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The Breath That You Breathe Back In

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Summary: Dean isn't the only one who has hidden a past relationship

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester(Past Donor)ebonypsycheFR1817810289223 Jan 0823 Jan 08No
Pairings/Characters: Faith/Sam, minor Faith/Dean
Rating: PG this chapter, R overall
Summary: Dean isn't the only one who has hidden a relationship
A/N: Written for taming the muse and for “The Road Not Taken” Challenge over on The Road to Destiny.

She didn't walk into the door of the Roadhouse, she sauntered.

And Dean's eyes were on her from that second on. She was wearing jeans so tight that he didn't have to imagine anything. Not that in his wildest dreams he could imagine that anyway. The tank top was a little looser, not by much though. Just enough for him to know that he definitely wanted to see her out of it.

"Hey," Ellen greeted warmly as the girl sat on the bar. "What can I get ya?"

The chick grinned, feral and innocent at the same time. "You should know me well enough by now, El."

Ellen laughed. "Well we're out of Jack Daniels so…"

The girl shrugged. "A beer is good."

Dean took the opening. "I'll pay for it Ellen," he said as he slid closer to the one he was buying it for.

"Thanks," she said, looking him up and down. Well, less looking and more eye-fucking, but Dean wasn't about to complain.

"I've never seen you here before."

She stared at him for what felt like eternity before laughing. "That's your line?"

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Something wrong with it?"

She shrugged. "Not really, Deano, but from what I'd heard, I expected more."

Dean sat up a little straighter, his gaze going from lustful to suspicious. "Well that puts me at a disadvantage because I never heard of you."


Her gaze went over his shoulder and Dean turned to find his little brother staring at the brunette with an unreadable expression. Even to him. "Hey, Sammy. Miss me?"

Sam sat at the bar, not really in the mood to party. Originally it had sounded like a good idea, go out to celebrate the renewal of his scholarship. But the only way he had gotten that was to become legally independent- free from his past and officially cut off from his dad. Which meant that John's parting words to never come back were truer than he realized. With no way to track John, he might never see his dad or Dean again.

Which, you know, wasn't much of a reason to celebrate.

"Dude, who killed your puppy?"

Sam turned to see a girl next to him who looked like she was... annoyed at seeing him depressed.

"It's nothing."

"Good." Then without a word, she hauled him on to the dance floor. She was pressed against him as she started to move but with room to move away and still leave her to be the fluid creature that she was. Somehow it was that last bit of knowledge that decided for him to stay and try to dance.

"Try" being the operative word. It didn't matter. He figured that he couldn't look too bad next to her. Plus she was smiling, a look of genuine amusement on her face underneath all of the eyeliner and lipstick.

The song ended and a slower beat came on as the song started up. She separated from him slightly but still moved in time with the beat, slow and sensual.

It suddenly occurred to Sam that he didn't know her name.

"Faith," she answered and Sam didn't know that he said that aloud. He normally had better control on that filter between his mouth and his mind. "What's yours?"


"Good. Now that we're all acquainted..." She let the statement trail off as she leaned into him. The only thing soft about the kiss was her lips. The force behind it was intense to say the least. Sam found himself momentarily stunned before responding. He could swear that he felt her smirk into the kiss but it was over before he could actually analyze it. "Wanna get out of here?"

Sam nodded mutely as he left and looked up just in time to see the guys give him a thumbs up.

Maybe going out to celebrate wasn't the worse of their ideas.

Dean looked between Faith and Sam before grinning. "Is there something I should know about?"

Faith winked at him as she picked up her beer. "C'mon Winchester. Up for letting me kick your ass at pool?"

Dean's smug expression faded as an incredulous one took its place. She might be hot and something to hold over Sammy's head but that wasn't enough to beat him at something he was too damn good at.

"You're on woman." They got up and head towards the pool table. Dean noticed that Sam's eyes never left Faith and he smirked to himself. There was a story there that he was all too eager to hear.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Breath That You Breathe Back In" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 08.

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