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Memory...or lack of it

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Summary: Post Season Three, the Scooby Gang, and Joyce, set out to investigate a mystical disturbance in the town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Then they are involved in a completely unmystical traffic accident, leaving all but one of them dead...

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredShezziFR1345,10918115,24619 Jan 0826 Dec 08No

Chapter One

A/N: OK, here goes: not own...sob...BtVS or Stargate: SG-1. But the idea is mine, all mine (evil maniacal laughing) Please read and review, give me your thoughts...just please don't flame it! constructive criticism is good tho! Thanks! love xx Shezzi

“You sure, Willow?” asked Buffy, her expression skeptical.

“Yes, Buffy,” sighed Willow, preparing to restate her argument for the fourth time. “There are unusual mystical readings radiating from this place. I can feel them from here! And we’re in California, on top of the biggest mystical disturbance on the planet!”

“All right, Wills, calm down, I believe you,” Buffy said, staring at her friend, surprised. Oz stepped up behind Willow and gently wrapped his arms around her, leaning his head on her shoulder.

“It’s all right, babe,” he said softly. “We all believe you. If you say it’s there and it’s powerful and it could be causing problems, we’re there,” he smiled and planted a kiss on the inside of her neck. “Besides, we just put a huge dent in Sunnydale’s demon population; I think we can get away with a road trip,” he added, almost smiling.

“What do you think, Giles?” asked Buffy, glancing across her mother’s living room to where she and Giles were sitting, watching the proceedings with amusement.

“I think it might be worth looking into. Anything that is radiating large amounts of mystical energy from a city that is essentially made up of military bases should be investigated,” said Giles, seriously.

“Let’s make it a big group trip!” suggested Joyce brightly. “We can do the whole pre-college road trip thing,” she grinned.

“Ummm, Mom, no offense, but you do know that kids don’t normally take their mothers with them, don’t you? Not that we’re saying you have to stay here!” she quickly added, seeing her mother’s face darken.

“So, my car, Oz’s van?” suggested Joyce, glancing around the group. Everyone nodded their agreement.

“All right, everyone, I think we should move on this sooner rather than later, so we can go and be back before Sunnydale’s denizens really have a chance to regroup,” Giles said. “Go home and pack; we’ll only be gone for a few days, so just the barest essentials, and meet back here in two hours. Does that work?” Oz, Willow, Xander and Buffy all nodded.

Two days later, on the outskirts of Colorado Springs

“My grandmother went to the Magic Box, and she bought: an athame, a blue crystal, Crash’nik claws, dawn dew, euphoria crystal, frog gizzards, geranium oil, holy water, incandescent oil, juniper berries, a kalypso pendent, a love potion, mummy hand, newt eyes, octopus skin, putrescent pigs bladder, quick-fix dust, rat blood, slug candles and… twilight powder!” rattled off Buffy triumphantly.

“Twilight powder? There is no such thing as twilight powder!” objected Willow, pouting.

“Actually, Willow,” spoke up Giles from the front seat. “I happen to know for a fact that the Magic Box doesn’t stock it, but it does exist…they refuse to get it in because of the use to which vampires would put it,” he explained. Oz grunted from the drivers seat, nodding.

“But the Magic Box doesn’t have it, so you forfeit one dollar!” crowed Willow. “Fine,” mumbled Buffy grumpily. She pulled out her wallet and tossed it to Willow, who started to riffle through it gleefully.

They approached an intersection, Oz following Joyce’s car, the light turning green just as they reached it. They pulled out into it, and Buffy glanced out of the window, just as a truck horn blared. There was a sound like an explosion, and then, nothing.

The emergency crews swarmed over the accident site, although it seemed more like they were simply retrieving the dead. From what the accident investigators could tell, the petrol tanker’s brakes had failed coming down the hill, and it had crashed through the middle of the intersection, taking out an SUV and an old-style van.

The tanker had fishtailed then tipped, catching the other two vehicles in the explosion. They had only found one survivor, a blonde girl who had apparently been thrown clear from the van, an unrestrained passenger. Considering that the two vehicles were now decidedly crispy, she was lucky. She was in serious condition at the Air Force Base Hospital, that being the best and closest trauma center.

Base Hospital ICU

Doctor Janet Frasier sighed, standing at the foot of her young patient’s bed. The girl would be lucky if she ever woke up; she had suffered severe head trauma, in addition to broken bones and deep lacerations. Stepping around the bed, Janet laid the chart to one side and started to examine the girl’s wounds. She carefully removed a dressing, then blinked, and looked closer.

“Holy mother of God,” she breathed softly. She reached over to the bedside table, fumbling for the phone. She dialed the number without looking and continued to examine the wound closely. The gaping wound that she had stitched in the OR that very morning looked as though it had occurred at least a week ago, possibly even longer. “Get me General Hammond,” she ordered curtly when the phone was answered. “General, we have someone here I really think that you should see…possible foothold…yes, it might be a good idea to bring them along…no, sir, no threat, at least not at the moment…very good, sir.” She hung up the phone, then set about examining and photographing her Jane Doe’s other injuries.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex

“Colonel O’Neill?”

“Sergeant!” replied the Colonel, turning from his perusal of one of Daniel’s ‘rocks’.

“The General requests that you and your team meet him topside, sir. There is a possible foothold situation at the base hospital.” Jack’s thoughts of annoying Daniel by playing with his rocks vanished immediately.

“Get Major Carter and Teal’c, tell them to meet us topside,” he ordered curtly. The sergeant acknowledged the order with a swift nod and took off down the corridor. Daniel had set down the stone tablet he had been translating and joined Jack as they rushed up the corridor. Fortunately BDU’s would not stand out too badly at the Air Force Base Hospital, so they did not have to waste time changing their clothes.

They reached the elevator at the same time as Sam and Teal’c, and rode it to the surface in grim silence. They exited the elevator, almost bumping into a grim-faced General Hammond. Rather than wasting time asking questions, they quickly piled into the waiting van.

“Sir, what’s the foothold?” asked Jack, once they were moving.

“I’m not entirely certain, Colonel. I received a call from Doctor Frasier. She wasn’t too clear; I think she was on an unsecured line. She basically just said foothold, and that it wasn’t currently a threatening situation.” He carefully hid his own confusion and concern, knowing that to allow his subordinates to see him looking that way would only worry them further.

They sped up the road leading to the hospital, exiting the van as soon as it stopped. “ICU,” directed the General, and Sam, who spent the most time in the hospital, mainly visiting Cassie while she was waiting for her mom, led the way.

Janet sat in a chair, studying a pathology report and waiting for her backup to arrive. It was confusing. At first glance the test results read as completely human, with a few imbalances, but when you looked closer! The girl’s body secreted adrenaline and endorphins at enormous levels, and her immune system and healing were off the charts. Janet sighed, running a hand through her short hair.

She would have to wait until she could get a sample to the Mountain for a full DNA workup; she couldn’t exactly send that off to the labs here. These tests had been sent first thing this morning, before she realized there was anything strange happening, which was the only reason why she had any results to go on at all. The sound of boots in the corridor alerted her to her company, and she quickly stood.

“General, Colonel,” she greeted, nodding to the rest of the team.

“Doctor,” replied the General. “What seems to be the problem?” he asked, concerned.

“Sir, this is a Jane Doe patient brought in this morning from that big car accident nearby,” the General nodded, remembering the incident. “She is the only survivor of the accident, having been fortunate enough to be thrown clear of the explosion. She had several very nasty lacerations that I repaired in surgery, as well as severe head trauma. I stitched this wound this morning,” she carefully removed one of the dressings and stepped aside to allow an unimpeded view.

“Holy Hannah,” whispered Sam, staring in amazement.

“She heals faster than anything I have ever seen, sir. Physiologically she is completely human. She has no ‘guest’, uninvited or otherwise, and off the basic blood work, which was sent off before I knew there was something wrong, she seems completely human, except that her body secretes incredible amounts of adrenaline and endorphins. For obvious reasons, I will need to run the DNA back at the Mountain.” The group nodded.

“Any idea when she will wake up?” asked Jack, ever the practical one.

“Well, sir, before all of this started, I would have said quite possibly never. But with her rate of healing...” suddenly, the body on the bed groaned loudly. The group jumped, startled, then recovered. The girl, who, they now noticed, was tiny, and looked even smaller surrounded by all of the machinery, twitched and moaned. Slowly, her eyes opened and she stared blearily up at the ceiling, before turning her head and making eye contact with the closest person, who happened to be Janet.

“Hi, sweetie, how are you feeling?” asked Janet softly. She didn’t care if they were dealing with an alien, she was still a child, after all. The girl stared at her, her face confused.

“I...hurt,” she replied, slowly.

“I bet you do. Sweetie, can you tell me your name?” she asked, speaking softly.

The girl thought. She thought hard, and a frown appeared on her face. “I…I don’t know. I can’t remember! I can’t remember my name!”
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