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Summary: Reponse to Shellc's challenge 2983, Buffy is sucked into the hell mouth and spat out in Pegasus, with no memory except of being the Slayer. Season 4 BtVS, Season 2/3 Atlantis. Chapters three onwards rewritten

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Chapter One

A/N: I do not own BtVS or Stargate. Bummer. Anyway, if you like it, please review and let me know what you think! thanks! love xx Shezzi
Buffy is fighting a Polgara Demon in Sunnydale and is flung into the Hellmouth and ends up in the Pegasus Galaxy with no memory of who she is apart from being the Slayer. The Atlantis crew must help her come to terms with who she really is

Must Haves

Buffy/Ronon (I love the pairing, we need more of them together)

A fight between the crew and the Wraith with Buffy hurt and Ronon realizing his feelings for her

Them both realizing they are the mirror of each other and who the other one has been looking for

A argument between Rodney and John over who can ask her on a date with Ronon being jealous

Up To You
Whether she finds her way back to Sunnydale or stays with Ronon

The Polgara demon parried Buffy’s kick, and struck her with an open hand in the chest, sending her flying backwards. She swore, at the same time thanking her lucky stars that the Polgara hadn't used its skewer, even as she tried to roll and land properly. Instead, she found herself suspended in midair, held by crackling energy. Glancing down at the ground, she swore loudly. She hadn’t thought they had gotten this far into the old school building, but the Polgara had just knocked her into the centre of the library, directly above the hellmouth.

“Oh SH…” was all Buffy had time to think, before everything went black.

Atlantis, the Pegasus Galaxy

“Are you sure, Teyla?” asked Lieutenant Colonel John Shepherd, skeptically. “I mean, super powers?”

“That is what the people are saying, John. The rumors are many, and found on multiple worlds, about a man, with strange appearance, protecting a world from the Wraith. According to the stories, when the Wraith come, the man fights and kills them, then disappears again until the next attack. At the very least, we should investigate it." John was opening his mouth to argue when Dr. Elizabeth Weir spoke up.

"I agree, Teyla. Colonel, you have a go. At the very least, you can check in with the locals, see about setting up some trade," she and John had a brief stare down, then he nodded and led the way down to the 'gate room, muttering under his breath. He quickly rechecked his P-90, then led the way through the event horizon.

Slayer moved silently through the long grass, keeping low to the ground. She watched carefully as the visitors exited the Ancestral Ring, and hunkered down on the ground to keep an eye on them. As long as they didn't cause trouble, she wasn't going to do anything to them. She had learned the hard way that approaching people, particularly if they had seen her fight, was a bad idea. They were either afraid, and drove her off, or wanted to control her, and tried to keep her as a slave.

Although she knew that she remembered nothing before being here, a mere handful of moons ago, this didn't trouble her. She felt, sometimes, as though it should, as though she was missing something vital, but always, before she could track that feeling down, it disappeared.

The group scanned the planet carefully, eying the surrounding grass plain, trying to see anything out of place. "There is someone watching us," murmured Ronon, staring out across the plain. "Over that way," he indicated with his chin, not wanting to point and spook whoever it was.

"Well, kids, lets not act out of the ordinary. We're just here to do a simple meet and greet, and if we happen to meet a superhero on the way, well, that would be just fine too," John said, grinning around. They walked casually in the direction Ronon indicated, for want of a clearly defined path, all watching the surrounding area carefully.

Slayer lay in the grass, not moving. The visitors were coming towards her, and normally she would have slipped away, but there was something about them that called to her, something familiar. She watched them draw closer, listening to them speak. The way the man in front spoke seemed very familiar, but she couldn’t work out why. She scanned her memory, and knew that she had never seen any of these visitors before. Suddenly one of the group, the tallest man, looked straight at her, into her eyes, and she froze, her eyes wide, unable to move.

Ronon stopped, halting the group. He had seen something….there! Suddenly, he was staring into the greenest eyes he had ever seen. The figure froze, low to the ground, eyes almost seeming to get bigger in the thin face. “Stay here,” he murmured to the group, and started, slowly, to walk towards the…he was sure now, it was a woman, not a man.

Slayer remained frozen as the visitor slowly approached her. When he was within a couple of meters, he knelt on the ground, and just looked at her for a moment.

Ronon stopped, not so close that he would completely spook her, he hoped, but close enough for her to get a good look at him. He waited in silence for a moment, then spoke softly. “Hello, there,” he murmured, his voice husky.

Slayer stared at the man, her eyes wide. Slowly, she nodded to him, acknowledging his communication, but not offering any of her own.

“Ronon,” said Ronon softly, touching himself on the chest.

Slayer considered for a moment, then decided to return the courtesy. “S…Slayer,” she said, slowly, her voice harsh from lack of use.
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