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Fates of Love: Watching Over

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Fates of Love". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: There is The One Who Sees. And then, there is The One Who Watches

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueBigHead + 1 otherFR15816,99047246,07923 Jan 088 Jul 11No

Ooops! by cmdruhura

Author: cmdruhura – Chapters added by me have been blessed by Bighead.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DC or BtVS characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: Greywizard.
Summary: There is The One Who Sees. And then, there is The One Who Watches.

AN: Thoughts = *I am thinking.*

Despite providing the description of the vehicle to Gordon to disseminate to his forces dealing with the chaos created by Newman, plus his and Tim’s own search, no trace of the car or Newman was found that night.

Batman had Tim report to a police officer, as he had told his supervisor he was going to do when he got permission to head out to get info about Newman to the authorities. After an hour of no luck with their search, they made their way to the Batmobile.

“You’d better head back to the GCCCD,” said Batman. “Your boss is going to be worried enough over how long you’ve been gone as it is.”

Tim was about to argue, but realized he’d already done all that he could as Tim Drake.

“I lost my pry-bar back at the factory as I was coming to rescue you,” he said instead. “If the police find it while they check the place out and find my fingerprints on it, there could be some awkward questions asked.”

“I’ll take care of it,” replied Batman. “Now get back to work and help with that side of cleaning up this mess.”

Tim headed towards his bike when he heard Batman call out, “Tim.”

Facing the Caped Crusader, Tim was a bit surprised when Batman said, “Thanks.”

Grinning, Tim hopped on his bike and returned to work where he got an earful from his boss about taking so long to get back. In the end, she just told him she was glad he was back in one piece as it saved her a lot of paperwork.

He spent the rest of the night helping get various city services computers back to functioning normally.

When Bruce got back to the manor, he found a rather irate brunette waiting for him. While he’d expected to have a confrontation with her at some point, it was a bit sooner than he’d thought. Or wanted.

He had, of course, sent Alfred over to undo the lockdown while he’d continued his search for Newman.

She stalked towards him and cocked her right hand back and swung at his face.

He caught her wrist to avoid the slap, but she had used her momentum, and the distraction of her hand, to lash out with her foot and kicked him in the shin. Very hard.

“Don’t you EVER initiate a lockdown again unless my life is in imminent danger!” she growled out as he released her and quickly hobbled out of range. “I’m not a little girl. I’m a grown woman and know my limitations, as proved by coming up with the idea we turned into Delphos. As much as I might have wanted to rush to your aid, I wouldn’t have. I was being more helpful to the citizens of Gotham trying to undo Newman’s sabotage than I would have been taking time to help you personally. However, if you hadn’t locked me up, I might have been able to take a quick run out to borrow some spell ingredients from the Alexion Team’s supplies to disrupt the emergency power at the plant or maybe 'port you outside. I do have some other talents than just hacking and information mining, you know.”

“Now, Alfred was kind enough to have fed me breakfast while I waited for you, so I’ll just head on back to my apartment to catch a couple hours sleep before heading down to the GCCCD to check on things. I left a program running that continuously checks for Newman’s face being picked up by any of the camera systems around town that I could hook into. It will alert you if he shows up.

"And Bruce, next time it won’t be your shin.”

With that, Dawn left.

Alfred came in a moment later with an ice pack.

Bruce sat on the couch and accepted it.

“I see that you survived your encounter with Miss Summers,” said Alfred. “From some of her rants while waiting for you, I had some doubt.”

“She apparently decided that a kick to the shin would suffice this time,” Bruce replied. “Her use of an attempted slap to the face was a good distraction on her part. I almost didn’t see her leg moving forward. I think the toes of her shoes have metal reinforcement in them since, even though I was able to move my leg back to lessen the blow, it was still a hard hit.”

“Given her experience with fighting things faster and stronger than herself, and her innate intelligence, I would be surprised if she hadn’t learned how to use distraction to her advantage,” said Alfred. “As for reinforcing the toes of her shoes, you do the same, sir.”

“She’s right, you know,” said Bruce with a sigh. “I shouldn’t have initiated the lockdown. She knew when she proposed her plan that she would have to sit back and let others do the fighting, no matter how much she might want to join them. She would not have abandoned her post and I took the chance to prove that away from her. It also showed her that I didn’t trust her to do the right thing. I was lucky that she chose my shin over my groin as the target of her kick.”

“Quite,” said Alfred. “It would be difficult to explain why only the natural residents of the cave could hear you speak.”

“The question is, how do I make it up to her?”

“Although she enjoys shopping as much as her sister,” started Alfred, causing Bruce to shudder, “I think, perhaps a trip to the Watchtower might be more in line with what would be seen as making amends. She is impressed by technology, and learning to understand the theory behind it, more than her sister is.”

“I’ll take under consideration, Alfred. Thank you.”

“By the way, sir. There’s a letter from Miss Kyle for you in the study. I do hope she is taking time to admire the Scottish countryside. It’s rather breath-taking this time of year.”

“Since she’s getting a crash course introduction to Slayers, Witches, Watchers and Demons, I doubt she has much spare time for sightseeing,” replied Bruce. “Though I do wonder how she is handling being tossed around by 13 and 14 year olds during sparring sessions.”

“I’m sure she is doing fine,” replied Alfred. “Just like Miss Summers, she knows how to use distraction to offset an opponent’s advantages in strength and speed.”

“True, but most of the time in the past when she faced such opponents they were men, not teenage girls and the methods she used for distraction might not work the same way,” said Bruce.

“I still believe she’ll land on her feet, like her namesake,” stated Alfred.

Bruce just nodded.

Meanwhile, a classic lime green Ford Fairlane convertible was cruising out of the city. The driver had a bushy beard and was wearing aviator sun glasses. The car sported a California personalized license plate - PTRSLRS.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fates of Love: Watching Over" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jul 11.

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