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Summary: Xander gets in touch with a bit of living history - he gets maxi-mized. Btvs/Soul Calibur X-over. Ficlet for neverwill

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Games > Martial Arts > Soul CaliburBHJediQueenFR181384011,07421 Jan 0821 Jan 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or the Soul series. Well, except for two of the games, and the DVDs, but sadly that doesn't count #pouts#.

"Okay I'm awake, I'm in what appears to be a medieval motel room, and I'm dressed all in white. Who dressed all in white in the medieval period?" Xander continued watching ...his body? Ehh close enough, move around.

"Holy cream cheese and donuts Batman, This guy kicks ass!! Apparently kick-ass former pirates who travel with an equally kick-ass, totally hot, Chinese girl, and a supremely cool Asian monk who wears all white in the medieval period. Who knew?"

"That looked painful. I'm sure nunchaku are not supposed to be applied there with quite that much force..."


"That was really weird. Now why do I feel like I could go and do some of that kick-assery? Now then, who am I going to know who has Nunchaku? G-man here we come."


"Ni hao, my name is Xiang Hua. It's been a long time, Maxi. I understand you're going by Xander these days. I thought you might like these. See you around."

Xander watched Xiang Hua walk away, then sighed, before turning his attention to the blue crystal nunchaku he'd been handed.

"Well, I can safely say that if anything, time has only made that ass even better. I hate to see her leave, but I love to watch her go. Now, time to go get some more pay back. These vampires may not be soul edge, but they took Jesse away, and Maxi...Wait, Xander, wait no... Oh hell, Maxi-Xander doesn't let that sort of thing go unpunished. Over, and over, and over again I'll make them pay."

A/n: Long over due ficlet for Neverwill. somewhat whimsical, and really totally un-based on anything resembling canon, but I finished my semester exams on Saturday, the bought an X-box 360, which I've spent the last three days playing, with only short breaks for sleep and now, while I've been writing this up to post, so what can you expect really. In other news, I should have a new chapter of Stone Spider up by Friday, and then a new story, plus another possible new story, possible short. As things stand, I've totally lost my muse for "fires of fear" and "wormholes and Wicca." meaning they'll be going on hiatus until I hunt the sneaky things down and torment them into cooperating.

The End

You have reached the end of "Maxi-Xander!". This story is complete.

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