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Sir Xander

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Summary: The White Knight changes colors on All Hallows Eve. An Arthurian Legend story

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Miscellaneous > Myths & LegendsrothosFR742,74802815,68421 Jan 0811 Sep 11No

Learning Limits

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Xander woke up in his bed wearing his costume. However, didn’t expect to be waking up to an axe made of green metal lying beside him and the scent of holly coming from the club lying next to it. First, something to take care of this neck ache and then off to the kitchen as his parents seemed to be asleep.

Xander went into the bathroom and looked in the full-length mirror that he barely filled before and saw that he was pushing the top limits! Okay so he got a little taller, no big, then he looked at the angry red scar on his neck! What the Hellmouth was going on! Before he went trick or treating he was sure it wasn’t there! His neck was definitely not with the scarrage!

At least it wasn’t two holes in his neck, so he knew it wasn’t vampy attention. Why did he have a funny feeling that he had an appointment with a certain vampire in a year. That didn’t matter right now he was in pain. So he grabbed the aspirin and took two. Then he walked upstairs in his plate costume grabbing food from the fridge where he lived and not bothering to hear his father walk in.

“Boy! What are you doing playing Knights and Princesses with those two floozies of yours? Get me some food!” Tony said punctuated by a thrown bottle.

Xander didn’t remember catching the bottle in his hand.

“Now dad, you know it’s not nice to insult someone who is not here to defend themselves. Apologize to those two fine girls now.” Xander said with a flash of green in his eyes.

“Why would I apologize to those two bi..” Tony tried to say before Xander’s green toned plate gauntlet lashed out breaking his jaw.

“Knave! Thou dost not insult ladies of that fine caliber! Get out of my sight!” Xander said with red mixing with the green in his eyes.

Xander finished his meal and then headed back to his room to change. He needed to cool down, meditate and feel how far this went.

Meditating and cooling down was impossible in this house, firstly Tony would eventually be coming back. Secondly; this house had a lot of negative karma from what he had heard from gossipers at Willie’s Bar; vamps hated coming by the place seems they got a fangache from it.

Well, Xander had to get out needless to say. The Library was out as Wills, Buff or Giles would bother him. That left Sunnydale Park, true it was a bad place to be at night; but know it was the best place. Xander trekked there sans armor and sat up against a tree; legs crossed and began to breathe slowly.

The real world faded away and Xander saw the mindscape. Some people saw it as a glowing set of disks, others as file cabinets and some saw it as blood-soaked battlefields where prey and predator danced the circle of Life. For him it was all three, the student in him saw it as file cabinets, the comic book and Dungeons and Dragons guy saw it as glowing disks, the hyena and green knight saw it as the blood –soaked battlefield.

“That’s right boy! Myself and the Hyena are getting along swimmingly as I love the wilds. Speaking of getting along well, I’ve decided to make it easier on your mind and start merging with her. A merger that will give me more appreciation for the wilds of Africa from which she hails.”

Xander just nodded dumbly as he could feel himself being physically shaken, he just fallowed himself to awaken. As he woke up he threw a dark look at Buffy.

“Giles told me to come and get you for a meeting at the Library.” She said before taking off running.

Xander rose and stretched before walking off towards the Library at a quick pace. He needed to speak to Giles alone as he knew the extent of the Hyena and the others were more afraid of it than he was.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sir Xander" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Sep 11.

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