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Resident Evil: Hellmouth

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Summary: no pairings yet if there are then they will most likely be *slash* spoiler for R.E:EX. Alice comes to the Hellmouth to find another of the Umbrella corporation's pet projects.

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Project Progenerate

Resident Evil: Hellmouth

By Sciphy

*see first chapter for summary and disclaimers*

Thank you all for reviewing

Dharkcharlotte- I was trying not to be boggy, but it always bothers me
when things are not properly explained.
Kynn- I really do expect that it will have some people going "huh?", but I am okay with that.
Kizunakat- Isn't it so fun when they do that?
AngelKitty-I hope the sleep deprivation will get better but I doubt it. I plan on opening my own business within the next couple of years which will be just as bad.

Time for Another Episode of "As the World Burns"

The explosion was quite spectacular. Even on the surface she could see the damage that was being caused to the area. For miles around she could see the evidence of the underground mayhem. Holes forming seemingly on their own, dirt suddenly exploding upwards. If there had been any vegetation left, it would have been catching on fire due to the amount of heat that was being released from whatever vents the burning facility could find.

It was now time to move out. All of her supplies were ready to go, all she needed now was a destination. Luckily, she had the perfect person to help her figure that out.

"Allie," She had decided that it would be less unsettling to actually call the AI by a name. Allie was the only one that she could think of that didn't have a bad connotation or memory to associate with it. "where do you think we should head to?" She asked the arm cuff that she now wore. It was capable of holographic imagery as well as being armor and something that she wouldn't be likely to lose in a fight.

The Hologram flickered into life, looking like a sweet little girl.

"I have been looking through all of the files on the different projects. It seems that the Others were not the only genetic experiments that were performed using your DNA Sequence. It seems that there was another project; Project Progenerate. They had taken some of your DNA and tried to make a child. After too many failures the project was deemed a failure and shut down. They then went on to creating the Others.

There was only one surviving experiment and the doctor in charge had hidden him well. Dr Isaacs had found the subjects present location and was planning on sending a unit for retrieval as soon as possible. It is possible that that information might have been given to the corporation. He could be in danger."

Alice could feel her anger at the audacity of the Umbrella Corporation. That they would bring a child into this world, one that they had hoped to "train" as well as they had trained her. She would go and see this "Child" of hers, maybe if she was very lucky she wouldn't have to kill it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Resident Evil: Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jan 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking