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Paradise Lost

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Summary: After Africa, Xander Harris has long since left the supernatural world behind him. He hopes for a knew begining in a small island town called Dante's Cove. But Fate it seems has other ideas...Slash

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Television > Dante's CoveLLNFR1845,1142439,67418 Jan 0831 Jul 08No

Dreaming of You....

# ' ...where Milo Greenwitch sat hunched against the wall. He idly pushed a lock of dark forest green hair from his eyes as he glanced over to look at his companion leaning on the wall beside him. Sebastian the Bastard, the bane of his existence for almost four years with his short blond hair, riveting blue eyes, and an incredible English accent that could send shivers down his spine whenever he heard it. His compact and well-muscled body was much stronger than it looked(vampires were lucky that way) wasn't exactly easy to dismiss either. No, it was rather like having temptation wrapped up like some like of twisted present in a black leather cloak and dropped beside him.

Milo sighed and thought about the changes in his outlook. Not too long ago Milo could have, and actually would have and did call Sebastian the enemy. But not now. No, not after the fall of the Nexus. And not after Elizabeth's betrayal, it had stuck too deeply- for both of them. The very same betrayal that had left them both without direction at the moment and contemplating their futures. Sebastian broke the silence that had fallen between them with the quietly asked question of..."So, pet, what should we do?"

Milo said nothing. He just stared out over the wall as the waves of the sea crashed against the Scottish shore.


Milo sighed, "Nothing."

An angry expression crossed Sebastian's face, "You can't be..." But he trailed off as Milo turned to look at him.

"We do nothing...yet." '#

Toby put down the book he had been reading. It had 'Demon Hunter', emblazoned across the front cover. Other books with similar covers were scattered all over the table in front of the sofa Toby was sitting on in the lobby of the Dante. He had been reading to waste time, but had found himself drawn into the story of a normal boy who had met a Warrioress with a destiny.

'Kevin was right, there is something between Milo and Sebastian and the author had been implying it heavy.' Toby thought as he placed the book on the table with the rest when he noticed that Kevin and Xander walked into the lobby talking. Kevin noticed Toby and walked over to him and Toby kissed him lightly.


Ambrosius carefully lit the candles that were placed around the room. After lighting the two that rested on either side of the full-length mirror standing in the corner of the room he blew out the long match and then stared into the mirror.

"Show me what I desire..." He asked the mirror.

The surface of the mirror rippled....

"Draw him to me like a moth to a flame..."

The mirror cleared showing a dark haired man asleep the white sheets pooled around his waist.

"You will not resist..." Ambrosius said as he reached out and touched the mirror, it rippled under his fingers like water on a lake...


Xander snapped awake. Years on the Hellmouth and his parents had trained him to know when he wasn't alone in the dark. Slowly he reached for the lamp by the bed, but his wrist was grabbed. Xander's reaction was immediate. He lashed out with his other fist, but the angle was awkward and he found his other hand captured as well.

"Easy..." a voice whispered in the darkness.

"Who's there? And let go!" Xander demanded.

"Shhh, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to touch you..."

Xander snorted, "I've heard that before. 'Just a touch...just a kiss' and then it's 'sorry I had a great time, but now I have to sacrifice you to my demon lord'."

The voice sighed, and a small light flared from a candle beside the bed that Xander was sure hadn't been there before he had gone to bed. A dark haired man sat on the bed beside him.

"Ambrosius?" Xander asked softly confused.

The older man nodded, "You see...not a demon," he whispered back.

"That's not the popular opinion of the island you know."

Ambrosius gave a hard laugh and said, "How well I know that." He then gave Xander a sly look, "But you don't seem the sort to be swayed by the opinion of others."

"I'm not." Xander frowned and looked around the room. There was a strange feel to it, almost otherworldly...

'I'm dreaming...' Xander thought, remembering the feel of the dreamscape and this was close, but not quite like it.

"Perhaps..." Ambrosius murmured.

"Didn't anyone teach you that it's not nice to invade the dreams of others!" Xander told him.

Ambrosius shrugged.

"Out now! Out of my dream, out of my head!" Xander growled.

Ambrosius smirked, "You act as though you have the power here."

Then it was Xander's turn to smirk. This amateur magic user, this would be warlock, actually thought...It was, well frankly it really was beyond amusing.

"You don't want me as an enemy, Bro." Xander said.

Ambrosius gave Xander a seductive smile, "That, Xander, is the very last thing I want."

Ambrosius moved, the candle light reflecting from Xander's bewitching eyes, drawing Ambrosius ever closer, "Let me show you want it is I *do* want..." He jerked Xander against him and covered Xander's lips with his own.

The act took Xander by surprise. He hadn't really thought the man had been interested in him in this way.

The kiss was hard and deep, slow and seductive, dark and hot...Xander felt himself being gently but firmly pushed back against the bed. Ambrosius followed straddling Xander's body with his own. Slowly Ambrosius's lips moved from Xander's mouth to his chin and then they slowly trailed down to Xander's neck.

Xander knew he should stop this, he knew Ambrosius must have some other motive behind his seduction, but it had been so long since he had been touched. As Ambrosius slowly kissed his way down to his chest, Xander ceased to care about anything other than what was being done to him. It just felt too good not to get swept away with the sensations being laved on him.

Ambrosius smiled at the hiss Xander made when he, oh-so-slowly, licked one of Xander's dark nipples. He moved down Xander's chest trailing open mouth kisses, when he got Xander's waist, Ambrosius could see the tenting of the white sheet. He pulled the sheet off him. He felt Xander's hands on his arms, keeping him from going any further. Looking up, Ambrosius whispered, "You will not resist me..."

Xander could feel power well up around the man, promising dark pleasure. Ambrosius kissed his hipbone. Xander buried one of his hands in Ambrosius's hair. And all thoughts of resistance faded with Xander's low moan and Ambrosius soft laugh.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Paradise Lost" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jul 08.

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