Nope,” Buffy replied.

“Well, then, come and see me tomorrow afternoon, I want to run a scan before we take that off, be sure it’s fully healed,” Carson ordered, and Buffy nodded.

“As for you,” Carson moved over to look at Ronon’s injuries. “These will need stitches.”

“Uh-huh,” Ronon replied, shrugging one shoulder. “Just get it done.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jan 10.

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