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Resident Evil: Hellmouth

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Summary: no pairings yet if there are then they will most likely be *slash* spoiler for R.E:EX. Alice comes to the Hellmouth to find another of the Umbrella corporation's pet projects.

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The Others

Resident Evil: Hellmouth

by sciphy

summary: I had a dream and couldn't shake it. Sorry if it is a bit far fetched. AU story completely. If there are any pairings it will most likely have *SLASH*, I am not that fond of HEAT. Xander and Alice are the main characters but not in a "together" way. EWWWWWW! Umm we can all thank motherhood for this one, cause I know it is caused by 5 month old sleep deprivation. I am sorry to anyone that this does not make sense, but please do not email me asking me to explain it.

spoilers: I am a rambling idiot with a sense of humor. Ohhh those spoilers.... RE:Ex BTVS anywhere in the show... if it spoils it for you then you probably shouldn't be on this site until you sit down and watch the whole thing.

disclaimer: I own nothing. I make no profit off of this story and I never will. To those who do own them thank you for letting my play with them a little bit.


The Others were gone. Not others as in the others that went to Alaska... but the Others of her, the ones that were currently attacking all of the umbrella corporations facilities. The antidote had been sent off started throughout the hordes of infected that had been waiting above ground.

We had injected all of us with the antidote so that if any got taken then their blood would act as the carrier to spread to the one that got them. Unfortunately we couldn't count on the antidote spreading through the air or even on the infected breathing it in. It had to be spread the same way that the virus did, through bodily fluids. We altered it slightly so that it wouldn't just spread through saliva or flesh, but through the blood as well. It would seep into the skin and immediately start to battle with the virus, within minutes the infected would drop and never get back up.

50 of the Others volunteered to be the first carriers. They would be the ones who would go topside and destroy all who were waiting for them. They wouldn't go down without a fight either. They would take as many out as they could before succumbing to the rest. They would never be forgotten by those of us that were left.

It was agreed that the rest would leave in 15 person teams. Luckily there was a stockpile of supplies here, including a cargo bay full of army style transport vehicles and motorcycles, with a back exit to get them out of. There would be 11 people riding in two trucks and 4 riding lookout on the bikes this way they could keep going without stopping, taking turns sleeping and driving.

It was also decided that Alice would be the last to leave the facility, wanting to make sure that they all got animated and all of the supplies were loaded before she blew the facility. She would almost miss the AI, having become friends.

After one month working to get all of the Others ready, the last regiment had just left taking all but a modicum of supplies with them. Everything left was for her. The Others had not wanted her to leave on her own, they wanted her to be their leader. That was the reason that she had befriended an AI, the Others didn't want to be a friend they wanted to be soldiers.

"I don't suppose there is any hand-held device that we could download you into so that you could stay with me?" She asked her only friend.

"Yes, but I am not sure that you would want to do that. There is always the chance that if the other facilities were to discover that you had taken me with you that they might be able to track you by hacking into my system. It is not a large chance, but it is still a chance"

"And what would that do? I have already proven to them that even if they know exactly where I am that they have no control over me. They can't shut me down. So where would there be a problem even if they did know where I was?"

"Well if you are quite sure then I will download myself into a hand-held computer. I will need you to plug it into my mainframe before I can start the transfer. If you will grab the one with holographic imaging, then it will not be to terribly different from how we interact now."
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