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Sir Xander

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Summary: The White Knight changes colors on All Hallows Eve. An Arthurian Legend story

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Miscellaneous > Myths & LegendsrothosFR742,74802815,68421 Jan 0811 Sep 11No

Honor of the knighthood part1

Disclaimer- BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and the concept of the Green Knight comes from “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” the implementation comes from Mongoose Games Publishing, specifically the Quintessential Ranger™. Monty Python and the Holy Grail belongs to Python Monty Productions.

Xander was upset; not only had Snyder corralled them into trick or treating, he had given them a theme and then struck down Monty Python! After spending hours with a tome of Arthurian legend, he lit upon the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

After skimming through the story and making some notes he rushed over to Ethan’s Costume Shop with Buffy, Willow and with Joyce’s insistence Dawn.

Xander managed to find an impressive looking woodsman’s axe, green greasepaint, a leather jerkin in his size and a cheap wooden club. Marveling that his whole purchase would be covered by his budget of five dollars with change to spare he headed to the checkout. When he reached the register; he noticed that the owner had a look of puzzlement on his face.

Xander thought: Is this guy wondering what I’m doing? Ethan Rayne thought: Is the Green Knight going to ride again? Splendid. After a while Ethan shook himself and asked. “Will that be all?”
Xander’s reply was “Wow another person from the land of tea and scones.”
Ethan’s interest was piqued both that this boy might know someone that could show him a proper tea shop and the derogatory term that was applied to his native land.
“Would this happen to be a Rupert Giles?” Ethan asked
“Why yeah it’s G-man, wait till I tell him he’ll be so happy and then you guys can sit and drink tea and wear tweed together!”
Ethan at that moment began devising a vile plan, one that would gain him revenge on this boy and annoy Ripper as well.
“Oh please do not trouble Rupert I’ll just look him up later, as for being a friend of Rupert I’ll give you a discount on your purchase. Just let me get this all ready for you.”
Ethan took all of the supplies and headed out back, making sure to re-enchant every item and cursing it to remain on his spirit forever.
Ethan placed those items in a sack and carried them out to the disrespectful boy.
After providing the twenty percent discount, he went on ringing up other customers.

A/N: Ok, I’m going to stop here to give everyone time to comment on this chapter. Reviews appreciated, flames will be used to heat up my feet.
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